Dr. Curtis’ talk was one of health care and how it relates to his profession. chiropractic medical specialty. He besides hit on wellness in general and medicines. Dr. Curtis started instead rather suddenly with his ego assisting theories as to what he does as a profession and besides what other medical Fieldss are making to assist him go rich. yet maintain the healthcare degree of the United States down to the lower degrees it has been vibrating at for old ages. This may be in direct contradiction to the fact that even though the United States merely has three per centum of the world’s population. it still consumes more than half of the drugs produced in the universe. What does this state the reader? Dr. Curtis explained that a batch of these drugs are non needed. and in fact have really hurt the patients.

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As cogent evidence. he stated some startling facts from the American Journal of Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine. possibly the two top most medical specific diaries in the universe. Some of these facts included that one hundred and sox thousand people die every twelvemonth from properly proscribed drugs. Per twelvemonth. there are seven thousand medical mistakes ensuing in person death. One point five million people have Introgenic diseases. or physician caused diseases. It is estimated that the United States as a whole is passing 70 seven billion dollars a twelvemonth repairing these jobs. These so are really troublesome statistics.

Dr. Curtis besides goes on to explicate that the ground why the United States continues to pass extra sums of money for drugs and processs they do non necessitate is because of chiefly one thing. advertisement. Billions of dollars are spent on advertisement for drugs every twelvemonth. Over one hundred and thirty two dollars were spent last old ages on advertisement entirely. Often companies give kickbacks like trips or fillips to physicians that proscribe a certain figure prescriptions of a specific drug. This pattern. which should be illegal. is what is known as Off Label Promoting. The United States public continues to believe advertisement of drugs. The advertizements don’t state the truth most of the clip.

For illustration. 20 per centum of antibiotic prescriptions are useless. What is bad is that when people take unnecessary antibiotics. they raise their unsusceptibility to them. and they will non work following clip. or people will hold to up the dose to acquire it to work. This is highly bad for wellness grounds. sing that if patients were to blend two or more drugs. there is an 80 eight per centum alteration of inauspicious side effects. even more unwellness and hurt.

The Food and Drug Administration Agency is non assisting affairs either. The pattern of hotfooting assuring drugs like Fen-Fen to the market without proper timed trials has added to the wellness jobs of the United States. Dr. Curtis is non stating make non travel to the physician. he is merely stating to do certain you are making the right thing. which included acquiring 2nd sentiments. and making your ain research on drugs and what they can and can non truly make. Sometimes Doctors can non be trusted because of the one hundred and sixty drugs labeled by the FDA as ‘do non use’ . people still forbid them. With merely a choice of 20 three out of those one hundred and 60 drugs. there are still one hundred million prescriptions being filled. These are drugs known to make injury. and they are still being prescribed. One must be argus-eyed in his ain health care is the message of the twenty-four hours.


At first I didn’t even cognize what Dr. Curtis was a physician in. nevertheless due to clip restraints I understand that the normal debut and background address has to be cut. I have listened to many physicians speak and talk. non about plenty as professors and other professionals of class. but adequate to cognize that usually there is at least five proceedingss of speaking about oneself before the existent talk begins. Besides. he being immature did non add to me really listening to his sentiments that good. However. Dr. Curtis did non give many sentiments and his statements were backed up rather good and documented rather nicely every bit good. He evidently put in the needful clip to fix the talk. Time constraints non merely cut up his talk. but besides his address form every bit good.

Normally talks should be fluxing. his statements were highly jerky. He states many things that were really surprising to me. Not the fact of advertisement. I already knew that. but I didn’t recognize the existent statistics of these health care jobs. and that a batch were caused by those in the healthcare field. His accounts as to how his field fitted into his talk were really rather easy to understand. The fact that emphasis messes up your nervous system. which in bends musss up the remainder of you. is fundamentally what he was stating without saying his words verbatim.

He explains that even though the United States is 3rd best in the universe in what we eat. we still have one of the lowest life anticipations. I enjoyed his account as to how position truly controls a batch of wellness jobs. He explains that proper diet. mental attitude. exercising. a non-stressed nervous system. and plentifulness of remainder and relaxation are the keys to maintaining the organic structure as self healing as it is designed to make. Overall I enjoyed the talk and learned rather a batch out of it.

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