Topic sentence: Harmonizing to Canada ‘s in-migration plan, Canada has the highest immigrant rate per capital in the universe. A batch of these immigrants are Muslim adult females.

Thesis Statement: Immigration clearly has a big impact on the position of Muslim adult females. Muslims adult females have difficult clip to incorporate as an immigrant in this new society than any other minority group.

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In this essay, I would seek to set up that new immigrant Muslim adult females face a figure of jobs in incorporating into the Canadian Society. Some of the most serious jobs that freshly immigrant Muslim adult females face include: maltreatment of divorce and kid detention Torahs, maltreatment of the polygamy system, and isolation and exclusion from assorted facets of Muslim life. She has to travel through cultural fluidness, permeableness, and switching boundaries. For the same, I would analyse the jobs they face from three different angles. First, I ‘d depict the in-home and outside favoritism a Muslim adult female has to face. Muslim adult females have to face racism and Islamophobia in the broader community, and sexism and conservativism within the Muslim community. Then the cultural and spiritual broad is discussed. Finally, stereotypes in the society are discussed. These stereotypes include, but are non limited to, the assorted misunderstandings of followings every bit good as non-followers. Such an analysis would be helpful in a careful rating of how we can better and ease this procedure of integrating. Before continuing farther, it should be noted that the assorted issues discussed in this essay are taken from many different beginnings, and the spiritual positions presented in the essay does non stand for writer ‘s point of view of a peculiar faith, instead how it is perceived in the society in general.


Argument # 1 Discrimination and unknowingness:

A Muslim adult female in Canada faces favoritism non merely from others, but from her ain Muslim Community, which chiefly consequences from misconception about Islam, and function of adult females in Islam. The primary of these is the gender based favoritism. While it may non be every bit outstanding as in other states, it exists here however. Discrimination by Muslims chiefly consequences from ignorance about true instructions of Islam and the importing of cultural attitudes that demean adult females. In this respect, the holistic religion system of Islam is reduced to a set of stiff and inactive societal ordinances and normative on female functions and behaviours, therefore, break uping the faith into a “ regulations book ” or a regulative system ( I refer to it as unknowingness, as most Muslim bookmans claim that adult female is good respected in Islam, and her rights are held high ) . Such negation of the religion system affects the lives and individualities of adult females in battalions of ways: psychologically, mentally, physically, morally, and spiritually. Furthermore, outside their ain community, they are discriminated against at work, and they are non given occupations. And, adult females who wear hijab become obvious marks — they are evidently Muslims, and because of this they bear the brunt of the ignorance about Islam ; they face sexual torment, and frequently their existent physical safety is jeopardized.

This favoritism pushes them to the terminal, where they have to take between their societal and spiritual beliefs. Studied has showed how assorted adult females disavowed Islam by rejecting assorted patterns, such as the different regulations for misss and male childs in footings of dating, mobility, and instruction ( such regulations ever gives penchant to the male gender ) ; being in an opprobrious relationship ; non being allowed to have on western vesture, or other so called modern dress ; sequestering adult females at place and prohibitions on working outside the place ; and the control and limitations imposed on Muslim adult females by their parents and siblings ( Khan, 1998 ) . Such stereotypes that adult females in Islam are non good respected and non held in good respect, affect the overall image and therefore in-turn the procedure of integrating for a Muslim adult female. Her spiritual believes therefore makes it difficult for her to mix with others.

Argument # 2 Cultural and spiritual differences

Thesis: Moslem adult females experience cultural daze after they immigrate because of the large difference between their place civilization and the civilization in Canada. The civilization, every bit huge as the intending the word has, can farther be analyzed in many parts such their life manner, their dressing manner, and more significantly how work forces and adult females are separated at about all corners in Islam.

Muslim adult females who wear Muslim spiritual symbols have more troubles to incorporate. The primary illustration is the frock of a Muslim adult female. Traditionally, a Muslim adult female is supposed to have on Hijab, and non demo her organic structure parts to anyone but her hubby. This is considered to be really out-of-date and oppressive in the western universe ( Shirazi, 2001 ; Alvi et. al. , 2003 ) . For case, a adult female who wears hijab is frequently taunted at work and on the street, and the callings of a batch of these adult females are really put at hazard.

A Muslim individuality is more socially than sacredly constructed. This makes it hard to insulate the faith of Islam from the complex societal and cultural patterns of Muslims and their native topographic points, who might belie, if non go against straight, Islamic instructions. Moslems in Canada immigrate from all over the topographic points, there are people coming from Africa ( topographic points like Ethiopia ) , every bit good as people coming from India, and Pakistan. Despite of all of these holding the same spiritual values, their cultural values are foreign to each other. Because of such cultural and spiritual instabilities, new immigrants have to negociate her individualities in-between the skewed discourses of, for illustration, Orientalism and Islam by busying a hybridized infinite. This infinite serves as a get downing point to prosecute in undertakings, single and corporate, to remap and reconfigure their individualities in a procedure of cultural, political, and economic authorization ( Khan, 2000 ) . These Muslim adult females construct hybridized individualities from a broad and even postulating scope of influences, such as eastern and western cultural forces and faith. This coalesced infinite enables them to negociate, resist, and reinvent the forces informing their worlds.

Argument # 3: Stereotypes and Ignorance about Islam:

The deformed Image Islam as a whole makes the Muslim adult females uncomfortable to incorporate in Canada ‘s society. There are many unfortunate stereotypes of Muslim adult females which degrade them in the society. The most of import of these is Islamophobia, which, in wide sense, refers to the bias or hatred against the Muslims. Though, it has been around since 1980 ‘s, there have been a important addition in the apprehension of Islam, and because of it fear and disfavors of all the Muslims, after 9/11. The Acts of the Apostless of few extremists are attributed to the whole faith. This has flamed misgiving in the society. Even people, who otherwise oppose all sorts of favoritism, sometimes accept Islamophobia as a reasonably normal construct. The Muslims have been victims of physical every bit good as mental anguish under the clouds of Islamophobia. It is chiefly because of this, that the Muslim adult females find it difficult to incorporate into the Canadian, or any western society for that affair. They fear to have on Hijabs and other spiritual symbols because of the fright of Islamophobia. They fear to uncover their spiritual individualities as the peaceful, and holistic faith of theirs, has become a victim of a world-wide anti-Islam moving ridge because of incorrect behaviors of some extremists.


The different statements made in this essay jointly demo how a Muslim adult female has to travel through many beds of favoritism, and confront societal demonisation. To reason, Muslim adult females do hold a difficult clip incorporating into the Canadian society. This can chiefly be credited to the big differences between cultural and spiritual positions. As an immigrant, it is difficult to accommodate into a new society, specially when you come from a spiritual state or soceity. Immigration clearly has a big impact on the position of Muslim adult females. Furthermore, many of the jobs that Muslim adult females trade with are culturally or ethnically based and non alone to Islam. Because Muslim immigrants to Canada come from all over the topographic points, much of the cultural luggage has come to Canada with Muslims. The general devaluation of adult females in these civilizations consequences in limited chances for a Muslim adult female, dual criterions which frequently result in unequal entree to instruction, and other faces of life.

Muslim adult females seek difficult clip to incorporate as an immigrant in this new society than any other minority group. Therefore, one should look more in deepness to the factors that make the in-migration such a battle for new arrivant.

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