The Silk Road which started in 200 BCE and ended it in 1450 CE has its ain alterations and continuities. Trade flourished between the Asian and Europe at the clip and as clip went on its exclusive intent of trading expanded to many other intents and impact non merely the country it contacted. Although there were many continuities during the clip but it has more important alterations that occurred and besides impact the universe. One important alterations of the Silk Road is when it was foremost started it chiefly started as a manner for trade to boom between Europe and Asia. But the intent of this Silk Road has besides expanded to exceed different civilization and engineerings from different topographic points and caused cultural diffusion along the Silk Road. This happened because the Silk Road has more than one path. some terminals in the in-between E. west Asia. and Europe.

There were merchandisers of different races and faith like Muslim. . Buddhism. Christianity. Hinduism and more. This caused cultural diffusion between topographic points like Buddhism were introduced to China and the Chinese paper doing engineering were spread toward the West to Europe. Another important alteration that occurred is when the merchandisers travel on the Silk Road they are really likely to acquire attacked by brigands or acquire their goods stolen. But during the Mongolian reign this path was safer and merchandisers are non afraid of brigands along the manner. This occurred because during the clip of the Mongolian Empire they formed the ortoghs which means merchandiser association. Merchants traveled in battalion alternatively of one which provide more security because this manner merchandisers are less likely to acquire onslaught. and made trade safer.

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Like everything when there is alteration there is besides continuities and one of them is the silk trade. Silk Road is called this name is because the chief merchandise traded on this path is silk. Even though many other points were traded in the silk route but the Europeans were really interested in these sort of cloth and they are epicurean because the European did non cognize how to do them. This is consider a continuity because for many decennaries the Chinese holds the secret for doing these epicurean silk and because the Europeans and India wanted these silk so the Chinese could do a net income from it and they are sing a luxury. The ground the Chinese won’t allow the foreigners know how to do these silk is because the procedure of it is difficult and they depends largely on trading these silk for the material they needed.

Another continuities is the geographics of the silk route. The silk route is consist of many path. some is shorter but unsafe while other is longer but safer. Even though some of the paths have changed and there is more assortment of material that’s being traded than when it was started ( e. g. Gunpowder ) and the intent of the route besides expanded like people use it to distribute faith and unluckily is besides been a path where disease easy spread ( e. g. Black pestilences ) The continuity is the geographics of the silk route ne’er changed because both the European and Asia gained much net income from it that it doesn’t demand to be alteration and the Silk Road remained the major trade path between Far Eastern Chinese and European civilizations and sparked legion struggles in its being.

The Silk Road which have been known as a major trade path in the ‘old world’ and sparked legion struggles in its being. It brought the goods and the bads like the pestilences. cultural diffusion. debut of new engineerings and brought new faiths to different portion of that universe. The Silk Road shape the universe we have today and when it ended in 1450 CE it had impacted most of Europe and Asia.

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