It started off like any other forenoon for me when I woke up from the bed. It was wholly different from others. I was really hungry and decided to hold breakfast before school. When I approach the dining room. I saw my parents was sitting at that place and kept smiling at me. Equally shortly as I sat down. there was a large surprise for me.

“Happy Birthday. Jacky” . said my parents as they handed me a beautiful cloaked nowadays. I was highly funny and I opened the present hastily. Wow! It was an expensive cell phone. Iphone 5. I was over the Moon because I had wanted the cell phone so much since it published last month. After holding my light breakfast. I drove to school as usual. When I reached my schoolroom. my schoolmates shouted at me and wished me happy birthday. I was really happy as they sent their salutation to me.

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John. my best friend since primary school hugged me and kissed my brow as his “present” to me. When I put down my bag. I rapidly showed him my new cell phone. He was fascinated when he saw my astonishing cell phone. In fact. he was in love with that cell phone and both of us love it. We investigated the maps of this new cell phone until the bell rang and shortly the lessons stared. I instantly hid the cell phone because cell phone is contraband in school. After three hours. it was recess clip. The first thing I would make was traveling to the washroom. After that. I would travel to the canteen to make full up my empty tummy.

After holding my fabulous repast. I went back to the schoolroom. When I reach my place. I realized that my cell phone was non in my pocket. My cell phone was losing! I looked up and down for my cell phone madly but I could non happen it. I started to believe carefully where I had put the cell phone. I recognized that I had given it to John before traveling out from the schoolroom. Or possibly I miss it in the lavatory but it is impossible. It must be John who had stolen my cell phone and I was certain for it. I darted to the canteen to look for John who was eating banana.

“John. there you are! Give me back my cell phone! ” I yelled at him. John did non cognize what had happened and shouted that he did non take my cell phone. However. I did non believe him and kept impeaching him that he had stolen my cell phone. I was acquiring impatient and my voice was acquiring louder.

“Hey John. I thought that we are best friend but now I know that you are merely a prevaricator. a stealer! If you admire my cell phone. merely state me and I can impart it to you. You should non steal it as that is my present from my parents. You know how toilful my parents work for purchasing me this present? I will ne’er swear you once more! Never! ” I shouted on top of my voice in forepart of the other pupils.

After a twosome of proceedingss. the bell rang once more and we went back to the schoolroom. The whole twenty-four hours we did non speak to each other. I even changed my place with the other friend. I was truly disquieted and angry at John for being dishonest to me.

After I had reached place. I took my bath. I was still believing of my cell phone and I did non hold any appetency to take my tiffin. I did non cognize how I was traveling to state my parents about the missing of the cell phone. I decided to complete my prep before my parents come back. When I opened my bag and took out my book. I was shocked. To my surprise. it was my cell phone. dropped profoundly inside my bag. I knew that I had misunderstood John. I felt sorry for him and I made up my head to apologise to him.

I took up my phone and called John. “John. can we run into at Starbuck for a piece? I had something of import traveling to state you. ” John did non answered me and cut the call. I was really disquieted that clip and I believed that John will come to run into me. Therefore. I rapidly go out to the Starbuck java store subsequently.

Thirty proceedingss subsequently. I saw John walking toward me. but he did non even look at me. I knew that he was still angry with me. He took a place following to me instantly. After we ordered our java. I started to get down my apologize. “John. about merely now… erm… I am genuinely regretful. I did non hunt for my cell phone carefully and misunderstood you. I should non shout and shout at you impolitely. It is my full mistake. Sorry for everything. Can you forgive me? ” I said solemnly.

“Jacky. of class I will forgive you. we are best friend right/ . However. to show your sincere. you must pay for my ordered java. ” Said John. We smiled at each other. After this incident. I realize that John is ever my best friend. I learnt that we should swear our friends and non to misconstrue them without look intoing decently. As the expression goes. “Look before you leap” .

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