Major wickednesss in Islam are Acts of the Apostless which Allah SWT has forbidden us to make. He tells us which things we can and can non make in the glorious Quran and in the Hadith of the prophesier SAW [ 1 ] . Sinning is a thing in a Muslims life which he or she struggles to remain off from no affair what. Allah SWT warns worlds that everything that we do on the Earth will be presented to us on ( Yawmul-Qiyaama ) judgement twenty-four hours [ 2 ] .

“ And he who does an atom ‘s weight of good will see it. And he who does an atom ‘s weight of immorality will see it. ” [ Holy Qur’an, 99:7-8 ]

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Associating anything with Allah in Arabic means Shirk. Shirk literally translates into idolizing anything or anyone aboard Allah SWT. Practicing shirk in English is known as Idolatry, it is the term for the worship of an graven image as if it were a life being and portraying it as a God or another such creative activity [ 3 ] . Every Abrahamic faith ( Christianity, Judaism and Islam ) purely ban Shirk. Shirk is the biggest wickedness in Islam because it involves association others along with Allah or s his properties. Since falling into shirk involves rejecting the prophesier Muhammad ‘s PBUB message one is no longer Muslim.

“ And they have said, ‘forsake non your Supreme beings ; abandon non Wadd, nor Suwa, nor Yaghuth, nor Ya’uq nor Nasr ( names of the graven images ) . ‘ ” ( 71:23 )

“ The courier of Allah ( Allah ‘s grace and peace be upon him ) said, ‘Do non praise, laude, approbate, or eulogise me the manner that the Christians did to Jesus, the boy of Mary. I am merely the slave of Allah ‘ , therefore say, ‘The slave of Allah and His courier. ‘ ” ( Authentic: Bukhari, Ahmad, Darimi, and others. ) [ 4 ]

2. Disrespect to parents

As Muslims we are obliged to believe that Allah SWT is the Godhead of everything in this universe, and by stating so we are besides obliged to believe that our parents are the worldly cause of our being. Allah SWT is the highest and he is the existent supplier for all life and non life things on Earth, but parents are gifted by Allah SWT to supply and care for their kids. Another manner to set it is that after Allah SWT parents are the following highest presence that we have to obey and esteem. Bing thankful to your parents in bend makes you thankful to Allah SWT and being thankless to your parents in bend makes you thankless to Allah SWT and that is a great wickedness on its ain.

Allah, the most high, says: “ And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but him. And that you be duteous to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say non to them a word of discourtesy, nor cry at them but turn to them in footings of honor. ” ( Surah Bani-Isreal:23 )

The prophesier PBUH said: “ Shall I non state you of the worst major wickednesss? Idolizing others with Allah and demoing discourtesy to parents. “ ( Al-Bukhari ) [ 5 ]

The prophesier PBUH besides said: “ May Allah expletive he who reviles his male parent ; may Allah expletive he who reviles his female parent. ” ( Al-Bukhari ) [ 5 ]

3. The act of slaying.

Murder is the unlawful violent death of one homo by another human being. Killing is a major wickedness because cipher has the right to kill anybody else because merely Allah SWT can make so. If you kill person you are accidentally taking Allah SWT function. If you believe person is in the incorrect and deserves to decease you could take it onto the legal degree ( sharia law ) to order. It is non necessary to perpetrate slaying because everybody will decease sooner or later and everyone will be judged on judgement twenty-four hours and if they truly do merit to decease so Allah SWT will penalize them for infinity in the red region.

“ And fight them until persecution is no more, and faith is for God. But if they desist, so allow there be no ill will except against offenders. ( The Noble Quran 2:193 ) ”

“ And do non kill any one whom Allah has forbidden, except for a merely cause, and whoever is slain unjustly, We have so given to his inheritor authorization, so allow him non transcend the merely bounds in murdering ; certainly he is aided. “ ( Quran 17:33 )

4. Not praying.

Prayer is a spiritual action that seeks to idolize God through a specific motion or pattern. Prayer is the 2nd pillar of Islam and Allah SWT orders us to pray 5 times a twenty-four hours. Prayer serves as a changeless reminder to assist us retrieve Allah SWT and promote us non to bad. It besides helps us keep our peace of head in the modern universe. The understanding of all four learned ones-Maliki, Shafi’ee, Hanbali, and Hanafi-with no different point of view of opinion-is that a life being who does non pray whatsoever is non a Muslim and hence condemned to the red region after judgement.

“ The contract between us and them is salah. Whoever leaves it, he has disbelieved ( faqad kafara ) ”

“ Verily, I am Allah. There is no God but I: So function thou Me ( merely ) , and set up regular supplication for My recollection ” . ( 20:14 ) [ 6 ]

6. Not fasting on a Day of Ramadan without alibi

Fasting agencies abstaining from all nutrients or drinks until a certain period of clip. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Muslim lunar calendar in which Muslims abstain from nutrient and drink from Fajar until Maghreb. Interrupting your fast in Islam without holding a valid ground is considered a major wickedness and you will certainly be punished for it. Although if it for a valid ground you must do up your lost day/s after Ramadan has ended.

Whoever does non fast has abandoned one of the pillars of Islam, and has committed a major wickedness. Indeed some of the erudite bookmans were of the position that he is a kaafir [ nonbeliever ] and apostate significance that he is no longer a Muslim. [ 7 ]

“ O you who believe! Detecting As-Sawm ( the fasting ) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may go Al-Muttaqoon ( the pious ) ”

[ 2:183 ]

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Written by: Mohamad El-Qut

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