For many old ages. people have invented new engineering equipment which became portion of our lives. With being of engineering. people tend to depend on modern machines like smartphone. laptop. telecasting and others. Furthermore. the crisp development of engineering has highly expressed the human’s intelligence and creativeness. Thankss to engineering. everything becomes easier. more convenient and gratifying for us. However. the affair is whether or non we use these engineering expeditiously. This essay will state you more about advantages and disadvantages of engineering Once upon a clip. people did everything by their ain custodies. They washed apparels beside the rivers. cooked repasts by firing wood. walked on pes from one topographic point to others. At that clip. the communicating was so limited and inconvenient. Peoples who were far from each other were hard to link. Nonetheless. engineering appeared and evidently changed the whole universe so far.

Technology seemingly has become portion of our lives since it brought big benefits to us in communicating. amusement. concern. education… . It appeared to do people’ affairs easier. to salvage clip. to convey people closer and closer. In the yesteryear. a adult female was ever busy with the housekeeping. taking attention of kids. cooking for repast manually. Contrarily. presents everything becomes faster and easier with the support of washing-machine. microwave. telecasting and many proficient equipment. Alternatively of passing more than hr merely in order to rinse apparels by custodies. they save clip and energy by seting it into machine and making other material. With microwaves. you merely pass few proceedingss even few seconds for a repast. Therefore. with much developed engineering. you can salvage times and experience like you have more than 24 hours a twenty-four hours. With smart phone and cyberspace. we are able to speak and see our friends and relations who populating far from us and experience like they are beside us.

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Furthermore. the development of digital engineering helps people non merely spread out relationships over the universe but besides learn more new things. With a laptop connected to the cyberspace. we can easy happen information from many beginnings and loosen up with many on-line games or music. It is besides so astonishing that we can happen our old friends through societal webs such as Facebook. Twitter and portion information to any portion of the universe merely milliseconds. The communicating becomes cheaper and more convenient thanks to people’ great innovations. Particularly. we must see how effectual engineering can assist work. Amount of modern applications and devices help people easy pull off their work and their clip such as take-note agenda. remind undertakings and of import events. In the past. we took at least two or three yearss to direct a missive to another topographic point. Now we can direct an electronic mail merely by click “send” . it takes merely few seconds. Furthermore. some people besides might take to work at place and merely connect with other by web.

Even though engineering brought us many advantages. have people utilised it as efficient manner? It will be negative attempt if we abuse of it excessively much. Unfortunately. about every one of us are depending on modern equipment and non recognizing the unpredictable effects. While people are able to speak with their friends who are far from us. they may hold trouble in pass oning with others around them. They are more comfy with concealing behind the screens instead than speaking face to face. It is really sad to state that we are going less societal interaction and insensitive to each other. Young people tend to be entirely and inactive with smartphone. laptop and incommunicative to people around them. With state-of-the-art devices. we work more expeditiously than earlier. However. there are besides some drawbacks.

Mistreating of engineering might do us go a machine: work. work and work. Some house proprietors try to widen more clip work and employees likely become workaholic because of the benefit and convenient devices. Businessmens tend to convey work to place and no more clip watching Television with their kids and household. Obviously. their married womans and kids highly don’t like that. Furthermore. life of people are under the heavy menace by internet offenses. Exploiting the development of societal webs or computing machine fast ones. they steal information. paperss from other device. More unsafe. they besides rape the immature misss who have the wont cheque in on Facebook. Instagram or nobble kids for a ransom. Therefore. the more developed of engineering besides cyberspace. the more unsafe people have to confront with.

Every portion of our day-to-day life is about related to engineering and its development continuously satisfy our demands. Unfortunately. our dependance on engineering presently is excessively much. it is well dismaying. The impact of engineering on our lives can be lay waste toing if we don’t maintain ourselves in cheque Technology is like a coin which has both positive and negative sides. We should make up one’s mind and take how to utilize it. The advantages of engineering are really helpful for people if we use it right. it will be effectual to our lives and society. Cipher can deny positively development of engineering. but it must be the positive developed and shouldn’t have any negative affected in present or future.


Good statement. possibly you guys can add more argument about utilizing engineering. because I saw no clear statement about it. Does people today truly utilizing engineering efficaciously? You can compose besides about the offense utilizing engineering. For illustration: Peoples who rape immature miss who they knew from facebook. ( Renitha – 02910116 )

Interesting subject with good accounts and illustrations. Although there are some ill-defined parts but in the terminal. readers can acquire the points. There are some grammatical and conversational mistakes. hope you can set on more attending on it. Overall. this is a all right essay ( Danny – 02911741 )

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