There are many different types of faiths in the universe today, along with many different types of people. Each individual interprets faith otherwise. As clip base on ballss by, messages seem to alter by either word of oral cavity or different single political orientations. Some alterations for the better and some for the worst. One of the largest faiths in convulsion in the universe today is the Muslim faith. For centuries there has been force in the Islamic universe, either over power, land or faith. Some would halt at nil to do their beliefs known. They will even travel every bit far as affecting faith with terrorist Acts of the Apostless against guiltless people. The force in today ‘s Islamic universe is channeled through Muslim political relations but derived from their religion.

There are two different types of political groups in the universe of Islam. They are identified as the extremist political Islam and the reformer Islam. The Reformed Muslims of Islam are the persons who want to follow the regulations and ordinances of the province. They believe in the basic dogmas of Islam which are the six elements of belief and the five pillars of Islam. The six elements of belief are to believe in Allah, all Prophetss, angels, the Quran, the twenty-four hours of judgement and Resurrection, every bit good as believing in fate. The five pillars of Islam are somewhat different but both facets are likewise. The pillars say to bear informant to merely one absolute being, to idolize, fast, give charity, and to pilgrimage. All of these elements and pillars are common to all faiths and any single can populate a positive manner of life by following these guidelines.

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The extremist political Muslimism can be defined as terrorists. They believe they act in merely cause and will halt at nil to acquire their point across. Their actions shake the religion and political positions of others and besides do them oppugn the strength of their authorities and security forces. These groups pay wars on any broad democracy around the universe. The Islam groups do non hold with our western thoughts or manner of life. As a affair of fact they have built hatred towards our thoughts and individuality. These groups see America as a menace to the turning Islamic universe order. Their political orientation is based from traditional values and Torahs of the Quran and they regard any new thoughts or persons with western influences as their enemy.

Religious force has been around for centuries and dates back every bit far as the first century. Some Muslims understand the Quran as being a justification for the holy war. Extremist Muslims believe that there should merely be one faith, in this instance it is the Islamic faith and those who oppose shall be killed. The early leaders of Islam did merely that, they conquered lands and forced other states to change over to Islam. By the 16th century Islam was on top of the universe as a dominant power. They achieved high quality in their military, architecture, jurisprudence, math and scientific discipline. All of this changed in the 17th century when the West achieved military high quality and began to busy their land and present new thoughts to their universe. They could non accept our high quality and new engineerings, in return the extremist Islamic activists were formed.

On September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center in New York City was attacked by Al-Qaeda. This extremist Islamic group hijacked commercial flights and wing them into the Twin Towers, killing about 3,000 guiltless victims. They besides hijacked two other planes, one of which they flew into the Pentagon killing about 125 guiltless people. The 4th plane crashed in Pennsylvania after the crew and riders tried to re-take control of the plane. It was meant to be flown into the capital of the Unites States of America. Al-Qaeda believes in the early instructions of Muhammad and that Christians and Jews are seeking to destruct Islam so they believe their terrorist Acts of the Apostless are justified.

Muhammad was born in Mecca about 570 C.E. and was the laminitis of the Islam faith. It was said that he saw his disclosures from the angel Gabriel and after that developed a manner of life that he said came from Allah. Many of his early beliefs came from Judaic tradition but when they did non accept him as a prophesier he began to alter the Judaic influence from his beliefs. He began to slay Judaic folks and sell adult females and kids into bondage every bit good as bad oral cavity the Judaic faith in the Koran. He built his power by get marrieding into of import households to derive political power and by carrying people to follow his religion.

Moslems believe in the Day of Reckoning and heaven and hell. Each individual will be judged on the manner they lived their life on Earth. It is said that even non-believers can achieve paradise if they are met at the terminal with God ‘s grace. The extremist Muslims believe that they are rewarded for the violent self-destruction onslaughts around the universe. They believe it is their sacred responsibility to battle and will be considered sufferer ‘s in making so. They feel they are justified by their religion and will boom in the hereafter.

In my sentiment non all Moslems are bad people nor is the Muslim faith full of hatred. The groups of Muslim activists are the 1s responsible for all the violent terrorist Acts of the Apostless around the universe. They use their religion and faith to bring down evil onto guiltless people and they feel justified by their beliefs. If it were n’t for the Muslim activists I believe the Muslim faith would be a peaceable one. It contains the many traditional functions and beliefs of any other faith ; if this faith were practiced right one could populate an honest and low life. There are ever people who will misinterpret messages and develop their ain beliefs, which in return will construct followings who end up traveling down the incorrect way. There are ever traveling to be persons who spoil it for the remainder of us but the bulk has to remain strong and lead by illustration. The force in the Middle East has gone on for centuries and I believe the war on panic will every bit good.

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