Although the rubric suggests there are four positions of Hell, merely three are existent positions of Hell, the other position is that of Purgatory. The three, which covered Hell, were actual position, metaphorical position, and conditional position. Would be safe to state that all Christians have a belief of Hell, the difference is how they view Hell itself, the book Four Views of Hell aid interrupt down and specify some of those positions.

The first position is the Literal position by John Walvoord. Walvoord believes the New Testament has a more clear definition of snake pit. Walvoord ‘s position is that of a actual one, that the Biblical information sing Hell is a logical and direct.A The Bible makes the world of an ageless literally firing and darkened Hell so clear that to oppugn the traditional philosophy sums to oppugning the authorization of the Word of God.[ 1 ]A Walvoord understands the Hebrew word sheol to be the most common mention to Hell in the Old Testament.A Walvoord sees a much clearer description of the province of the wicked in the hereafter in the Grecian word Gehenna which references ageless torture.[ 2 ]A

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Metaphorical Position

William Crockett points out that rabbis made usage of exaggeration to drive place of import points in their instruction leaves room for the possibility that the Bible ‘s descriptions on Hell are likewise inflated.[ 3 ]A Conversely, Crockett ‘s instance is weakened by his trust on theological argument from the ages, peculiarly when he cites Judaic rabbinical contradictions sing Hell.[ 4 ]A Crockett considers the images of snake pit to be understood metaphorically.

Purgatorial Position

The purging position of snake pit, which is explained by Zachary Hayes, is best understood as the Orthodox Roman Catholic position. Hayes sees the demand for Purgatory in the breach that exists between fallen adult male and God.A Hayes admits that the purging position is without clear avowal in Bible[ 5 ]but makes the claim that there is nil contrary to the philosophy of Purgatory in the Bibles.[ 6 ]A Hayes ideas on Hell are different from the traditional place from the three other writers. Harmonizing to Pinnock, the early church embraced Hellenistic doctrine, an embracing that has done more to determine the traditional position of Hell than the existent text of Scripture.

Conditional Position

Clark Pinnock discusses the conditional position of snake pit, besides known as the Annihilationist View. Pinnock sees the traditional position of ageless torture of the enemies of God as something easier to tie in with Satan than with the “ Abba ” male parent of Jesus Pinnock addresses the metaphorical position supported by Crockett and so addresses Universalism as taught by Origen.


Walvoord rejects the Metaphorical View because he chooses non to construe Scripture literally. Walvoord makes a strong instance for the Literal View standing on tradition. Tradition is clearly the strength of Walvoord ‘s statement, as is his extended usage of Bible to back up his statement. Walvoord ‘s sensed incompatibility does his statement no favours. Crockett

The position that is taken by William Crockett is that snake pit is a existent topographic point “ of profound wretchedness. ” Crockett goes into inside informations with his account of the Metaphorical View of snake pit with many beginnings but few Bibles to back up his position. Crockett ‘s place is somewhat different from Walvoord ‘s on the nature of the torture that those in Hell will receive.A For Crockett the Biblical images of fire and darkness are best understood as images or symbols non as actual constituents of Hell but instead metaphors for the torment experienced by those in Hell.


Hayes position of purgatory as even a partial reply for snake pit is a hard one.A He wants the reader to happen his scriptural grounds as reasonable.A Hayes relies to a great extent upon human ground and church tradition, as stated above.A The Catholic philosophy of purgatory contains another major problem.A It is redemptional in nature, non punitory as Bible overtly Teachs of hell.A Furthermore, Bible declares clearly that snake pit is ageless in Revelation 20:10.


Pinnock ‘s position of obliteration is aligned with the traditional position insofar as snake pit being a topographic point of torture for unrepentant evildoers. Pinnock and Walvoord would both hold that Hell is a physical agony for those who find themselves at that place.


It is clear that each writer clearly has a passionate belief underlying that divinity. That passion is non merely seen, but besides supported with resources and Bible. The book answered many inquiries, but besides created more inquiries. Regardless of which position you may or may non hold with, Hell is the antonym of Heaven. Heaven is where Jesus is and where Christians will return. Hell needs to be discussed every bit much as Heaven.

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