The two biggest faiths that exist today are Christianity and Islam. Both faiths have made a large impact on the lives of 1000000s of people throughout the centuries. God is cardinal to each religion but each faith has a different way to make God. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the Jesus of humanity. For Christians, the relationship and way to God is through Jesus. Muslims believe that Muhammad is a Messenger from God, his concluding courier. Harmonizing to Muslims, Muhammad was given the right way to the true faith and the one and merely God.

The Historical Life Of Jesus

Jesus ( besides called Christ which means male monarch or Messiah ) was born in Israel 2000 old ages ago ( Jesus Central, 2008 ) . There were no normal fortunes for the construct and birth of Jesus. The Bible tells the narrative of a virgin by the name of Mary and a adult male by the name of Joseph. Shortly before they came together, Mary was chosen by God to transport a kid in her uterus and was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. At first, Joseph was worried about the fortunes environing Mary ‘s gestation but shortly understood the mission behind this marvelous event. The birth of Jesus occurred near the town of Bethlehem.

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At the age of 12, Jesus was taken to the temple in Jerusalem for the first clip to observe the Judaic vacation of Passover. Mary and Joseph decided to return to their place and noticed that Jesus was losing from the group going back place. Mary and Joseph returned to Jerusalem and upon their return, Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple holding a treatment with old priests and instructors. All were amazed at the wisdom that Jesus exuded during his addresss.

At the age of 30, Jesus began his ministry. Baptized by John the Baptist, in the Bible, it reads that every bit shortly as Jesus was baptized, he went up out of the H2O. At that minute, Eden was opened and he saw the Spirit of God falling like a dove and illuming on him. A voice from Eden said, “ This is my Son, whom I love ; with him I am good pleased. ” ( Biblegateway, 2008 ) .

Jesus Christ began his ministry by choosing 12 adherents. His mission was to prophesy the good intelligence of the land of God, heal the sick, serve the hapless and be a instructor. Jesus spent about three old ages ministering to everyone but peculiarly to those that were shunned by society. His claims were thought to be extremist and the spiritual leaders of the clip were frequently at odds with him. Jesus radius of holding compassion and love frequently talking in fables to present his message.

The Historical Life Of Muhammad

Muhammad was born in the twelvemonth 570 CE in the town of Mecca, a mountain town in the high desert tableland of western Arabia. His name derives from the Arabic verb Hamada, intending “ to praise, to laud. ” Muhammad, about age eight, passed into the attention of a paternal uncle, Abu Talib. Muhammad grew up in the older adult male ‘s place and remained under Abu Talib ‘s protection for many old ages ( PBS, 2008 ) .

When he was a adolescent, on a trip to Syria with his uncle, a Christian monastic noticed Muhammad and identified Markss on his organic structure bespeaking his position as a prophesier. As a immature adult male, Muhammad managed trains for a beautiful, intelligent, and affluent adult female named Khadijah. When she was 40 and Muhammad was 25, she offered to get married him ( Fisher, 2005 ) .

At the age of 40, Muhammad journeyed on a religious retreat during the month of Ramadan. The angel Gabriel appeared in human like signifier to order to Muhammad what would be the first words of the Qur’an. After three old ages, he began to prophesy publically the disclosures sent to him by God. Muhammad was ridiculed and persecuted due to the message he was presenting was of a 1 and merely God. His married woman Khadijah was a beginning of strength until her decease.

Muhammad was known for his humbleness and kindness. He endured poorness as a mark of his devotedness to God. He ne’er considered himself a being of supernatural powers. All the glorification went to Allah.

Jesus and Muhammad – The Impact of Their Death

Jesus predicted his decease, and prepared his adherents and others for what they would hold to digest by seeing him on the cross. Arrested and taken before the Roman authorities, Jesus endured physical anguish for many hours prior to his decease and was tortured on the cross. Jesus ‘ concluding words indicated a completion of his mission on Earth. Taking his concluding breath, he died.

Jesus paid the ultimate monetary value for the redemption of humanity. His adherents were grief stricken every bit good as his household and others. On the 3rd twenty-four hours, Jesus resurrected, and gave a message that the Holy Spirit would stay as the mediator and sympathizer. The adherents did non desire Jesus to go forth but Jesus promised to return to Earth for those who believed. The decease of Jesus and his Resurrection became the footing of religion for Christians.

Muhammad went on a concluding pilgrim’s journey before going really ill. As he recognized that the terminal was nigh, he gave concluding instructions to his followings, assuring to run into them at “the Fountain” in Paradise. Muhammad died in 632 CE ( Fisher, 2005 ) . His decease affected the lives of those who followed his illustrations and the lives of his household members. Muhammad did non go forth clear instructions on who would win him. A argument on who was the rightful inheritor would make a division that is still in being today.

Worship And Religious Messages

Christians worship Jesus, for he is the Son of God, and he is considered portion of the Holy Trinity ( Father, Son, and Holy Spirit ) all as one. The cross is a symbol of the Christian religion. There are many rites and liturgical jubilations used to show the Christian religion. Many denominations exist with divinities that are similar and at times different.

Moslems do non idolize Muhammad, as he is a prophesier of God. In Islam, there is no God but God hence merely God is to be worshipped. Muhammad ‘s ain life has continued to be really cherished to Muslims and is his qualities that a good Muslim attempts to emulate ( Fisher, 2005 ) . Muslims carry out the Five Pillars ; Belief and Witness, Daily Prayers, Zakat, Fasting, and Hajj.


There are many similarities between Jesus and Muhammad but there are besides many differences. The journey that each one had on Earth was distinguishable. Jesus was sent to Earth through a marvelous construct with a mission to distribute God ‘s love. Jesus was seen as a human but besides Godhead. He shed his blood on the cross so that all could be saved and have everlasting life.

Muhammad was chosen at a really immature age to prophesize God ‘s message. The messages of God ‘s instructions were revealed to him over clip. Many who did non believe that they should abandon their patterns of idolizing Gods persecuted Muhammad. In the terminal, Muhammad ‘s life patterns became a dominating force for the Islamic religion.

The Numberss of followings in each faith grows each twelvemonth. In both faiths, the instructions and examples each one set is a driving force in what is practiced today. History has shown that followings of Christianity and Islam many times have been at odds with each other. Some might state that this is due in portion to misinterpretation and misinformation. Many are working towards accepting each other ‘s religion and the cognition they are seeking to delight the same God. Christianity has become the largest faith in the universe today followed by Islam.


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