Sing the degree of moral degeneracy, peoples ‘ interactions, assorted beliefs, and confession today in England, it becomes a extremely problematic issue to now accept if England is genuinely a Christian State.

“ Christian religion is described as a monotheistic faith or beliefs and Practise based on the Old Testament and the life and instructions of Jesus Christ of Nazareth as embodied in the New Testament and underscoring the function of Jesus Christ as Jesus ” 1.

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Based on these premiss, Christians are hence those who believe and accept the instructions and philosophies of the Lord Jesus as written in the Bibles. Taking this to England position, the background history reveals the active engagement of the English trusters in the topic of Christianity right from the Stone Age. They actively participated in the outgrowth and airing of Gospel within the geographical range and the remainder of the universe.

Around 2nd century, the chief dwellers were Gaelic migrators from Western and Continental Europe, chiefly from France, jointly known as Britons’2. Majority of these are heathen. The Celtics were polytheists, idolizing many Gods with their priests known as Druids. With the conquering of the Kingdom by the Romans, [ led by Julius Caesar ‘s foray in 55BC and subsequently by Emperor Claudius ] , the whole Southern portion of the Kingdom became portion of the Roman Empire.

In all these, England still maintained their continuity in the Christian believe which made them an exclusion to all states environing them. Many of the Roman temples similar to that of the Celtic Gods were discovered across Southern England. Later in the twelvemonth 407, the Romans left Britain and this led to the terminal of the Roman civilization. In the 5th and 6th centuries, the Saxons, Angels and Jutes from Germany invaded and occupied what is now known as modern twenty-four hours England with their Nordic heathen faiths. This led to the death of Christianity, except in Cornwall. During the period 597 AD, the Gregorian Mission started the transition of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms, influenced by the Gaelic Christians from the North-West and the Roman Catholic Church from the South-East.

Gradually, the Anglo-Saxon polytheist which was introduced to what is now England over the class of the 5th and sixth century was replaced. The last heathen Anglo-Saxon/ Jutish male monarch died in the twelvemonth 686. At the petition of Ethelbert of Kent, Pope Gregory 1 sent missionaries and in 596, he dispatched Augustine of Canterbury together with a party of monastics. In the twelvemonth 597, Augustine was ordained and took office as the first Archbishop of Canterbury. In 601, Augustine baptised the first Christian Anglo-Saxon King, Ethelbert of Kent. Ethelbert permitted Augustine and the missionaries to settle and prophesy in the town of Canterbury. By the terminal of the twelvemonth, Ethelbert was converted. With the mission of Saint Augustine of Canterbury, Christianity became established in England in the sixth century. Many of the pagan temples were converted and patterns transformed into dedication ceremonials or banquet of martyrs Church were rebuilt and reconsecrated as Cathedral and monasteries were founded, among which is the St Peter and Paul.

Reformation continued in England shortly after the clip of Luther and this coincided with King Henry VIII ‘s politically motivated interruption with the Roman Catholic Church in 1534. Henry was made the caput of the Church of England by the act of domination in the same twelvemonth. The act of six articles which formed the basic philosophy and beliefs of the church of England was instituted by Henry in 1539. The article preserved the old pattern. Latin was replaced by English from 1545 as the linguistic communication of Church service. The confusion brought approximately by the reformation involved England in Religious wars with Europe Catholic powers ; notably Spain. However, The Kingdom was able to continue its independency through the Charismatic accomplishments of some of its swayers, such as Elizabeth 1 who restored Protestantism to England. She became the caput of the Church of England.

In England presents, civilization, promotion in cognition and engineering including inflow of immigrants into the Country Christianity seems to be a disregarded constructs. Many topographic points of worship have been converted into film and other commercial intents. The former spiritual society is now a multicultural and secular society. The foundational Christian truth of animals by a Godhead is popularly negotiations as ordinary evolutionary issues being accepted and taught at all degrees. The cloth of Christianity has been eroded ; people no longer attend church services nor have regard for the things of the Kingdom ; saloons and nines have taken over the life manner in England, jubilation of nakedness, witcheries and other scripturally out Acts of the Apostless.

On the footing of the foregoing, cognition of God is missing in modern England as “ my people perish for deficiency of cognition ” . Wind of resurgences is now blowing across England and Europe in general which are championed by the Pentecostal motions. There is assurance that in the close hereafter England and so Great Britain will return back to God their sires have served because despite bulk attitude to the worship of God, Christianity is still the trademark of most determinations taken in the society including welfarism intervention to the citizens, active engagement in charity plants, observation of of import Christian day of the months such as Easter, Christmas, and Lent periods compared to other faith opposite numbers. England can still be described as a Christian state.

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