In this assignment I will portion my inspirational testimony with you. I will portion with you my life before I met Jesus, how I met Jesus and what my life is like since I met him.

3.1.1 My life before I met Christ.

I was a really blessed to turn up in a Christian place. From the twenty-four hours I was born I attended church in the Anglican Church, I was Baptist when I was a babe. When I was in grade two I moved to the Apostolic Faith Mission church and went to Sunday school. I was involved in church activities like the play group and the religious terpsichoreans. I had a relationship with God but I was a small angel when I was at place but when I was off from place I was really blue. In grade 7 I decided to be Baptised once more because I could make up one’s mind for myself and I knew the significance of it. I went to high school, was portion of the average misss I was really popular. I was portion of the young person group but I lived a life with dual criterions.

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3.1.2. How I met Jesus.

I became tired of populating a life to delight people. I started to acquire rebellious because I saw people in the church populating a conciliatory life style and so they judge each other. I merely wanted to populate my life. I gave my bosom to Christ before but I believe it was out of fright of non traveling to heaven. While I was populating a conciliatory life style I was still involved in church activities. God opened my eyes when a curate preached about what we give to Christ, do we truly give our all to him. I knew I did non gave him my all, I read in Matthew 16:24-25 “ Then Jesus said to his adherents, If anyone would come after knew I have to put my life down. I have to decease to myself, became nil so that Christ becomes everything in me.

3.1.3. My life since I met Jesus.

I realised I have to populate for my Godhead I have to delight him and him entirely that means populating an sturdy life style.

Serving God is non easy but it is worth it, I will non interchange it for anything else. My relationship with God grew stronger and it is still turning strong. As a Christian I am a new creative activity. I realised that I have to bring forth fruit, I have to be an influence and do an impact on people ‘s lives and portion the Gospel. All my life I was busy with religious activity with no productiveness because it was good plants and we are non saved by good plants but for God ‘s grace and unconditioned love for us.


I believe God has given each one of us a narrative ; sometimes we go through trial in order to hold a testimony. In this assignment I had an chance to portion my personal testimony with you.



There are four religious Torahs we should portion it and use it to our lives in order to go one with God. I will portion the four religious Torahs with a friend.

3.2.1 Sharing the four religious Torahs.

I met with my friend she is a gross revenues director, she is a beautiful 24 twelvemonth old lady. We met at a java store because it was informal and chilled. We were comfy with each other because we knew each other. We foremost talked about the twenty-four hours and general things in life. I asked her if I can portion the four religious Torahs with her. So we talked about God ‘s love for us and it was astonishing to portion it with each other. She believes that God loves her. She is a member of the New Apostolic church. I asked her why does she believe we as Christians battle and do n’t populate life in copiousness? We read trough John10:10. We besides realised that wickedness separate us from God. God hates wickednesss but he loves us. There is cogent evidence of God ‘s love for us. He gave his lone boy Jesus Christ to decease for our wickedness so that we can be one with him. We besides looked at what we should make to be united with God. We should travel through Jesus to unify with God to do certain we read John14:6 God gave us a free will that ‘s why we should atone our wickedness and accept God. We have to make up one’s mind to accept God and have a personal relationship with him. We besides discovered that we merely receive God by religion. At the terminal of our conversation she told me she wants to hold a personal relationship with God.


We should portion the four religious Torahs with people and assist them to understand the program of redemption in this assignment I shared the four religious Torahs with my friend.

Assignment 4


In this assignment I will bespeak the Biblical support for each chief rule. I will discourse and measure my church ‘s learning about giving in the visible radiation of the rules in Dr Franklin Jabini ‘ book “ how to give gleefully ” . I will bespeak the similarities and differences. Where there are differences, I will bespeak whose position I consider most scriptural ( Jabini ‘s or my church ‘s ) , and why. I will measure my ain wonts with regard to giving to God. I will portion with you how the book affected my thought about giving and what alterations I will do when it comes to giving to God.

4.1 Jabini ‘s rules about giving.

( a ) Misconception about giving.

The subject giving is a really important subject in churches. There is a immense demand to discourse giving. Because of people ‘s deficiency of cognition they do non give. Some are confused and do non cognize when or how to give and the biggest inquiry is why they have to give. There are besides unemployed people in the church. We see in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible people gave more than ten per centum on a regular footing. They gave what they have. They give their first fruit. It does non intend that we have to give money but we can give anything that is valuable to our male monarch of the existence because everything belongs to him. There ‘s besides a misconception about when to give, people say that you should give when God moves your bosom on when to give. Sometimes we do non experience like making something but we have to be obedient to God. We have to do forfeits because we love God. Peoples are ne’er excessively hapless to give no affair how small you give it can do a large difference. God looks at our Black Marias and non how much we give.

( B ) Motivations of giving

Our motivations must be right when we give. We should non give to do a good feeling on our church leaders. We should give because of what He has done for us. We should be grateful for wellness, favor, love, grace, protection and all the other approvals God gives us even when we do non merit it. By giving we can demo our grasp towards him. It is besides of import to demo gratitude towards those who feed us spiritually ( Galatians 6:6 ) . They have to supply for their households and if we give we help them to take attention of their loved 1s. God besides requires from us to take attention of the orphans, stateless people, widows and the needy. We should love them and hold compassion for them. We should handle them with regard and self-respect ; if we give to them we should give liberally and give them merely the best. God is the male parent to the fatherless ; he is hope for the orphan. He uses us to be the instruments to show his love to the needy. He wants us to be his custodies and pess. We ever say set your money where your oral cavity is. Well I say set your money where your bosom is. If we love God we will love the Gospel. We need money to distribute the Gospel and by giving we can make out to people and portion the good intelligence with them. Giving helps us to populate a life free from the love of money and pride.1 Corinthians 29 “ So that no 1 may tout before him, it is because of him are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God that is, our righteousness, sanctity and salvation. Therefore, as it is written, allow him who boast self-praise in the Lord. ”

( degree Celsius ) Methods of giving

Many people have their grounds why they do non desire to give. Some people believe that tithing was in the Old Testament. Others have a incorrect mentality about giving and others believe that the leading of the church do non cognize how to pull off their fundss. Peoples besides have the incorrect mentality, missionaries refused to talk about money in the countries where they saved the Lord to avoid the thought that they needed people ‘s money ( Jabini 2009:29 ) .They did non make an chance for the local church to give. The other ground why people do non give is because they are trapped in debt or because they do n’t cognize how and when to give.

There are assorted types of offering.

Vow offering – where people make a vow, they make a promise to give because they are grateful for what God has done in their lives or they trust him to make something for them. Vow offerings are besides called a pledge.

Free willing offering – It is a thanksgiving offering, This offering was given to construct churches in Exodus 35:29 “ All the Israelite work forces and adult female who were willing brought to the Lord freewill offerings for all the work the Lord through Moses had commandments them to make ” ( NIV ) .

First fruit offering- Peoples gave it to back up priests, bishops and deacons.

We should give, cheerfully, volitionally, sacrificially, candidly, on a regular basis and consistently. When we talk about giving, we think that it means money but we must give our clip, gifts, organic structures and everything else to the Lord.

( vitamin D ) Mercy of giving.

When we give we have to give because we love God. By giving we invest in the land of God. This is the best topographic point to give because God said in his word that he will open the Windowss of Eden. Giving consequence and enrich our lives spiritually. We so gain God is our beginning and we can set our trust wholly in him. When we give we besides allow God ‘s favor upon our lives and do him portion of our lives and be in control of everything we do. Whatever we give will be given back to us. The sum you give will find the sum you will acquire back. That does non intend that we have to give to anticipate something back, but give because we acknowledge that everything we ain belongs to God and it is besides an act of religion. God is non moved by our emotions but by our religion in him. We should roll up hoarded wealths that are utile in Eden ; this means we should put money in His concern the land of God ( Jabini 2009:44 ) .It is the best investing anyone can of all time do.

4.2 My church ‘s learning about giving.

I am a member of the AFM church our church is a modern-day church. Our church gives instructions about offering and tithing every Sunday before the fold gives offerings. We believe that you should give 10 per centum of your income every month or every hebdomad. If you are unemployed you are excused to give tithing but you can give an offering. We besides teach the Sunday school kids to offer their pocket money. We believe that you are non excessively hapless to give. God says in his word that if he can swear you with a small he can swear you with a batch. We besides believe that if you give an offering you works a seed and you will see the fruits of it. Tithing is Biblical and it is to honor God with everything we do, it is portion of our worship. Everything belong to God, we read in 1 Cit is from him and we give we give for his land and for his glorification. Peoples have to give volitionally and with a joyful bosom, my church have a strong believe about giving and populating a life free from fiscal battles. Proverbs 10:22 “ The approval of the Lord brings wealth, and he adds no problem to it ‘ ( NIV ) . It is non money that make us rich but God ‘s approvals. Sometimes people work hard and they earn good wages but they can non bask their money. The love of money is the root of all evil, so many people do non understand the construct of the Bible, it is non evil to hold money but the love of money is evil.

4.3 My strong belief about giving

I wholly agree that we should give because it is portion of our worship. We have to honor God in everything we do and hold. Everything we have belongs to him. He blesses us to be a approval to one another. We give to construct the land of God and to bless the leaders of the church. Church leaders should put an illustration and besides give liberally. We need money for the church to map and be effectual. I besides believe that Christians should non utilize their fundss as a replacement for disbursement clip with God. We should non give because we feel guilty or God will love us more if we give. He will non because he is love and he loves us unconditionally. We should give because we love him. I agree with my churches ‘ rule that we should give 10 per centum but besides more than ten per centum. We can get down by giving 10 per centum but if we can give more than that we should give more. Even if people say that tithing is in the Old Testament we can non read merely one portion of the Bible. I besides think that it is a personal determination to give 10 per centum or more. The church besides creates a civilization of giving by leting people to give 10 per centum and more. Peoples besides think we merely can give money but there is so much we can give, like our clip, wellness, intelligence, love and our organic structures. Romans12: 1 “ Therefore I urge you brothers in position of God ‘s clemency to offer your organic structures as a life forfeit Holy and delighting unto God. This is your religious act of worship. “ ( NIV ) .We worship God in everything we do. We should experience honoured that God has so much trust in us to do us stewards of everything he created. Money belongs to him, every individual thing on Earth and in heaven belongs to him, he gave us authorization over it and he keeps us responsible for everything on Earth. Giving is an overflowing of God ‘s grace and redemption towards us ( Jabini 2009:96 ) . God enables us to give what belongs to him.

We have a relationship God and every promise he made with us is a matrimony vow, he made this vow even before we “ married ” him or invited him into our lives. In matrimony two people become one and portion everything with each other so I would state there is so much deeper significance to giving its about holding an confidant relationship with God and because you portion something so particular it wo n’t be painful to give everything for his land and his glorification.


In my assignment I have learned that we should be good stewards over everything that God has given us. I discussed my churches strong belief about giving and Jabini ‘s rules about giving. I besides indicated the similarities and differences about giving. I evaluated my wonts of giving and the book made me gain that I can give more than merely 10 per centum of my income. I will give with a joyful bosom and a pure bosom with pure motivations and give because I love God and I am grateful for he have done and still making.

Work Cited

Jabini FS 2009, How to give gleefully, Johannesburg: South-Africa Theological Seminary Press.

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