Religion is one of the most controversial subjects today. Nowadays there are many faiths where the bulks are characterized by parts or even states. In my personal life I have ever experienced wonder to cognize a little more about different faiths, although sing any sort faith, no affair the beginning they ever deserve the regard of all the people even thought they are so non-believers in the same 1. During my research I took advantage on the chance to see a church that I had ever wanted to travel a long clip ago. Despite the fact that I am Cuban and I am non pattern of any faith I had heard in many occasions to speak about this Catholic church the “ Hermitage of our Lady of Charity ” , that is why I chose this topographic point as my mark for my research.

As the first measure of my probe I did a research procedure to garner more information about this topographic point, as when it was built, where it is locate among other things. This church was built really near to the sea and I found out that was made on intent because the H2O represent a nexus to Cuba, like the same Waterss environing their lands. The building began on May 20, 1967 in a memorialization service where they were observing an day of remembrance of the Cuba ‘s Independence Day. The church was built with contributions of many people ; where in add-on to really low wages at that clip they donated portion of them, so this church is besides known and a sanctuary of the people. It was eventually finish in 1971 where on December 2, 1971 the church was devoted as the Hermitage of the Virgin of Charity. In the startup were present the central Kroll, Archbishop of Philadelphia, at that clip president of the Bishops ‘ Conference of the United States, with the presence of Archbishop Carroll in Miami and the bishops Boza Masvidal.

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The 2nd measure of my research was to go to one of its services. Checking the web site of the same church I notice that they had a service to which I can go to harmonizing to my work agenda and free clip. I decided to go to a service on Saturday at midday clip, but first I double checked by naming over phone in progress and in add-on I wanted to do certain what type of vesture I could have on because I did n’t desire to be disrespectful.

At the clip I arrived at the church I confirmed many of the features I had read, as the fact of being located near the sea, which symbolizes a sort of brotherhood between the two lands, Cuba and United States. The church is little but I was non surprised about the figure of people go toing the service because in my sentiment this is one of the faiths that have many trusters. In add-on its interior building is really beautiful ; it is a topographic point where you can experience quiet and peaceable. On the exterior, near the sea, I noticed that there is a topographic point for supplication, where I saw many people sitting on the boundary line of a wall looking toward the skyline and they stay at that place for a long clip, that topographic point is truly astonishing.

At the entryway of the church there were some people sitting in the forepart, I believed they were voluntaries. They were given and selling transcript of the supplications and other objects, such as casts, tapes with the image of the Virgin of Charity of Copper. Besides there was besides a container in a corner where optionally individuals leave pecuniary contributions ; they leave what they can give. I personally wanted to see it and that ‘s why I did a little part to the church.

Another absorbing thing about this church was the interior wall painting that it has in the center of the church. I ever thought that Catholic Church has a cross in the centre of the topographic point, but this was non the instance, the cross was at one side of the mural. In the centre of the wall painting there is a figure that symbolizes the Virgin of Charity of Copper. That image represents the name of the church. In add-on I did a research about history of the virgin, and I found the followers:

In the twelvemonth 1612, it was carried out the find of the image of the Virgin of Charity. The narrative was narrated under an ecclesiastical curse to the 85 old ages by Juan Moreno, “ the negrito of Charity ” , who tells us how they were in a canoe in hunt of salt in the sea. He and two Indian brothers, John and Rodrigo de Hoyos, were go forthing the Gallic Key when they noticed something drifting in the sea, as they approached they saw with amazement and joy that it was an image of the Virgin Mary on a splint where you could read: “ I am The Virgin of Charity. ”

This Virgin was different. Most of the supplications of Mary are associated with people or topographic points: Our Lady of Lourdes, of Fatima, Guadeloupe, of Rule, del Pilar, or to elements of the Catholic faith as Virgin de las Angustias, del Rosario, the Immaculate Conception, the Remedies, solitariness, La Merced. But the 1 that appeared in the bay of Nipe came with her supplication. No 1 gave her the name of a site or features: she herself was identified in a prophetic manner to as the Virgin of Charity.

When it was coming the start clip of the service, all the people began to sit in all the benches. I noticed that there were many older people ; largely they were have oning conservative ‘s apparels. The adult females wore long skirts or pants and work forces pants. Besides work forces did non utilize caps or chapeaus and those who had they took it off before come ining the edifice ; I believe that as a symbol of regard. At the clip when the priest was come ining all the people stood up and until he said we could n’t sit down. The priest was have oning a black long frock and with a dark purple cloth on top of it.

The service began, cipher negotiations and on many occasions we had to reiterate what the priest said, there were parts of supplications, which unluckily for me it was hard to retrieve because I did n’t cognize them. Almost at the terminal of the service many people went in forepart of the church, they formed a line and in order the priest was seting something inside their oral cavity, it was something white, thin and of unit of ammunition form. By the terminal of the service there were many thought coming to my head, particularly how the priest was adverting things of the current events and compare them with subdivision of chapters of the Bible.

During the service I was look up toing that extraordinary wall painting, in my sentiment it is a truly chef-d’oeuvre. Then I investigated and it was painted chiefly by Teok Carrasco among others. I was analyzing in inside informations the picture and I recognized many heroes of the history of Cuba, which I had studied during my childhood but I ne’er imagined that they were portion of that fantastic mural, among them were Felix Varela, besides known as the Father Varela, Jose Marti, known as the apostle of Cuba, Maximo Gomez, Antonio Maceo, Calixto Garcia, Mariana Grajales among many others.

I recognized in a corner of the church a topographic point of rite, where people leave flowers and illuminated tapers to the Virgin. I noticed that the bulk of the flowers were white or light colourss. To one side of the large wall painting there were three flags, I merely recognized two, the flag of our state, United States and the flag of Cuba, I think that represents a symbol of brotherhood between the two states and besides that the bulk of the faithful that attend that church have the two nationalities, Cuban by their roots, by their civilization and Americans by populating in this state.

Finally, when the service was over some people left and others stayed for a piece to pray. Then, I decided to cognize the remainder of the church. Among one of their suites, beautiful by the manner, there was 1 that has a wall made of glass with an image of the Virgin of Charity. During the twenty-four hours that wall receives so much sunshine that the room looks really clear than the remainder of the church. Besides in that room you can experience an indefinable peace and repose. I besides noticed that the wall faced the sea supplying to that room even more light. They besides have some benches prepared for people that come to pray and it is a chamber that gives some privateness for supplications. The church has another room where they have a little shop, where people can purchase several points, like crosses, casts, and rosary among many other things. Last in order to maintain a memory of my visit I took some image outside and inside the church but first I asked to see if that was allowed.

To reason this research, I believe that my visit to the service was of great benefit for myself, in add-on to the peace I experienced I felt really comfy and I can state that I felt like I was among household, although I did non cognize to anyone. My sentiment sing this faith changes significantly, I ‘m sing travel back to that church in the close hereafter. I had ever heard assorted negative remarks about this faith, as I have heard from many others, but now I realized that they were nescient and they merely wanted is to discredit any type of faith. I understand that any faith has its history and there are many influence factors, since natural factors to human 1s but no 1 should talk in a negative point of position of any faith. As I said at the get downing my sentiment is that we should esteem any faiths no affair we patterns it or non.


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