Introduction of the faith

Christianity which was named after Jesus Christ, Buddhism after Gotama Buddha, Confucianism after Confucius, and Marxism after Karl Marx. The faith of Islam, nevertheless, is non named after a individual or after a folk like Judaism after the folk of Judah and Hinduism after the Hindus. The Arabic word “ Islam ” means the entry or resignation of one ‘s will to the lone true God worthy of worship “ Allah ” and anyone who does so is termed a “ Muslim ” , Islam besides means “ peace ” which is a consequence of entire entry of one ‘s will to Allah.

A huge bulk of universe ‘s population are Muslims. The basic fundamental of the faith includes religion in One God, named Allah, and belief in His Last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) . This belief is besides one of the five pillars of Islam. Other four are Namaz ( Prayers ) , Roza ( Fasting ) , Zakat ( Charity ) and Hajj ( Pilgrimage ) . A Muslim is required to offer five supplications during the class of the twenty-four hours get downing early before the rise of Sun, with regular intervals, boulder clay after sun-set. Fasting is mandatory for all the Muslims during the month of Ramadan ( 9th month of Islamic Calendar, named “ HIJRI ” ) . Moslems are required to detect fast during the whole month of Ramadan. Charity is mandatory upon those Moslems who have adequate wealth so that enables them to administer it easy. Although there is no maximal bound to the sum of charity, but all the modification Muslims are required to donate a fixed per centum of their wealth as charity at least one time a twelvemonth. All the Muslims, financially and physically capable of executing pilgrim’s journey, are required to travel for Pilgrimage at least one time in their life clip.

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In add-on to five pillars, all Muslims live by the Six Articles of Faith, which in other words mean ‘Believing in the Unseen ‘ . The first Article states that a Muslim can merely believe in one God, Allah. There has to be no uncertainty about the Uniqueness of Allah. The 2nd article provinces that Angels do be. Article figure three provinces that Muslims must believe in the four books in the Islamic religion which are: the Torah or Moses, Psalms of David, Gospel of Jesus, and the Qur’an.

Article four provinces that Muslims must believe in all the Prophets sent upon world by God, Allah. These Nebiims are as follows: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the Last one, Prophet Muhammad. The 5th article provinces that Muslims must believe in the Resurrection of whole world on the Day of Judgment and Life after Death in Heaven or Hell. Finally, the 6th article provinces that Muslims must believe in the Divine Creed or Destiny. In other words, whatever Allah says is what Muslims live by and everything has been destined by Allah.

Name, location and reappraisal of the site

For the intent of this paper, I chose to see a mosque named Mosque Maryam located in Stony Island Avenue, Chicago. It is a attractively built mosque picturing a typical Muslim architecture with a individual Grave in the Centre of the edifice and a first twenty-four hours Moon and star built over it. Inside, I had to take off my places and walk bare-foot on a carpeted floor.

As I entered the door, there was a immense hall where rugs were arranged in coincident lines and I could see Muslims praying in a individual way. Behind me there were Muslims executing ablution and right in forepart of me was a partly built room type, where there was merely one individual and remainder were standing in a consecutive line behind him. Later, I came to cognize that they were offering their afternoon ( Zuhr ) supplications. Once they all got free and after a soft handshaking with all the Muslims post-prayers, the Imam ( leader of supplications ) , named Abdul Aziz came to me and greeted me gracefully. We had an introductory confab when I told him about my ground of presence.

Interview sum-up

There was a sense of composure inside the mosque. Mr. Aziz was really a really low and polite adult male, smiling all the clip, at least for the clip I was at that place for. Not leting myself excessively much clip to settle, I took out my diary and asked the first inquiry ;

“ How make you experience your faith is different from other faiths? ”

“ Well, foremost of all we believe in Allah, the ONLY GOD to idolize and that Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ) is his Last of the Messengers, ” he said concentrating on the subject and maintaining a soft oculus contact. “ Islam is a faith non for a specific religious order of people or people located in a specific country. It is a cosmopolitan faith. We abide purely by our Torahs, named Shariah, and have a book, named Quran which we follow. It is a complete codification of life. We believe in the unobserved which is non seen in any other faith. We believe in Allah, whom none of us have seen, but we do see His marks in the signifier of premiums he has bestowed upon us. We believe in the Life after decease, where, first we would be raised once more in forepart of Lord, who will account for all the workss we have done in this universe, and so we will be either given Heaven or thrown into the Hell. The Day of Judgment and Life after Death are besides yet to be witnessed. Furthermore, we believe that Holy Quran is the word of Allah, although we have non seen Him composing it. However, like all faiths we believe in decease. ”

During his short address I believed that he had answered my 2nd inquiry every bit good, which was “ Is your faith something that is a big portion of your life? ” Therefore I moved on to the 3rd one.

“ Do you experience that you are profiled by other Americans because of your religion? ”

He looked at me hesitatingly, but so said “ Well, to be honest, yes! ” he paused and so continued, “ It ‘s non the Americans, instead a little minority of Jews who have tried to slander Muslims and our faith, Islam. Americans on the whole do n’t hold much of the issue with us or our religion. However, we are made merriment of on believing in the unobserved. ” I had few other inquiries crawling to my head, but I managed to lodge with my original inquiries.

“ Do you experience that 9/11 has created a bad repute for other Muslims? “

“ Decidedly, there is no uncertainty about that, ” he said persuasively, “ In fact I believe that this whole was propaganda to mortify us and our religion and our image. ” He got rather, so I decided to inquire the following 1

“ What is something you would wish other Americans, which do non cognize much about Muslims, to cognize? ”

“ In the last decennary, Muslims have been projected as terrorists or the major perpetrators behind terrorist activities all around the universe. I would wish to state the Americans that it ‘s the Holy Quran which says, ‘One who takes a life, is like killing the whole world and the 1 who saves a life, is like salvaging lives of whole humanity. ‘ “

“ Do you experience that you are treated otherwise because of your faith? ”

“ Not until they come to cognize about us, ” he managed a giggle and continued, “ It was ne’er a job for us but since, 9/11 it has been a different narrative wholly. ”

“ What traditions do you experience are the most of import to your faith? ”

“ Tradition and mandatory duty of Hajj ( Pilgrimage ) is the most of import portion of the faith, since it unites Muslims all over the universe at Mecca. ”

“ How many times a twenty-four hours make you pray? ”

“ We offer five supplications during the twenty-four hours. ”

“ What are things that Muslims pray for? ”

“ Muslim ‘s supplications are all about re-iterating the Greatness and Merciful nature of Allah. We ask for His forgiveness for our wickednesss and we praise the Almighty. We ask for His Mercy in this life and on the Day of Judgment. It ‘s seldom that Muslims pray for any worldly object, nevertheless, it is non out to inquire for this universe ‘s felicity and improvement of life. ”

“ This is a inquiry that I am non certain I am comfy request. Do you experience it is okay for a Mosque to be constructed near where the twin towers were? ”

“ Well, I do n’t believe there is any injury in it, but I would instead go forth it onto the disposal of United States to make up one’s mind with un-biasness. If they had committed to give the infinite for mosque, they must. Otherwise, they should give a strong logical statement for non allowing the mosque being built at that place. ”

Comparing and contrasting with another faith

In my sentiment, Islam is really similar to Christianity, whereby followings of both faiths believe in One God and His Nebiims ( Jesus for Christians and Muhammad for Muslims ) . Besides that, Muslims believes in Holy Quran revealed onto Muhammad, whereas Christians believe in Holy Bible which was revealed onto Jesus, the Christ. Both faiths have a topographic point for worship, whereby Muslims worship in Mosques, where Christians worship in Church. Both believe in the Day of Judgment and Life after decease in Hell or Heaven. Muslims besides believe Jesus to be one of the many Messenger sent by God, Allah, to give way to mankind. However, Muhammad was the Last of the Messengers and Prophet. Bible besides acknowledges the fact about coming of Muhammad, the Last Messenger and Quran informants Jesus. Both believe that Jesus will come once more.

However, there is a difference in one of the opinion basicss, i.e. Christians believe in the Three ; three individuals in one Lord: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and believe Jesus to be the boy of God, whereas, Muslims believe that their God ( Allah ) has no boy, married woman or any relation and that He is pure from these. Where, Christians believe that Jesus was crucified, the Quran says and hence Muslims believe that he was non crucified, instead another individual, similar in expression was sent to the people, who was crucified alternatively of Jesus and Jesus was safely raised from this universe by the Almighty. Christians believe that Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden and is responsible for original wickedness, with Eve. On the other manus, Muslims believe that Adam, being a prophesier, was free from all major wickednesss and mistakes. All Christians believe that what the Bible says is precisely what happened in existent life. They do n’t oppugn it because it ‘s God ‘s word ; it has to be true, whereas, Muslims believe Quran to be a book of God, Allah. Christians confess their wickednesss and inquire for forgiveness from priests, whereas, Muslims ask for forgiveness straight from God.


Every faith has a cardinal belief based on which the whole spiritual activities and traditions are based. Islam is different from all others as it footing strictly on religion and belief. The Six Articles of Faith determines the strength of the religion of a Muslim and it is genuinely astonishing how people get to believe in the Unseen and belief so strongly in it. The Muslims claim Quran to be a book by God, although non revealed in modern universe, but absolutely, lucifers today ‘s scientific discipline and engineering. Many scientific impressions told in it 1400 old ages ago are being proved with high-fidelity scientific equipments in the modern universe. What needs to be found is do this do Quran, a book of God or was Muhammad a Genius to hold written such an un-contradictory book? Possibly both are true and possibly both are non true or possibly Muslims religion is true.

Equally far as I have studied, Islam is a peaceable and peace-distributing faith and holding met Mr. Abdul Aziz, I can state that Muslims are beautiful excessively. Not to bury, Islam was the first faith, which recognized the position of adult females at a clip when girls were thought to be a expletive and buried alive. It is due to this position given to them centuries ago, that the adult females are able to vie in the society with work forces today.

In the terminal, I would wish to reason that Good and Bad people are found in every society, civilization, state, state and faith. This does n’t intend that the whole society, civilization, state, state or as a affair of fact faith is incorrect.

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