There is a book called Disorder in the Court. These are things people really said in tribunal, word for word, taken down and now published by tribunal newsmans – who had the torture of remaining composure while these exchanges were really taking topographic point.

Some of these are first-class…

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What is your day of the month of birth?

Answer: July fifteenth.

Question: What twelvemonth?

Answer: Every twelvemonth.

Question: Doctor, before you performed the necropsy, did you look into for a pulsation?


Did you look into for blood force per unit area?


Did you look into for external respiration?


So, so it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the necropsy?


How can you be so certain, Doctor?

Because his encephalon was sitting on my desk in a jar.

But could the patient have still been alive, however?

Yes, it is possible that he could hold been alive and practising jurisprudence someplace.

Well – we come today to the terminal of analyzing Jude, one of the briefest books in the Bible. But nevertheless brief it is, I do n’t believe any of us would now see it light-weight. The words are passionate but carefully weighed. There ‘s no loose talk here easy dismissed.


Derek Stringer is presenting today ‘s Word Alive broadcast – thank for listening – I ‘m Brenda Critchley. Today we complete a 4-part series on the New Testament book of Jude. Today ‘s subject from verse 17 to 25 is How To Survive The Last Days.

Over to Derek.


And Brenda will be assisting me out as we go through these thoughtful and acute statement Jude makes as he rounds off his missive.

Jude has forced us to analyze our ain Black Marias as persons and to inquire difficult inquiries about our leaders in the church.

I was peculiarly touched when a little group leader said he was profoundly convicted by the duty he bears to learn God ‘s Word accurately. He asked, in consequence, “ How make I cognize if I ‘m dallying with unorthodoxy or apostasy? I surely would n’t make it on intent, but what if I merely wander off class? ” I appreciated that attitude of humbleness. He ‘s likely the last individual I would be concerned about, mostly because he ‘s inquiring those inquiries. There is no spirit of haughtiness in him at all. It ‘s when we start believing our ain imperativeness cuttings ; when we take the awards of people excessively earnestly ; when we become proud of our grades or the fact that we are widely read or have a big following that we are in the greatest danger of traveling into unorthodoxy or even renunciations.

Jude is non what you would name a merriment cat. He ‘s non the sort of apostle you ‘d ask for to talk at a retirement party. He would likely be a existent sedative. But I will surely stand up for him when it comes to both honestness and relevancy.

Jude tells it like it is, and he speaks to our twenty-four hours. And while he warns us that things are bad spiritually even in normal times, he besides informs us in our transition today that they will acquire even worse as we approach the End Times.

You see, the Bible makes it really clear that Jesus is alive and coming once more. That ‘s traveling to be a great Day, but it ‘s besides traveling to be a awful Day. He will come to deliver His kids but He will besides come in opinion against disbelievers, and peculiarly against deserters, those who have abandoned the historic religion and are actively sabotaging it.

I do n’t cognize when that Day will be, and no 1 else does either. Yet we ‘re non wholly nescient of its attack, because the Scriptures give us marks to look for-like war and rumor of war, dearth, plague ( could this mention to biological warfare? ) , temblors, persecution of trusters, and a great renunciation.


I think it ‘s deserving observing that Paul specifically mentions the latter point in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, when he says that the Day of the Lord “ will non come until the rebellion occurs and the adult male of anarchy is revealed, the adult male doomed to devastation. ”


Well, we know who the adult male of lawlessness is-the Anti-Christ. But what is this rebellion? The Grecian word translated rebellion is “ apostasia, ” a falling off from the religion one time entrusted to the saints!

I am non an alarmist. I will ne’er name upon you to sell everything you ain and fall in me on a distant hill someplace to expect the Second Coming. But the marks of the Second Coming are all apparent, peculiarly the anticipation of renunciation.

I do n’t see anything Jude has described that is n’t blatantly obvious in the church today. That does n’t needfully intend that Jesus is coming shortly, but I think it should surely do us to be ready. And since the Day may be near, it behoves us to give careful attending to the religious endurance tactics Jude urges upon us.

I ‘ve divided Jude ‘s advice into two categories-defensive tactics for endurance and violative tactics. There are things we need to make to do certain we are non overrun by the Enemy ; but so we besides need to be ready to ramp the Gatess of snake pit, so to talk. The evangelical church is by and large likely better at the defensive than the violative, but we need to be prepared to utilize both.


Let ‘s take a expression at the Defensive tactics of endurance.

Expression at poetries 17-21:

“ But, beloved friends, retrieve what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ foretold. They said to you, “ In the last times there will be gorgers who will follow their ain ungodly desires. ” These are the work forces who divide you, who follow mere natural inherent aptitudes and do non hold the Spirit. But you, dear friends, physique yourselves up in your most holy religion and pray in the Holy Spirit. Keep yourselves in God ‘s love as you wait for the clemency of our Lord Jesus Christ to convey you to ageless life. ”



And this is non merely advice ; it ‘s a bid. Jude ‘s missive has been about wholly descriptive up to this point-describing the features of the deserters in the church, but now he becomes normative, giving seven bids in these last poetries.

The first of these is to retrieve what the Apostles predicted about deserters in the church.

Our first line of defense mechanism is our memories, and this is non the first clip we ‘ve heard this.


I ‘ve noticed in poetry 5 he told us, “ Though you already know all this, I want to remind you. . . ”


Yes, and so he proceeded to convey back to the heads of his readers a whole series of familiar narratives from the Old Testament that they had either disregarded or neglected.

Now he reminds them to boot of what the New Testament Apostles said about deserters. Since there are no citation Markss in the original Greek, we ca n’t be certain if the citation stops with verse 18 or continues through poetry 19. In fact, he may merely be summarizing the Apostles ‘ instruction since this exact quotation mark is non found in the Gospels. So we will merely unite the two poetries.

Note four cardinal facts about the deserters which were seemingly passed on from the Apostles to the early trusters.

First: They will proliferate in the last yearss.

I think he means they will be more legion, they will go bolder, and they will make more harm.

The Apostles were perfectly right when they predicted that renunciation would proliferate in the End Times.

Second: They will jeer at God ‘s Torahs while doing up their ain.

They will utilize every agency in the book to dispute The Book.

They will oppugn whether the Bible was written by the writers whose names it bears or at the clip it purports to hold been written, they will dispute its reading, they will doubt its relevancy, and they will postulate that scientific discipline has superseded it. And as they win in projecting uncertainty on God ‘s Word, that will open up the playing field for them to do their ain regulations. Tolerance has become their war cry because they want tolerance for their ain wickedness.

Third: They will make division in the Church.

God hates divisiveness in His Church ; in fact, He speaks really harshly about it on a figure of occasions.

He even hates it when conservative, Bible-believing Christians are the 1s making division and splitting churches, which happens much excessively often and with really small justification. But to me the truly insidious thing about deserter divisiveness is that the deserter normally succeeds in faulting the true adherent for the divisiveness he himself caused.


‘Tolerance ‘ is the name of the game these yearss but it ‘s tolerance for everything and anything but truth as it ‘s found in Jesus Christ as Lord.


Absolutely – and we should observe a 4th affair: Army for the liberation of rwanda from being the spiritually elect they claim to be, they are barren of the Holy Spirit.

History tells us that the Gnostics and other first-century deserters considered themselves to be the initiated, the religious elite. The remainder of the people were “ the herd, ” the fiends, the ignorant, the Bible-thumpers. Jude turns the tabular arraies on them, avering that those who held themselves up as being religious giants were truly merely the antonym.

The lone thing that can do a individual religious is being indwelt by the Holy Spirit, and they do non hold the Spirit. That means they are disbelievers, because Romans 8:9 makes it clear that if a individual does n’t hold the Holy Spirit, he ca n’t belong to Jesus.

Before traveling on, allow me inquire each of us one time once more to analyze ourselves in visible radiation of these features which the Apostles property to deserters. It ‘s ever easier to see these things in other people than in ourselves. But are we, through our life styles, jeering at God ‘s Torahs while doing up our ain? Are we being dissentious in the household of God? Do we see ourselves to hold it made spiritually when in fact we are merely forging it?

Well, Jude has been faithful to remind us, once more and once more, of the enemy we are up against.

But what else do we necessitate to make besides Remember in order to support ourselves against apostasy as we approach the last yearss?

Here is his 2nd major defensive scheme: A Put YOUR ARMOUR ON.


2 Corinthians 10:4 says, “ The arms we fight with are non the arms of the universe. ”


Right – We do n’t contend with political relations and use and choler and retaliation. Well, if those are non legitimate arms, what arms are at our disposal?

Paul, of class, has a great transition about religious armor in Ephesians 6, but let ‘s look at the three arms Jude references.

One is: Physique yourselves up in your most holy religion.

This architectural metaphor is really informative. A edifice is ever built from the underside up. If you neglect the foundation, you ‘ll ne’er win in raising a permanent edifice. But, on the other manus, if you have merely a foundation, you ‘re non traveling to be really successful either. Building ourselves up in the religion is a procedure that begins with foundational truths but is n’t finished until the superstructure of a Christian universe position is established. Unfortunately the church in big is making a blue occupation of this.

Even many evangelical churches have been satisfied to win converts and acquire them to tithing and functioning, but ne’er set uping them in the cardinal truths of God ‘s Word or developing them to the point they can reproduce themselves.

One well-known cult really targets Church-goers when they go door to door because they find them to be their most likely converts, peculiarly those who go to churches that are strong on evangelism and weak on discipleship. These people already have a sort of emotional fond regard to God, but since they know really small Bible, they ‘re highly fleeceable and it ‘s non difficult to acquire them to reassign their commitment to the cult ‘s false instructions.

You know, we will ne’er be able to stand against the fraudulence of the Evil One if we do n’t acquire ourselves grounded in the most holy religion.


We ‘ve been told by a study that about 87 % of 15 to 16 twelvemonth olds could n’t happen Iraq on a map.


That ‘s sad, but I ‘ll state you what ‘s even sadder-when 87 % of regular Churchgoers ca n’t happen Ephesians in the Bible. I ‘m amazed sometimes at the monumental ignorance of some profession Christians about the simple truths of the Bible or the rudimentss of the Christian religion, even though they may hold professed religion in Christ 20, 30, or 40 old ages ago.

Now I do n’t anticipate everyone to be a Bible bookman. I ‘m non even speaking about scholarship. I ‘m speaking about being able to separate the Gospels from the Epistles, cognizing the difference between justification and sanctification, being able to take person to Christ.

I say this gently but clearly – you need to make something about this. Judas does n’t state, “ Travel to a good church and allow the curate physique you up in the most holy religion. ” Rather he says, “ physique yourselves up. ” You will ne’er turn to adulthood every bit long as you are being spoon-fed. You need to acquire off the bottle ( the milk bottle, that is ) and get down masticating on some steak. Peter says existent Christians need meat. Now no emails please! I think it ‘s all right to be a vegetarian if you want, but do n’t be a religious vegetarian.

A 2nd arm is to Pray in the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is every bit indispensable to growing as is nutrient. If religious nutrient is the beginning of our energy, supplication is the nervus Centre that allows our nourished organic structures to travel in the right way. And that ‘s why our supplications must be in the Holy Spirit.


Some want to curtail this to a certain sort of praying, like praying in linguas, but linguas is non in position in this transition.


Praying in the Spirit means praying in the power of the Holy Spirit, under His way, and with complete dependance upon Him. It means praying out of Black Marias that are indwelt, illuminated, and filled with the Holy Spirit.


There ‘s a fantastic transition in the 8th chapter of Romans that negotiations about praying in the Spirit: “ The Spirit helps us in our failing. We do non cognize what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with moans that words can non show


You see – the supplications are non hearable, either in English or in linguas –


And he who searches our Black Marias


That ‘s God the Father –


knows the head of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in conformity with God ‘s will. ”


I am so glad for that truth, because it tells me that when I pray in the Spirit, I can number on Him stoping my supplication on the manner to the Father and re-praying it harmonizing to God ‘s will.

Therefore supplications in the Spirit are ever answered-sometimes the manner I pray them and sometimes the manner the Spirit re-prays them. And of class that ‘s why the really following poetry says, “ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. ”

Has my supplication life go a dullard? It is difficult transporting on a conversation when you feel no-one is listening. It ‘s different once more when you know that you are acquiring through.

Furthermore, you are in touch with person who promises to assist and has

the power to come through. Merely one sort of supplication does that. All other sorts lead to defeat.

An air-pilot contacted the control tower with a faltering voice, “ I am 300 stat mis from land, 600 pess high, and running out of fuel. Please instruct: Over. ” The tower responded, “ Repeat after me, Our Father which art in Eden, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come Thy will be done… . ”

This narrative ( which is about surely apocryphal ) reminds us of something we need to hear: it is non that we say supplications as a last ditch of hope. Prayer must be for existent to the God who can present.

Jude underlines what existent supplication is. It is praying in the Holy Spirit.


Let ‘s underscore it – What is praying in the Spirit?


It is praying in the will of God.

It is prayer in co-operation with the intercessory work of the Spirit. It is the lone sort of praying that can justly be called ‘true supplication. ‘ This quality of supplication is non a luxury.

There is no effectual supplication at all if the Spirit, is absent. The Holy Spirit is at that place to assist all those who do non cognize how to pray. With the Spirit there is way and strength in your supplication. Without the Spirit we are left to ourselves, and the consequence is a dull expression of words to the air.


The cardinal inquiry is: How do I pray in the Spirit?


At this point I hesitate to talk farther. There are so many books about supplication, and yet still small true praying. However, if it means anything at all, it must intend that we must be “ in the Spirit ” ourselves.

You may state, certainly a individual who is a true truster has God ‘s indwelling Spirit already. Yes, but that does non intend that the truster is “ in the Spirit. ” There is a difference between the Spirit being in the truster, and the truster being in the Spirit.


The Apostle John was in the Spirit on the Lord ‘s twenty-four hours. It was a particular topographic point. Therefore, he receives particular penetrations from the Lord.


Precisely! So, existent supplication means that we must fix ourselves. Close out the universe, be calm and quiet before the Lord. Jesus said, “ If you remain in me and my words remain in you, inquire whatever you wish, and it will be given you. ”

Our desires will be transformed as we remain in his presence. Remind yourself of the one manner of entree to the Father, Jesus Christ and Him crucified.


Hebrews says, “ Let us so approach the throne of grace with assurance, so that we may have clemency and happen grace to assist us in our clip of demand. ”


If your bosom is non warmed by thought of this agency of entree, you are non praying in the Spirit.

That in bend leads to a realization of God ‘s presence. In supplication attempt to visualize our Lord praying for that individual. Listen to the intercession. You will larn things you ne’er knew and derive penetration on co-operating with the Spirit as you pray.

Robert McCheyne testified to this signifier of supplication: “ If I could hear Christ praying for me hi the following room, I would non fear a million enemies. Yet distance makes no difference. He is praying for me. ”

Try that in supplication. It will make full you with assurance about your personal demands. Then do the same thing for other people. Our Lord can pray for our demand, and teach us how to pray for others! The exciting thing is that so we can pray with new confidence because we know how to pray.


Let ‘s travel on to the 3rd arm that we have at our disposal – Keep yourselves in God ‘s love.


Now this is an interesting jussive mood that is n’t what we would anticipate Jude to state. After all, we were told back in poetry 1 that God ‘s kids are called by the Holy Spirit, loved by God, and maintain by Jesus Christ. Those who have received Christ as Saviour are secure because Jesus Christ is maintaining us secure. So why, so, does he here in verse 21 urge us to maintain ourselves in God ‘s love?

Clearly he ‘s non revealing us we have to maintain ourselves saved. We could n’t salvage ourselves in the first topographic point, and we ca n’t maintain ourselves saved. Rather I think he ‘s pressing us to maintain ourselves in the domain of God ‘s love.

Stay within the parametric quantities where God can pour out His approvals on our lives. If we go rolling into iniquitous life manners, God still loves us, but He can non bless us. Keep yourselves in the domain of God ‘s love.

Let me inquire you this – do you hold your armor on? Are you constructing yourself up, praying in the Holy Spirit, and maintaining yourself within the domain where God can hapless out His love without limitation?

If you ‘re making that and retrieving what the Apostles said, so you have learned the defensive tactics of endurance. But you ‘re non rather ready for the last yearss. God besides wants us to ramp the Gatess.

In association football they say a great defense mechanism will by and large win over a great offense. But no squad is traveling to win with merely a defense mechanism. We need both.




Reach out to those deceived by renunciation, but do n’t handle all disbelievers likewise.

In religious warfare offense is critical because God is seeking worshippers, and every bit long as there are 1000000s of non-worshipers headed for a Christ-less infinity, God will non rest. We are His custodies and pess to a destitute universe.

Let ‘s read poetries 22 and 23:


“ Be merciful to those who doubt ; bit others from the fire and salvage them ; to others show clemency, assorted with fear-hating even the vesture stained by corrupted flesh. ”


Your version may read a small otherwise than the NIV which Brenda merely read ; it may look like two classs alternatively of three, but I believe the NIV has captured the kernel of Jude ‘s message here.

He is stating us that there is a universe of disbelievers out there who have been influenced by the deserters. What should we make? Write them off? No, they are victims, victims of the Evil 1 and his apostate confederates.

They ‘re non precisely guiltless victims, because they have all had chances to hear the truth and bend to God, but they are victims. And as such they deserve aid.

But interestingly, while we are commanded to make out to the disbelievers around us, we are expressly instructed non to handle everyone likewise. There is no one-size-fits-all method of evangelism.


Let ‘s look at Jude ‘s three classs:


Well the first is to Be merciful to some.


To whom?


To the sincere skeptics. Remember the adherent we call Doubting Thomas? While that moniker is frequently dismissive of him, I view it more as a badge of honor. Doubt can be a fantastic thing ; it can maintain us from being fleeceable and falling for half-truths and outright falsities.

Skeptics are premier campaigners for the Gospel. We should exert clemency towards them. We should portion our religion with them. We should give them grounds for the hope that is within us, for skeptics are frequently looking for grounds to believe.


Jude adds that we should Snatch others from the fire.


That ‘s a 2nd class of disbeliever who is so far gone he ‘s in sedate danger of being singed by hell-fire. This may mention to a individual who is populating dangerously-perhaps making drugs or imbibing to a great extent or kiping about. His or her life is out of control. They could kill themselves seeking drugs or driving rummy or catching AIDS.


What do they necessitate?


They need person to catch them, agitate them, and state, “ I love you excessively much to allow you travel on destructing yourself. You ‘re traveling into intervention to salvage your life, and you need God to salvage your psyche. ” I ‘m speaking about religious intercession.

Or, possibly this is a individual on his or her deathbed. They ‘ve lived their whole lives independently of God. They ‘ve done it their manner and now they ‘ve come to the terminal of the route and the inkiness of infinity prevarications before them. What do we make? Make we state, “ You ‘ve made your bed ; now lie in it? ” Not if we love them. We try to snap them out of the fire.

This is non the clip for pious cliches. This is non the clip to worry that you might pique them. This is the clip to state them one last clip that God loves them, that Jesus died for them, and that the effects of a Christ-less infinity are fearful for certain.

That does n’t intend you ne’er take “ no ” for an reply. If a individual says, “ I do n’t desire to hear it, go forth me entirely, ” so you must honor their wants. No 1 can genuinely be snatched out of the fires by us anyhow. If the Holy Spirit is n’t convicting their Black Marias, it ‘s all for zero.


And Jude so adds, Be really cautious with others.


That ‘s a 3rd class Brenda that requires a much more cautious attack. “ To others show clemency, assorted with fear-hating even the vesture stained by corrupted flesh. ” There are some people who are so wicked, so reprobate that even to witness to them is unsafe. Do n’t make it casually ; do n’t make it heedlessly.

There was a well-known showy revivalist who had a ministry to the cocottes and drug nuts, and he had some astonishing narratives about people he purportedly led to Christ. I say “ purportedly ” because he himself fell into wickedness with some of his parishioners, and his ministry went down the tubings. Witnessing to cocottes is non the topographic point for a showy revivalist. It may be a topographic point for a low, cautious, twosome to pour out their lives, but it ‘s no topographic point for a showman.

Merely note another major violative arm we have is WORSHIP.

Worship our glorious, amazing God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Let me explicate why I call worship an violative arm. Because Satan is afraid of reliable worship. Satan works overtime to interrupt our worship. I am convinced that Satan is making everything he can to seed seeds of strife in the church today so that our worship is derailed.

From clip to clip Christian magazines have articles on worship wars in the church. Frankly, the very term of “ worship war ” is amazing. How can we be contending over worship, because worship is, by definition, imputing worth and value to our amazing God.

Jude addresses the content of our worship, foremost by stating us what God can make.


Jude 24: “ To him who is able to maintain you from falling and to show you before his glorious presence without mistake and with great joy. . . ”


God is able to maintain you from falling. This is the 3rd clip Jude has used the word “ maintain. ”

First he said we are kept by Jesus Christ, so that we should maintain ourselves in God ‘s love, and now he sandwiches our duty between the duty of Himself and His Son. He is able to maintain you from falling. You do n’t hold to be paranoid about the apostates-watchful, yes, but non paranoid, because God is able.

And He is n’t merely able to maintain you from falling ; He is besides able to show you before His presence without mistake! Without mistake? How is that possible.

My mistakes are so obvious-both yesteryear and nowadays. If I can see them, and if my friends can see them, conceive of what God sees! And yet He is able to show me immaculate? Yes, because a trade was made when I accepted Jesus as my Saviour.

It was a great trade, for me. I gave Him my wickedness and He gave me Christ ‘s righteousness. Even Steven! No refunds, no exchanges. It ‘s a done trade. He took my wickedness on Himself at the Cross and said, “ It is finished. ”


And, God is able to make this with great joy.


Yes, because God does n’t grudgingly accept me.

He does n’t stand at the Judgement Seat of Christ and state, “ You ‘re a regretful alibi for a adherent. Look what I did for you and look how you ‘ve responded. You do n’t merit to be here, but I promised, so come on in, but you ‘d break non allow out a cheep for the first million old ages. ” No, we know precisely how God will react, for Jesus showed us in the fable of the Forgiving Father.

When the Prodigal Son came home after his rebellion, it says, “ But while he was still a long manner off, his male parent saw him and was filled with compassion for him ; he ran to his boy, threw his weaponries around him and kissed him. . . . Then the male parent said to his retainers, “ Quick! Bringing the best robe and set it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his pess. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let ‘s hold a banquet and celebrate. For this boy of mine was dead and is alive once more ; he was lost and is found. ” So they began to observe. ”

Is that astonishing, or what? God is able to maintain you and to show you, without mistake and with great joy. But worship is non merely about what God can make. It is besides about who God is.


“ To the lone God our Saviour be glorification, stateliness, power and authorization, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amons. ”


Amons! You know, basically, I believe life ‘s biggest inquiries are the consequence of the fact that our God has been excessively little, our vision of him excessively limited. The ground some people struggle is that they have the incorrect thought about God. Most of the battles we endure are the consequence of a profound misinterpretation of God ‘s existent nature and of what he is ready and willing to make in our lives.

The chief thing that Jude would hold us see now is that God is to be trusted and is worthy of our obeisance. He is “ the lone God our Saviour, says Jude. you merely need one when he is like our God.

God writes with a pen that ne’er blots, speaks with a lingua that ne’er skips, and acts with a manus that ne’er fails.

Human linguistic communication can non grok the significance of the four words used by Jude to, impute congratulations to God.


We must inquire – what are glory, majesty, power and authorization?


The word ‘glory ‘ more than any other in the Bible defies definition. “ Glory is doctrine gone emotional! ” says Calvin Miller.

Possibly the best that we can state is that it is the great world of God, the displayed domination of God. You ‘ve said it all by utilizing the word ‘glory ‘ , because the glorification of God is the sum sum of all God ‘s properties.

However, Jude wants to state three more things.

To him be “ majesty. ” This word merely means ‘greatness. ‘ God tolerates royalty utilizing the rubric. A twenty-four hours is coming when it will be attributed to God entirely. We do n’t necessitate to wait. We can coronate him as great now.


Campbell Morgan, a great author and sermonizer of an earlier coevals put it like this: “ The fixed point in the existence, the inalterable fact, is the throne of God. ”


You know, people today want “ power. ” A twenty-four hours is coming when God will show his domination and high quality. Confirm this power now by humbling yourself under his manus.

Jude needed one more word, for after all, the Satan was given the power of decease. Thank God he has “ authorization. ” It means the freedom to make whatever he desires without hinderance. The power given to the Satan is eclipsed by the greater power and authorization that God has himself. There is a twenty-four hours coming when through Jesus Christ our Lord, all unfairness will stop.

Judas can compose no more. These properties have ever belonged to God, do now, and will for of all time more. All Jude can make is state, “ Amen. ”


Dr Derek Stringer has been taking us through the challenges of the small book of Jude in the New Testament. Recording of this 4-part series are available merely for the managing charge. We ‘ll direct you the transcripts free to an electronic mail reference. We like holding your remarks about Word Alive and we take your supplication petitions really earnestly. I ‘ll give you our contact information in merely a minute.

Let me manus back to Derek to sum things up in this current series through Jude. Derek!


Okay, thanks Brenda. I want to propose that we let the words of Peter Marshall go our slogan: “ It is better to neglect in a cause that will finally win than to win in a cause that will finally neglect. ”

Jesus Christ, the hope of the universe, is alive. He has conquered decease! He goes before us to demo the manner!

There is no topographic point where we can travel where he has non been before us ; there is no individual with whom we must cover whom Christ has non prepared for us ; there is no state of affairs in which we are to populate where he had non preceded us ; there is no enticement, test, or calamity in which he has non entered before us ; there is no joy we are to cognize which he has non made ready beforehand.

We can maintain traveling when we have a Lord like this.

When our trust is no longer based on human adequateness or ability or flawlessness, we can put our trust in the Lord and face whatever life has to offer.

Jesus has won and will win. Be certain of that! State it to your psyche and so populate it, through Jesus Christ your Lord.


Thank you Derek. Word Alive is a Good News Broadcasting Association production and one of many programmes broadcast across the universe.

We ‘ll be back with a trade name new series here on Word Alive following clip. I hope that you ‘ll fall in us once more.

Until so, I ‘m Brenda Critchley with Derek Stringer and the Good News Broadcasting Association – adieu and God bless you.

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