In these yearss, many jobs appear in the Middle East because of difficult conditions that may confront any citizen particularly after the economic crisis that has affected every individual individual around the universe. Some of these jobs had been solved and some are still exist among us. In gulf states many of import issues appears before many old ages and go a serious jobs after the economic crises. One of these serious issues is high cost of matrimony ceremonial that has caused other problems for work forces, adult females, households and the full society.

Marrying ceremonial varies from one civilization to another all depends on the norms and traditions of that civilization. For illustration ; in some civilizations, the prides household wage for the nuptials disbursals in states like India and Pakistan, where this would be a much unknown trait in states like UAE, Jordan and other GCC states were the groom have to pay for every individual item of the nuptials! On the other manus, other civilizations, like Europe and North America where both side can usually portion the disbursals of their ain nuptials. In decision ; the different in human civilizations and civilization values created a great difference in the nuptials traditions and ceremonials.

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Marriage in the yesteryear

In the yesteryear, matrimony was really simple, a normal traditional issue and required vary simple demands. And it did n’t do a large job for the community. After all agreed on, pride ‘s female parent invites all females member of her household and vicinity to her house to imbibe some java and demo them plume ‘s fabrics, gold and what did the groom bought for his pride. On the other manus, groom invites his household and friends to go to the battle party in groom house or in town house, the served nutrient in these parties was fruits and some Sweets. After that, the groom stands in forepart of the door to be greeted by his relation and friends. After the party finished, groom goes to plume ‘s household to recognize them merely, and sometimes he is non allowed to see his pride before the nuptials party. During the marrying party, pride prepares for her nuptials by seting some henna on her custodies, frock a really simple frock and braid her hair. Then all households and friends were invited to prepare ‘s house to observe and hold their tiffin. The served nutrient was rice and meat. Furthermore, after all these parties, twosome used to hold their honeymoon in one of their relation ‘s house by sing them merely.

In the yesteryear, household of the pride used to inquire merely for simple and low doweries from groom or what can he acquire of gold, arms or even animate beings. Besides they did n’t utilize to inquire the groom to acquire separate house or Villa for his married woman, pride used to populate with groom and his household.

Marriage issues:

Now yearss, everything changed and go really complicated and life demands go really difficult to acquire. The most of import belongings of matrimony is acquiring new house. It ‘s normal to hold separate house to populate entirely with your married woman and get down a new life by waiting for new household, but when the new matrimony twosome want to hold immense luxury house, it will take to serious issue that may confront any citizen.

Many matrimony issues that constraint the matrimony procedure in our society, we can advert some of the chief 1s as the followers ;

Society force per unit area for get marrieding from the same household as the known norm of the household or the folk.

The increasing cost of the dowery which is related to the household name or the beauty of the pride.

Finding the best adjustment in footings of monetary value, location and size. This in bend addition the initial matrimony cost to a really high tendency that may make 100s of 1000s of Dirham or possibly 1000000s which is non low-cost for most of the immature coevals.

The demand of purchasing a high and jewelleries which the prides household ‘s asks for. This cost is ever increasing by comparing with other nuptialss happened with another affluent household.

The cost of supplying the new house is besides increasing. The demand of the top of line new furniture and best trade name place contraptions.

The cost of leasing the best nuptials hall. This could be either a good known marrying hall or a good known hotel. The cost of the nuptials activities of engaging a set and a good catering eating house will add a dramatic addition to the cost of the nuptials.

The cost of the pride frock is besides perceptibly increasing. In some instances, a nuptials frock has reached to over 100s of 1000s Dirham.

Huge measures of nutrient besides a negative behaviour that make the nuptials party cost more.

The cost of the hair salon where the pride and her couples are making their full do up and readying for the nuptials. A cost that may make 10s of 1000s of Dirham.


“ Abdullah Ahmad Abdullah, a 30-year-old UAE national from Al Ain, has been married for six old ages and has three kids. “ It ‘s going progressively hard to bear the lifting costs of life, particularly house rent, ” he said. ”

“ Mir Murtaza Yaseen Ali, 29, a Pakistani banker, would wish a married woman who works to assist shoulder the costs of running a family. “ I would desire my married woman to work because it ‘s unhealthy for a individual to be unproductive and a on the job married woman would assist keep a good criterion of life, ” he said. ”

“ Hussein Al Numeiri, 22, a UAE national alumnus, wants to complete higher surveies. “ An educated twosome is better than an uneducated twosome, ” he said. “ [ 1 ]


In our faith, Islam, adult female has many rights ; one of them is to hold her simple dowery for her ain ego. But when the cost of doweries become really high and over the normal per centum of original doweries and the intent of marrying party go a show off party among the people in the society many negative consequences will look and a batch of societal jobs will increase.

Furthermore, High doweries, high cost of life demands, high cost of marrying party and other unimportant demands that make the groom spend 1000000s of dirham may take to series of clinch job which consequence severely on work forces, adult females and possibly both.

The first consequence that may be in society is doing barrier between adult male and his married woman by dispersed ill will and hatred between them because after passing a large sum of money on marrying party, groom will confront economic crisis and get down to endure and work a batch seeking to pay his debts which had spent it on unimportant things. The intent of matrimony is happiness among households and among married twosomes non misery for them.

The 2nd consequence of holding incredible high cost of marrying ceremonials is it creates a inclination among the local individual coevals to happen an option of get marrieding in the local society and hunt for a cheaper options from other states. Single work forces move toward a foreign pride as a cheaper option and more low-cost. The effects are negative on the society as more inaugural population is increasing and more misss are non able to happen person to get married. This is a negative phenomenon that is distributing in our society and the chief ground for it is the lifting cost of marrying ceremonials.

Third consequence of the increasing cost of matrimony is making a negative psychological consequence on the immature coevals which help set up many psychic jobs ; depression, emphasis, desperation and unhappiness. Besides it will force the younger coevals to happen an alternate solution through illegal relationship and personal businesss that is unacceptable by neither the norms nor the faith.

“ The per centum of Dubai occupants who ne’er got married went up from 24 per cent in 1993 to 27 per cent in 2005, and of those who got married down from 74 per cent to 70 per cent. “ [ 2 ]


We should stress on the issue and the consequence of the high cost of matrimony in our society and the unsafe consequences of detaining and station pool the matrimony programs for the younger coevals. We would wish to see the faith point position of this issue and remained all parents and our households that Islamic faith is against such high cost demands for matrimony ceremonials. As affair of fact, the Islamic faith direct all households to ease the procedure of matrimony for both parties and promote the immature coevals to acquire married at an early age. The impact in that will be highly positive from all facets ; the immature coevals will come in the societal life in a welcome stage which will be easier for them to go on frontward in their life of constructing their ain households and contribute to the society. Early matrimony will besides forestall the society from the danger of distributing negative norms like illegal personal businesss and spreading of diseases through these sorts of personal businesss. The Islamic faith encourages all parents to happen the value in the groom personality and moralss, which will vouch a better life for their loved girl. If the groom is non suited for the pride, or the pride is non him for a ground, so it ‘s more appropriate to halt the matrimony. The Islamic faith encourages all degrees of society to get married and bring forth households and turn the society in Numberss and values.

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa did publish some ordinances in effort to command this high cost matrimony phenomena in our society. The new ordinance provinces that all the nuptials parties should non transcend the period of one twenty-four hours merely that will cut down the cost of any nuptials and do it easier on all grooms to acquire it done. Sheikh Khalifa besides ordered more inside informations in respect of the nuptials ; one party is allowed for the work forces side and a maximal one party for the adult females side. The sum of the served nutrient from the camels ‘ meat is limited to 9 camels maximal per nuptials. And anyone who exceeds any of these ordinances will phase a 500000 Dirham punishment, this manner it will coerce any groom to avoid any cost hyperbole or protect him from any high cost demands from the prides household.

The attempt are taking to rectify the state of affairs of this phenomena of high nuptials cost which is new to our society, from authorities ordinances to educating all households in our society about the negative consequence of high cost nuptialss will assist battle and tackle this job to extinguish it from our civilization. The attempts have to be taken from all sides and the effects and benefits will make everyone among our people. The immature coevals will be encouraged to acquire married early and so come in the societal life with less debt and more freedom, which will do them more conducive persons in our society and a better person in our communities. It will besides assist increase the local population and aid rectify the unstable demographic distribution in our society. It ‘s a win state of affairs.

Decision and recommendation:

Excessive nuptialss is one of of import issues that make a large sum of people agree with it after recognizing that the marrying party comes merely 1s in the whole life, and it must be a perfect party to be a particular twenty-four hours to retrieve, so all of these exhausted money will non be spent once more. This issue will non impact the bride or the invited people ; it will do bad sequences on the groom after imparting 1000 of dirham which makes him experience guilty after each individual go back to his place.

In my sentiment, marrying party is a really particular twenty-four hours that each miss dreams about it, and it should be a alone happy twenty-four hours, but it is better to hold a simple nuptials party without passing immense sum of money, because there are other of import things to make in your get downing to get down a new life in a new place waiting for new household. Besides, it is really difficult to all Youth to pass 1000s of dirham in unneeded things particularly after completing their surveies and get downing to construct their life ; they need spouse to assist them to get down responsible life. Our society have to contend the increasing costs of nuptialss by educating households and individual people, and by working together against any uninterrupted behaviour from any of the households. We should edify the people that marrying twenty-four hours is a genuinely very of import twenty-four hours in any 1 ‘s life, but we have to retrieve that life will non halt at that twenty-four hours and world will hit the new household subsequently, with debt and much money lost. We should reconstitute our manner of thought and promote people to travel back to simpleness For a better hereafter, and for a better life.

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