The argument about the world of the Holy Grain has been traveling on for a long clip. Much of this argument nevertheless focuses on the rational and psychosomatic facets. The events that led to myths of the Holy Grail are nevertheless non good explained. The Grail is believed to hold come from the heritage of Jesus and its find took comparatively a long clip therefore carry throughing the Prophecy. The Holy Grail is hence believed to incorporate the concealed heritage of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. This work will exemplify the enigma of the Holy Grail chiefly concentrating on the Da Vinci Code and the Bible.

The term Holy Grail is a traditional word that was used to depict the vas that Christ used during the last supper. The vas was so given to St. Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus ‘ grand-uncle, which he subsequently used to roll up the perspiration and blood of Jesus while he was deceasing on the cross. After Jesus had died, Joseph was put in prison, in a stone crypt, where he was left to hunger. For a long clip, Joseph was sustained by the power of this Grail which continuously brought him nutrient and drinks every twenty-four hours. When his imprisonment period was over, Joseph together with his household and other fans, relocated to Glastonbury ( Griffin 9 ) . The Grail was so taken and stored at Corbenic under maximal security of the Grail Kings, Ann, his girl and Brons, her hubby. After a really long period of clip, this topographic point became disregarded and no one knew precisely where the Grail was. However, a prognostication was made that the Grail would be found once more at some twenty-four hours by one of the posterities of Joseph. This individual was prophesised to be the lone adult male on the whole land that would be able to sit in the unusual Siege Perilous ( Griffin 12 ) .

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Finally Lancelot gave birth to a boy and named him Galahad who had an amazing dream of the Grail. Speculation hence started to distribute ; everyone was surmising that this was the prophesied adult male. They began to text his sanctity. For several old ages, the Knights made several escapades through Britain looking for this individual. Perceval claimed to hold discovered the fortress in a really privy topographic point. He was so entertained by this Grail King and finally forgot to inquire about the Grail and left the castle without it ( Gardner 28 ) . The following individual to travel to this castle was Lancelot, but he was refused entry because they accused of being an fornicator. Ultimately Galahad reached the topographic point and he was allowed to come in the Grail Chapel to look at this great cup. The prognostication was hence fulfilled and Galahad together with the Grail was taken to heaven ( Griffin 12 ) .

The Da Vince Code by Brown describes the fiction narrative about the Holy Grail. In the narrative, Brown brings out the thought that the Holy Grail had been hidden in a topographic point where no one knew about. All the characters in the narrative are contending to acquire the keys to the sacred topographic point. Fictional characters that appear to hold hints refering where the Grail are killed so as to avoid the spill of groundss ( Brown 53 ) . He so goes in front into exemplifying the last supper when Jesus and his adherents were holding dinner. In his picture, Brown claims that the individual sitting on the right manus side of Jesus is Mary Magdalene and non John as many books say. The “ V ” shaped spread between Jesus and the individual supposed to be Mary Magdalene symbolises the Mutual relationship that Jesus had with her. Besides in the picture, Jesus and the supposed Mary Magdalene are have oning apparels that complement each other ; Jesus is seting on a ruddy rob and a bluish shawl while Mary is seting on a bluish rob and a ruddy shawl ( Brown 316 ) . These apparels complement one another therefore imply that Jesus and Mary are bonded in matrimony. The other cogent evidence that Brown uses to back up his thought that Jesus and Mary were married is that he does non paint the image of John. In his topographic point, he paints Mary. To him this was to connote that John being one of Jesus ‘ front-runner adherents, his absence is replaced by Mary, the favorite adult female for Jesus.

The narrative besides notices the absence of a true Holy Grail on the tabular array. Customary, the Grail was placed on the tabular array during repasts so as to keep drinks or nutrient staffs. Fun enough the Holy Grail is missing on the picture and it is supposed to be at that place. From the literature, the Holy Grail is the vas that was used to tap the holy blood of Jesus on the cross and from so on it was placed in a frightened topographic point where it was protect by the Knights. Thus Brown claims in the narrative, that the Holy Grail is Mary Magdalene. Mary is the carrier of the blood of Jesus in that during the clip of the last super, she was pregnant of Jesus and after Jesus had been crucified, she moved to Gaul where she hid among the Jews. She finally gave birth to a babe miss which she named Sarah. The Holy Grail is hence non a true goblet harmonizing to Brown. It is a sacred feminine which he describes as Mary Magdalene the bearer of the lineage of Jesus Christ. The relics of the Grail are believed to incorporate the secrets that held the truth about Mary Magdalene and the lineage of Jesus ( Brown 264 ) . The Grail was hidden in a crypt that was buried beneath the Rosslyn Chapel. Since so, the Catholic Church has been quashing the truth because of the fright of sacred feminine while besides avoiding disputing pre-eminence of Peter the Saint. Mary was a descendent of the royal household of Benjamin and is presumed to be the married woman of Christ. That Mary was a cocotte who merely went to church to cover for her relationship with Jesus.

This is merely but fiction and Brown is merely doing his ideas laud. Anyone can come up with his/ her narrative on the topic s/he supplications. Basically from the Bibles, Jesus was with his adherents and they were all seated in groups of three, six on either side and he was at the centre doing the seventh on either group. The fact that Mary Magdalene was present on the group is merely but a prevarication. John is the 1 who was on the right manus side of Jesus. The pigment does non demo the true Grail so that Brown could major on the thought that it was non a physical vas but Mary the sacred adult female. In existent sense, the cup was present during the last supper and it is the really vas that Joseph used to tap the blood of Jesus on the cross harmonizing to the Bibles. On the other manus, Mary Magdalene is appears about 12 times in the Bible. She is the adult female who Jesus healed when she was possessed by devils ; she is the sister to Lazarus and Martha who perfumed Jesus and wiped his legs with her hair ( Luke 8 ) . She is the same individual who was there during the crucifixion and the first adult female to detect that Jesus had resurrected and non in the grave any more. She was so sent by Jesus to inform the apostles that Jesus had risen ( Luke 24 ) . Therefore Mary can non be the married woman of Christ since it is non mentioned anyplace in the Bibles. The fact that she was the lone adult female near to Jesus does non measure up her to hold had an familiarity relationship with him.

In every bit much as the Da Vinci Code is both good built and entertaining, it is confounding in one manner or the other. Brown is non certain on the events and even the day of the months during which these events occurred. Many paperss about history and the life of Jesus have been written but none of them references anything about Jesus acquiring married to Mary Magdalene. From historical position, Brown has violated the history by coming up with his ain positions which are comparatively confounding. Besides, the pictures that he presents to the audience are besides non existent. Mary Magdalene was non among the 12 adherents of Jesus therefore she is non expected to be present during the last ace ( Griffith-Jones 47 ) .

In decision, Holy Grail represents the vas that was used by Jesus to function his adherents during the last supper. It is the same vas that his uncle Joseph used to bring the blood of Jesus on the cross when he was being crucified. It is believed to be the cup that feed Joseph for several old ages the clip he had been imprisoned in a grave. After he was released, the Grail was taken to Corbenic to be taken attention of by Joseph ‘s girl and her hubby. With clip the topographic point where this vas had been kept became forgotten until subsequently when it was rediscovered by Galahad the boy of Lancelot as was prophesied. In the Da Vinci Code by Brown, the Holy Grail is presented as the most cherished thing that every one wants to hold. It is believed to be the lone object incorporating the grounds of the line of descent of Jesus. The fact that Jesus has a lineage has been taken literally. It is true that Jesus has a lineage but it should non be taken as though it is physical. Harmonizing to the Bibles, those who believed in Jesus became the boies and God and since Jesus is God the boy, the three of God, so it automatically implies that the followings of Jesus are besides his boies.

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