This essay chiefly comparisons and contrasts Christianity and Muslim faiths. These two faiths are closely related and hence organize the two chief faiths which are ever in contradiction to one another. Though the faiths are really different in many ways, they have some similarities between one another.

Some of the similarities evident in Islam and Christianity are as follows: looking at the Lord ‘s Prayer of the Bible and the Qur’an ‘s gap Chapter it is clearly apparent that both of them are so cosmopolitan supplications as they go to the beginning of all faiths that adult male has of all time had in professing. Qur’an ‘s gap is normally called Fateha while the whole of the Christian supplication is normally called the Lord ‘s Prayer. Though the Muslim supplication is much simpler that does non do it any better than the Christian Prayer. The two supplications both take the format of worship, entry and invocation, the lone difference observed being that of the linguistic communication used. This is how each goes:

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The Muslim supplication:

“ Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, the Compassionate, the Merciful. King of the Day of Reckoning. Thee merely do we idolize and of Thee merely do we inquire assistance. Guide us unto the right way -A the way of those to whom Thou hast been gracious, non the way of those who are the objects of Thy wrath, nor of those who have gone astray.A Amons ” ( The Qur’an 1:1-7 )

The Christian Prayer:

“ Our Father who art in Eden, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Eden. Give us this twenty-four hours our day-to-day staff of life. And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debitors. And take us non into enticement, but present us from immorality. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory. Forever and of all time. Amons. ” ( Matthew 6:9:13 )

There are some similarities observed in the basic constructs of the two faiths. For case, it is clear that God is monotheistic whereby Muslim has it that God is Allah while Christianity recognizes God as the Creator. In both faiths, God is recognized as being Omnipresent, Immanent and Omniscient within His ain creative activity but still is surpassing. God manifest Himself as holding a relationship with world that is alone doing compacts with them in both faiths. Both Muslim and Christianity have similar position of the terminal clip of the universe which is referred to as eschatology where it is strongly believed that the universe will stop at someday where by Satan or the Antichrist will be defeated. In both faiths, it is believed that there is forgiveness of wickedness from God if a individual errs but merely after a sincere minute of penitence ( Goddard, 2000 ) .

There are besides some similarities observed in the moral codifications of the two faiths. It is believed in both that religion with no signifiers of plants is useless, that is belief entirely is non truly plenty. It is besides believed that all human existences have their ain rights over some things and that is why things like slaying, lying, larceny and even force are all prohibited. It is besides clear that it is God entirely who should be worshipped and hence he punishes all who worship other Gods besides Him. It is besides apparent that award to our parents should be maintained by their topics while partners have particular rights of one another and hence criminal conversation is non allowed. Some similarities are besides observed in the different patterns of the two faiths. Prayer for illustration as a pattern is extremely esteemed as a tool of communicating with the Almighty God who grants world harmonizing to what they have requested. In add-on to this, there exist standard supplications. It is besides apparent in both faiths that it is of great wages to assist the hapless and relieve those who are enduring. Therefore every follower is expected non to presume those who are incapacitated and destitute in the society. They are to suit them and besides supply for them in conformity to the capacity of their ability. There is the jubilation of the coming and birth of those they believe God through in both faiths. Muslims celebrate Prophet Muhammad ‘s coming and birth on 12th Rabi Awwal which is a day of the month harmonizing to the calendar of the Islams. On the other side, the Christians celebrate on the 25th the coming and birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God. This twenty-four hours is normally called Christmas twenty-four hours harmonizing to the Christian calendar. Last, both faiths revere Abraham and other patriarchs who are talked about in the Christian Bibles and the Qur’an. This has made the two faiths to be sometimes called Abrahamic faiths ( Goddard, 2000 ) .

Besides the similarities that are at that place between Christianity and Muslim, the two faiths still have contrasts which make them really different from one another which make their followings ne’er to acquire along with one another. As a affair of fact, there have been spiritual catalyzed mass offenses, struggles and even wars. The contrasts can be out sourced right from the information about the faiths. For case, the significance of Christianity represents the fact that the Christians believe in Christ the Messiah while that of Islam implies there entry to God ‘s will hence the trusters are called Muslims. Christianity has its major denominations as the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Anglican among others. On the other manus Islam denominations are Shi’ite, Sunni, Sufi ; Sufi being a tradition which is mystical.

The contrasts are besides apparent from the beliefs of the faiths. To get down with, analyzing the divinity construct, the Christians believe in the Trinity which represents one Lord but three individuals that is, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. On the other side, the Muslim have no believe in the Three but have that God is one and that is Allah which is an Arabic word for God and is indivisible. Jesus Christ is believed by the Christians to be the Son of God who is worshipped as God and without whom no 1 can entree the Father and is besides a member of the Trinity. On the other side of the Muslims, Jesus Christ is merely extremely regarded as the 2nd last prophesier merely after Muhammad in the order of importance. Sing the decease of Jesus, the Muslims believe that Jesus was neither killed nor suffered decease but was alive on His Ascension to heaven. The Christians on their side believe that He was killed by the Roman Army after being hanged on the cross at Calvary after which He was buried in a grave from which He resurrected on the 3rd twenty-four hours after entombment. He so stayed on Earth for 40 yearss before He ascended to heaven in a new organic structure which changed after His Resurrection. The Christians besides place with the Holy Spirit who is a individual and really the Spirit of God Himself. He is unto them a assistant and sympathizer and was send by Jesus Christ to all the Christians represented by the first 12 adherents of Jesus Christ, after He had ascended to heaven. The Muslims on their side do non believe in the aid of the Holy Spirit but Muhammad entirely whom they believe to associate them to God straight ( Hesford, & A ; Karolyi, 2004 ) .

The Christian believe in the Bible which is a Holy book incorporating the true Word of God which guides them in their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours Christian life and was originally written in the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek manuscripts while the Muslim believe in the Qur’an as their Holy book which was originally written in Arabic manuscripts. The Christians besides believe that Adam who was the first human being created by God sinned by disobeying God in the Garden of Eden with Eve his married woman being straight responsible. Refering Adam on the Muslim side, he is believed to be free from mistakes and wickednesss and that he is besides a prophesier. Sing the position of a babe when it is being born, it is believed in Christianity that the kid is born with a iniquitous nature Adam holding sinned and God cursed him. This already hence separates the kid from God until it receives the sanctification through confession and penitence. Islam on the other side has it that all the babes born to the Muslims are pure and a entire entry province unto Allah ( Hesford, & A ; Karolyi, 2004 ) . The kids are, nevertheless, taught other signifiers of Islamic beliefs as they grow up to adulthood through the madrassa categories by a particular instructor.

Both faiths have a standards used to find who enters heaven. Christians believe that one has to first believe in Jesus Christ holding died and resurrected, squeal his wickednesss and repent, be baptized and live a hanged life without transgressing through the obeisance of God ‘s Word. In IslamA? it is believed that one ‘s history of workss is opened to heaven one time he reaches pubescence. It is believed that for any Muslim to achieve heaven, so his workss that are good must outweigh the bad and evil workss that one has done. This implies that making immorality is non prohibited.

Some difference in these two faiths is besides apparent in their patterns. For case, the church and the province are considered separate in Christianity and that explains why many Christian predominated states are democratically governed. On the other side, the Islam considers their faith to be integrated with the province and that is why many Muslim habited states are autocratically governed. The Christians globally do idolize on Lord’s daies with a few making it on Sabbatums but on the Moslems have their worship normally on Fridays. Looking at the jurisprudence, in Christianity, it is considered to be legal affair while in Islam ; it is both considered legal and moral affair. The legislative assembly is considered to be the peoples ‘ privilege in Christianity while it is considered God ‘s privilege in Islam. Giving a glance on matrimony, Christianity allows exogamies between different religions so long there is an understanding, although this has been off late resisted because it is considered that visible radiation can non blend with darkness. In Islam on the contrary, exogamies are non allowed and a Muslim adult female may non be married or remain married to a Muslim adult male. All the contrasts discussed above do these two faiths really different so ( Goddard, 2000 ) .

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