Now a yearss. computing machine is one of the engineerings that most people use in their mundane lives. For case. alternatively of waiting by a telephone for a call or snail mail to look. a individual can have a papers or despatch with lightning velocity utilizing electronic mail or nomadic phones besides the usage of projectors and picture conferences help in of import sum in the procedure of larning ; by utilizing these attacks. different sorts of students’ intelligence can be addressed. The usage of computing machine is one of the fastest growth and most of import developments in our clip. As computing machine engineering is quickly altering our universe. it has permitted adult male non merely hive away his cognition. but to form. manipulate. and modify it consistently. Organizations presents are accommodating to office mechanization systems. Some barangay usage automated systems to decrease their work and minimise their jobs. Barangay Pansol Proper Quezon City is besides one of those barangay that would wish to accommodate cybernation for a more productive end product. Yet. there are still jobs that the barangay can non avoid such as storing of the occupant records or profile and holding a difficult clip happening where is a certain household lives. for them to run into the demand of households necessitating precedence action and attending. Some files are necessarily misplaced or lost because of the manual recording procedure. Barangay Pansol Proper. Quezon City in Spanish times to the Commonwealth epoch was a sitio of Balara. a barrio of Marikina. Rizal. The sitio was sparsely populated with little graduated table agriculture and a bungalow industry of footwear devising as the chief beginnings of support. The people of Marikina used to mention to Pansol as “bundok ( mountain ) or “ulat” a corruptness of the word “ulap” ( cloud ) as the topographic point was about ever covered with mist or land fog in the early forenoons and late afternoons throughout the twelvemonth. The country was about farm Fieldss. The largest plantation was of sugar cane owned by the Tuazon Family. Sugar cane Fieldss in the country feed the sugar cane factory to bring forth muscovado sugar.

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These farm Fieldss were irrigated through a natural spring located in an country called Boliran. Its H2O ne’er ran out and was besides used by the occupants for their day-to-day family demands. Other natural springs are found besides in a nearby low mountain lovingly called. “Payong” resembling an opened umbrella. These springs could hold been the beginning of Pansol after Pansol. lagoon known for its natural springs. The barrio was administered through a “Cabeza de Barangay” who was popularly designated by consensus normally schooled and a adult male of agencies. Pansol’s population increased due chiefly to migrators. The earliest. were the work forces that extended the Carriedo Water Supply System ( 1878 ) through developmental undertakings such as: the Marikina River development – Montalban System ( 1908 – 1924 ) . the Angat – Montalban System ( 1924 – 1944 ) and the station World War II undertakings. ( 1945 – 1964 ) . Many of the households shacking in Pansol now are posterities of these work forces. This inflow was followed during the release of Metro Manila from the Nipponese business forces. Families from the nearby towns of Marikina peculiarly from Montalban evacuated to Pansol to avoid the dangers of barrage by American forces of their towns and besides of Nipponese atrociousnesss. The last moving ridge of migrators came after release to work at U. S. Army cantonments at Pansol and neighbouring countries. Pansol ( as sitio of Balara ) became portion of Quezon City in 1939 when President Manuel L. Quezon signed into jurisprudence Commonwealth Act No. 502 on October 12. 1939 making Quezon City. As of now. the Chairman of Barangay Pansol. Quezon City in the name of Chairman Dominic Flores has many plans for the betterment of the Barangay. And we all know that as the figure of abode continually increase. managing a Barangay can besides go progressively hard. particularly if everything is done manually. With this job. as a research worker I propose a survey entitled Automated Mapping and Recording System in Barangay Pansol Proper Quezon City utilizing Adobe Flash Professional CS5. 5 or Visual Basic 6. 0 which claims to propose full mechanization of their current manual system. Automated Mapping and Recording System enables easy searching of records to turn up and place legitimate occupants in the country including profile such as name. household name. telephone Numberss. reference and etc. This besides enables the forces to easy turn up in the map the countries that an ambulance or fire truck can easy go through in instance of exigency.

Statement of the Problem

This survey aims to make a package entitled Automated Mapping and Recording System in Barangay Pansol Proper Quezon City. To prove its overall public presentation degree as percieved by the respondents. To minimise the mistakes of misplaced or lost records because of manual recording procedure. Specifically this Study was created and sought reply to the undermentioned inquiries? A. What are the characteristics of Automated Mapping and Recording System and the scheduling tools used? B. What is the perceptual experience of the users of the Automated Mapping and Recording in footings of:

a. serviceability?
b. design?
c. informations handling?
d. user friendliness?
e. velocity?
C. What is the over all public presentation degree of the system as perceived by the respondents?

Significance of the Study
The proposed system will present engineering to Barangay Pansol. Quezon City that is until now accommodating the manual method of entering. The consequence of this survey is good to the Barangay. Barangay Officials and Staff. Residence of the Barangay. and to the Future Reseracher. The system will simplify and automatize Barangay mundane undertakings and can assist minimise the mistakes thereby supplying better service. This wiil besides make it easier for the Barangay Officials and staff to manage the barangay. The Residence of the Barangay will benifit alot when it comes to conveniency because whenever they will necessitate a Barangay licenses and certifications. the forces will merely happen the Identity of the Residence in the records. The proposed system will besides profit other research workers who wish to hold similar surveies as they can acquire background information from the consequence of this survey which will function as templet to modify their research.

Scope and Restriction

In general. the focal point of this survey is directed towards the design and development of an Automated Mapping and Recording System. About 25 abode. 5 topographic points each street and some barangay personel and functionaries are indiscriminately selected within the streets located in the barangay. The survey is mostly dependent on the honestness. earnestness and unity of the respondents. In this proposed system. records and files are automated for handiness and portability. However. the advocates limit the machine-controlled characteristic of the system to Barangay Officials and staff merely. The system has a unafraid log-in for Barangay Officials and staff.

Definition of Footings

The undermentioned footings were operationally defined for a better apprehension of the survey.

Performance. This term is the capableness or ability of a system to work along the developments.

Serviceability. This term refers to one of the indexs of package public presentation which focuses on the functionality of the system.

Design. This term refers to one of the indexs of package public presentation which focuses on the functionality of the system. It is a step usage to cognize the procedure of problem-solving planning for a package solution.

User friendliness. This term refers to one of the indexs of package public presentation which focuses on the functionality of the system. It is a step usage to cognize if the package will be easy to utilize.

Adobe Professional. This term refers to the package used by the research workers in heightening images.

Theoretical Model
The survey is anchor on the theory Mapping L. . A. undertaking in Los
Angeles. This undertaking provides maps and information about demographics. offense. and schools in 272 vicinities across the county. In order to standardise how they refer to countries included in Mapping L. A. . They uses the term vicinity to embrace everything from unincorporated countries to standalone metropoliss to vicinities within metropoliss. The metropolis of Los Angeles has posted 100s of bluish street marks denoting tonss of vicinities — from Little Ethiopia to Little Tokyo to Little Armenia. But the metropolis has ne’er drawn the official boundaries of those territory. The Thomas Guide shows the names of many communities but does non seek to do clear where vicinity boundaries are. Neighborhood councils within the metropolis sometimes reflect narrow political considerations. and many have a leaning for names like Peoples Involved in Community Organizing. which don’t do much to specify a community. Many countries of the metropolis have no vicinity council. even as prized sod such as Occidental College is claimed by more than one council. The same jobs apply with even greater force to homeowner associations. ZIP Codes provide many people with a community individuality but are designed merely to rush up the mail. That’s a nice tantrum in some topographic points but impracticable in others. such as the portion of Los Angeles that falls in Beverly Hills 90210. Van Nuys and North Hollywood each have four ZIP Codes. And tonss of ZIP Codes within the metropolis are identified merely as Los Angeles. Mapping L. A. . follows a set of rules intended to do it visually and statistically coherent: It gathers every block of the metropolis into reasonably compact countries go forthing no enclaves. spreads. convergences or ambiguities. After about 100 alterations. a map of 114 metropolis vicinities was released in June 2009 and in June 2010. the map was expanded beyond the metropolis to cover all of Los Angeles County.

Figure1. Paradigm of the Study
Fig. 1. Exemplify the paradigm of the survey. This contains the public presentation of the system. the feautures and scheduling tools every bit good as the perceptual experiences of the users.

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