I thing that as a Christian we can all hold that we have come across our just portion of atheist that feel the demand to lend their two-cents in respects to the Christian belief system. In general an atheist, by definition, is a individual that does n’t believe in God and for our intents does n’t believe in Jesus Christ. I personally tend to reject godlessness due to the fact that I feel that everyone needs to believe in something. With that said, an atheist believes that God does n’t be and there is n’t such a topographic point as Eden. Regardless of how they feel about other beliefs, they believe in nil and that is something when you think about it. They believe that God does n’t be. That makes atheism a worldview but non a universe faith due to the deficiency of sacred texts. We live in an ever-changing universe where Christianity is going instead scarce, but at a really minuscular rate. H.J. McCloskey authored a text called “ On being an Atheist ” that will be examined farther in this study.

McCloskey offers really small if an account to his posits that he outlines in his article. He chooses to province a job with small or no account about whom he has come to make his sentiment on that affair ; there are lone sentiments without account. This makes for a really weak statement because of the deficiency of construction. In McCloskey ‘s text he changes the theological and philosophical footings from statements to “ proofs. ” There are two acceptable definitions for the term statement that we can utilize for our intents. The first 1 is that an statement is a treatment that involves differing points of position ; it ‘s basically a argument ( “ Argument ” ) . The other definition of a argument is the procedure of logical thinking, or a series of grounds ( “ Argument ” ) . The fact that McCloskey makes a witting determination to alter the Christian doctrine footings shows a instead disrespectful demeanour. However the definition of a cogent evidence is slightly different in intending than that of an statement. A cogent evidence, by definition, is a term that besides has two different significances. The first is anything functioning as such grounds ( “ Proof ” ) . The 2nd definition is, the act of proving or doing test of anything ( “ Proof ” ) . As Dr. Mark Foreman of Liberty University stated in a presentation, with regard to the best account attack, the cumulative instance attack, and the minimalistic attack, it becomes highly hard to turn out anything to be one hundred per centum true. He besides goes on to provinces that the decision of an statement is non the lone reply but it is the strongest for the clip being. McCloskey does n’t hold a solid statement due to the fact of hebdomad premises.

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McCloskey so goes on to analyze the cosmogonic statement and trial it so that it becomes true with his ideas and statements.

The cosmogonic statement [ aˆ¦ ] arises from human wonder as to why there is something instead than nil. It invokes a concern for some complete, ultimate, or best account of what exists contingently. On the other manus, it raises per se of import philosophical inquiries about eventuality and necessity, causing and account, part/whole relationships ( mereology ) , eternity, sets, and the nature and beginning of the existence ( Reichenbach, 2004 ) .

The cosmogonic statement is an reply to certain inquiries that scientific discipline and all other Fieldss of survey have yet to develop an reply to. I can non believe of a clip or state of affairs where any individual has non looked into the dark sky at all of the scintillating stars with esteem and contemplated the beginnings of the existence and our universe as we know it today. When I was taking a natural philosophies class for my scientific discipline degree a professor one time said “ The more I study scientific discipline, the more I believe in a higher being. ” With regard to Evans and McCloskey, Evans states that the chief ground that a individual believes is God is because they want to believe in God. There truly is n’t a simple account for this because every person that is portion of the Christian community has different ground to believe in God. The truth is that everyone is entitled to his or her grounds. The Bible does non coerce its readers to believe in Jesus. Because a individual that has faith and trust in Jesus Christ is a individual that has chosen to accept and believe in Christ. There are many people that make a witting determination to non believe in God, and the Bible provinces that people who chose non to believe in God will endure the fires of ageless damnation.

Peoples have a right to their worldview ; whatever it may be. God has ne’er forced one individual to read the Bible and believe in him. Those of us that believe in God choose to make so because of different palliating fortunes. Throughout my old ages I have come across people that chose non to believe in God or decided to halt because they felt that God was n’t making anything for them. I have come to believe that if you need to God to assist you through, you have to assist him every bit good by praying and being an illustration of his Godliness. Even though I will ne’er understand those that do non believe in God, I still esteem them and I respect McCloskey ‘s determination to non believe in Jesus Christ. A wise adult male one time said that you should love the 1s who dislike you and love the 1s who love you. Even though they do non desire to hear our point of position, and they do non desire to be helped we can still demo them the love that God shows for us.

In the book The Philosophy of Religion, both writers, C. Evans and R. Manis, states that the teleological statement is an statement that is considered to be a cosmogonic statement due to the fact that its being of the universe. However it commences with its character as a universe, an orderly existence ( Evans, & A ; Manis, 2009 ) . McCloskey is instead sudden in his transition to justice and reject the cosmogonic statement premises and the rule itself. He states that “ There are no such incontestable illustrations, so the cogent evidence does non acquire traveling at all ” ( McCloskey 64 ) . I feel that McCloskey makes the strongest statement for his resistance of the teleological statement. I think that the teleological statement does non assist to denote God ‘s ability and quality of omniscience and ubiquity. For that fact entirely, I feel that McCloskey made a stronger statement in his instance for this subdivision ; but I feel that is premises are still weak given the fortunes such as his statement of development.

Theory of evolution and creationism are two to a great extent debated subjects within the spiritual communities. It has come to a hamlets in recent history that you do n’t needfully hold to believe in one or the other ; there are others factors and beliefs that have been taken into history. The belief that has emerged, as a combination of theory of evolution and creationism, is known as theistic development.

Theist development is the proposition that God is in charge of the biological procedures known as development. This means that God directs and guides the flowering of life signifiers over 1000000s of old ages ( Drews, 2011 ) .

This statement forgives the dissensions of faith, scientific discipline and the Book of Genesis. I feel that most atheist are speedy to judge and reject to work of God that is nature because of the fact that some are incognizant of the construct of theistic development, McCloskey included.

Evil is a universe that we hear a batch in the universe in which we are populating in today. I believe that some people, such as McCloskey and other atheists, are speedy to indicate out that if there is evil and the universe than at that place must non be a God. That could non be further from the truth. The Bible is speedy to province that God is good and that immorality is the work of the Satan. If we refer to two book in the Bible, a closer scrutiny reveals that God allowed Satan to roll freely within the Garden of Eden. God allowed Satan to prove the forbearance of Job. A individual may oppugn the fact that God allows evil, but to me the reply is simple. Many people say that Christianity is a relationship between God and a truster. I go on to state that Christianity is a matrimony between God and a follower. In any type if a relationship there are traveling to rough topographic points within it. God allows that to prove a individual. Because his omniscience allows him to cognize that a individual that hold the love of Jesus Christ in his bosom allows will ne’er roll, and the presences of immorality will ne’er reflect the bond between a true Christian and God. With that said, God is n’t evil himself, God allows evil to do certain that his followings are true to him and to themselves. McCloskey so goes on to province the struggle between faith and free will. In a talk that I antecedently attended, Dr. Ergun Caner, from Liberty University ‘s Baptist Theological Seminary, stated that due to the presence of love in our lives, it allows us to believe that free will and faith and coexist in harmoniousness with one another. The universe in which we are a portion of has seven billion people in it ; and there are about seven billion definitions of what free will precisely is. Free will intend something different to every individual. I can talk with a fellow Christian, and though we may both believe in Jesus Christ, we may hold differing positions of what free will is. Due to that fact it is hard to state straight to a individual that their perceptual experience of the construct is incorrect.

Atheists are besides said, throughout their clip, to hold a comfort about their beliefs. It was n’t excessively long ago that I walked among them, and I have to state that there is nil soothing about godlessness. I have stated many times prior to this that I used to be an atheist, and at that place was a clip where I did n’t believe in God. I did n’t cognize what to believe in, including myself. I know a batch of people that refer to themselves as atheists, but I believe that the comfort to which it is associated with it is a consequence of ignorance and oblivion to the supernatural. There is nil soothing about the fact that they have no 1 who loves them the manner God loves us, nor is it soothing to non hold a religion to trust on. I feel that the “ comfort ” that McCloskey discusses in his article is instead overdone due to the exclusive intent of doing a point against Christianity.

This article showed that there are a batch of perceptual experiences out at that place in the universe with us. I feel that as Christians, and vindicator for that affair, we need to turn to understand these positions if we are traveling to hold a success of assisting them find their manner. I tend to reject godlessness because I feel that everyone needs to believe in something. There is a batch of incompatibility among atheist and I think that is due to the fact that many have n’t determined what to believe in.

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