The word equipped, harmonizing to Wordweb 5.52, means 1. Supply with ( something ) normally for a specific intent, 2. Supply with abilities or understanding. To be equipped for fate means that everything necessary to carry through one ‘s fate has been made available. If it is skill that is required to carry through your fate so you already have that accomplishment, you might non cognize about it yet or you might be utilizing it for other grounds, but the of import thing is that you already have that accomplishment. *God is the 1 who gave us life by making us, He knows the desires of our Black Marias more than we know ourselves. How might this be possible, person else cognizing your desires more than you know yourself? God is the 1 who planted those desires in the first topographic point when He created us, so He knows what He has put inside of our Black Marias. When we were created, God had a intent for us and for us to work towards carry throughing that intent He gave us a deep desire to carry through His intent for our lives. If the desire is non satisfied by prosecuting your fate so you will happen yourself frustrated with life. Everything merely does n’t look to be working out. The desire if satisfied is like a block towards the ultimate completion of God ‘s programs for making world. This means that if your desires and my desires and everyone else on Earth ‘s desires are fulfilled God ‘s programs for world will be acquiring completed spot by spot. Lashkar-e-taibas take an illustration of the edifice of an car, there is the metal for the organic structure, there is the cloth for the seats, the gum elastic for the tyres, more steel for the engine block, electrical wiring, glass for the Windowss and many other material. Now you might be the engine of God ‘s programs and me the tyres, your curate might be the glass for the Windowss and so on. Everyone created by God has and had a intent that needs to be fulfilled.

The nature of God ‘s deep-rooted desires is really of import to understand. God gave us the good desires. These good desires are the desires to make good things in His eyes. God did non program for person to be a cocotte or a raper therefore He ne’er gave anyone the desire to kip around for money or to coerce people to hold sexual intercourse with them. God has programs for us to be comfortable in our lives by making morally good things. One would state specifying morally good things is subjective but the Bible is ne’er subjective about the good things and the bad things. It clearly states the differentiation between the good things and the bad things, the clean and the dirty, that which pleases God and that which wickedness is. You might be making something in your life that ‘s doing you wealthier by the twenty-four hours but deep inside you have no peace, you are non to the full satisfied, and you doubt if whatever you are making is biblically right so the best thing is to retreat from such an activity. If your spirit is non settled about something so that thing is non for you, it is likely taking you off from your fate and the desire for you to carry through that fate will go stronger and fazing your spirit until you change the manner you are populating. The minute you doubt in your life it means you do non hold religion and deficiency of religion in God is unquestionable wickedness.

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To be equipped by God means to be prepared for success. God has programs for us to be comfortable, that ‘s harmonizing to Jeremiah 29:11. There is no room for letdown from God, there is no room for failure from God and there is surely no room for giving up. God stands by his promise everlastingly and because He has power over everything there is no room for failure. Everything that God has promised His people will certainly come to go through. He is so patient, in every sense ; He will ne’er give up on His kids. He will patiently wait till the twenty-four hours you do it right. But we need to set in head what King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:1, there is a clip for everything, and a season for every activity under Eden. There is clip for everything on this Earth, there is besides clip set aside for your life. God ‘s forbearance is of all time permanent but your clip on this Earth is limited. We are merely visitants on this Earth, be careful or your clip will come whilst God is still waiting for you to get down working on your fate. It will be sad one twenty-four hours when your clip comes and you have n’t started working on your fate. God will non be pleased excessively because you would hold failed to make the responsibilities that He gave you. Carry throughing your fate is every bit good as following the Ten Commandments and every bit of import as reading the word of God. If you merely read the word and make non make what it tells you so you are merely non larning anything from the word. Populating to carry through your fate is walking the religion that you gain when you read the bible.

Make the right picks in life and you will happen yourself stepping into the channel of your fate. The right picks lead to the right determinations and the right determinations open the door for God to do clear your fate. God ‘s programs will merely attest in you if you make the right pick. Bad picks in life will take you into working to carry through the Satan ‘s programs. The Satan, as you might already cognize, is already condemned for his wickednesss, if you did n’t cognize so cognize that the Satan ‘s one and merely fate is hell. The Holy Spirit left him so there is no manner the Satan is traveling to alter and be a good cat. In the first topographic point the Satan rebelled against God because he wanted to be powerful and control people, even now he still wants to command people and he is looking for people to travel down to hell with him so that he can govern over in his ruddy hot land. Be really careful of the determinations that you make because some determinations will hold you working for the Satan to carry through his programs. If you are non certain of the sort of determinations you should do in life, its rather simple, choose to follow God ‘s program. First you need to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life. That ‘s God ‘s first measure, harmonizing to His programs and this is apparent in 2 Timothy 2:5 ; for there is one God and one go-between between God and work forces, the adult male Christ Jesus. The 2nd thing is to decline to be used by the Satan and get down making things that are acceptable by God. This is the first good determination any Christian can of all time do and that ‘s the start of your tally towards carry throughing your fate. Analyze the word of God, pray to God for understanding and disclosure and He will vilify your fate to you.

To be equipped hence means that God will supply you with the cognition of your fate so that you know what you are supposed to make. Just like a builder is provided with the drawing of the house he is supposed to construct you are besides provided with all the item of your fate by God.

I will teach you and learn you in the manner you should travel ; I will advocate you and watch over you.

Psalms 32:8

God will supply you with everything you need to cognize because He, through His word, will learn you how you are to carry through the programs He has for you. In this instance see the Bible as a text book that needs to be studied. He will besides teach you in the manner you are to carry through your fate and finally his programs. In this instance the same Bible is like a manual with the direction that you are to follow for you to carry through a set undertaking. As we go through this book we will speak about the assorted manner we are equipped but the most of import equipment that we have is the Bible and this can ne’er be over emphatic because without the foundations laid by the bible all other equipment will be compromised.

How are we equipped?

The word of God outlines of import rules for our lives, households and concerns. In the undermentioned treatment I am traveling to be speaking about the things that God has made available for us so that we are able to carry through our fate. Without the Bible, foremost of all you can ne’er be able to understand the power of these things and secondly, without the bible you can ne’er be able to utilize the same things in the rightful manner. We need to cognize the Bible for us to be able to understand our fate and to understand the commissariats for our fate.

Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of cognition by agencies of the same Spirit, to another religion by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another marvelous powers, to another prognostication, to another separating between liquors, to another speech production in different sorts of linguas, and to still another the reading of linguas. 1 Corinthians 12:7-10

God will non give you a desire that you are non equipped for and he will non delegate a fate that you are neither equipped for nor able to carry through. Whatever your bosom desires you are equipped to hold it. If you want to populate your fate so you have to work for it. Equipment is meant to do work possible. How are we so equipped? What comprises of that equipment?

There are three basic things made available by God for us to be equipped for our fate. These basic things enable adult male to endeavor towards accomplishing their fate, they guide us towards our fate and they give us control over our fate. First, God made a program for world, this is when He created Adam and Eve. The program was for adult male to administrate God ‘s land. In His program He outlined certain things that were traveling to enable adult male to administrate His land, He gave adult male rule over everything, He blessed adult male so that they could be fruitful and multiply. Genesis 1:28. With rule over everything adult male was put in a place in which whatever he decides to make would be possible and nil would halt him. Man was made to repress the Earth. God ‘s program for world gives us the way to where we are supposed to travel.

Jeremiah in his missive to the people in expatriate made it clear that God was to the full cognizant of the current state of affairs they were in. God reminded them that He had programs for them, plans to thrive them and non to harm them. At that clip God had other programs that He was presently taking attention of. One of the most of import elements of God ‘s program for world is developing. The preparation is of import because it makes us ready to confront any challenge that life might throw at us. After the preparation you come out a new individual, we will non acquire into that in item now but latter on in the book we will discourse the importance of preparation in item. What we need to cognize at the minute is that, preparation is a trial of fidelity. If you are faithful so no affair what comes your manner you will non be moved off from God. See the lives of Job and Abraham. These two work forces were non merely full of religion but they were really faithful besides. *STATE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAVING FAITH AND BEING FAITHFUL.

These were non merely full of religion but there were faithful besides. Job lost everything he had but he remained faithful to God. In Job 1:20-21, Job praised God even when he knew that it was God who was taking away his belongings. Verse 23 goes on to state, in all this, Job did non sin by bear downing God with incorrect making. Faithfulness means you stay true to God even when He takes off everything and everyone in your life. Look at Abraham, he besides was a adult male who walked by religion and was faithful to God. Accepting to give his one and merely boy was the ultimate trial of fidelity and he passed it and became the male parent of all states. These two work forces had to come to a point when they had to accept that all they have was God ‘s and if God wants them to give up those things they had to seek Him because He knows better. After the tests, we see that their relationship with God became stronger and they were all comfortable.

% You might look at yourself as the most of import tree in the grove, bearing the best fruit, but if you are willing to be changed into a walking stick by your maestro so you will be the first thing that your maestro touches when he wakes up in the forenoon, everyplace he goes you will besides travel and at dark you will be the last thing he touches before he sleeps. % the minute you let travel of what you presently thing is of import in your life and expression at what is of import to God so you will go that which the Maestro cherishes the most. Faithfulness is cardinal to doing God ‘s programs manifest in you.

Fruits of Faithfulness

This universe has a batch to offer, good and bad. The Satan is ready to give you anything if you are prepared to give up your religion and trust in God. The disadvantage to this which makes any other advantage nothing and nothingness is that when your yearss are over on this Earth your spirit will be doomed everlastingly. You might populate “ the life ” on this Earth but the torment in snake pit is non deserving any good minutes spend on Earth. On the other manus, if you are prepared to give up everything and set your trust and religion in God so both your life now and the life after will be set for the best. The life as a adherent of Jesus will non be easy though, but one thing for certain is that it ‘s deserving contending for.

Joseph was sold to be a slave which he had no pick but to encompass, but because he was faithful to his God. He knew God had programs for him to be great one twenty-four hours so he remained faithful until the clip he was made to govern over the whole of Egypt. The same thing besides happened to Daniel, he ruled over a land that was non his because he was faithful to God and merely God, the Great I AM. God will take you from being a cipher to being a person regardless of whether you are in your native land or non. Fortunes will go on in life, you might lose all you have but you need to accept the fact that God is in control and knows the programs he has for you.

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