1. 1 Describe the responsibilities and duties of ain work function. I work with clients with Autism and/or a learning disablement. within a supported lodging scene. My current occupation function is as a ‘care assistant’ . I am responsible for supplying support to the service user’s. which includes: personal attention. helping with meal readying. helping with medicine. organizing service user fundss. helping with repast planning and maintaining records. The chief intent of my work is to help and work alongside clients in their ain places and in the community. assisting those clients to entree and take portion in a full scope of community activities. It is my responsibility to enable clients to get and rehearse mundane life accomplishments. to assist do full usage of the community resources and installations and to assist supply the personal attention and supervising required by single clients. I received an initiation preparation class when I foremost joined the company. which provided specialised developing associating to the acquisition disablement sector.

I receive regular supervising with the house director where I can discourse any jobs. and acquire support. I can besides bespeak preparation. and my director can foreground countries where I would profit from farther preparation in. I attend regular refresher classs in preparation. so that I am up to day of the month with the current criterions required for my function. I treat all service users with regard and self-respect. and my work patterns reflect and promote equal chances. I have read. and understand my Company’s policies and processs. and am cognizant of what to make in most fortunes. and the right reporting/recording processs to follow.

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I ever work in a professional mode. and guarantee all service user information is kept up to day of the month. and confidential. The chief intent of my work is to help and work alongside clients in their ain places and in the community. assisting those clients to entree and take portion in a full scope of community activities. It is my responsibility to enable clients to get and rehearse mundane life accomplishments. to assist do full usage of the community resources and installations and to assist supply the personal attention and supervising required by single clients. 1. 2 Explain outlooks about ain work function as expressed in relevant criterions.

My outlooks about my work function are the same as a calling as they would be if I was a service user. I believe you should handle others how you would desire to be treated yourself and I’d expect to be treated with self-respect and regard In any occupation your will hold criterions that you must run into as written in your occupation description. These are normally ranged from lower limit required criterions to expected criterions. to transcending outlooks. There are regulative and statutory demands that are relevant to specific industries which you must follow with for illustration the GSCC ( general societal attention council ) codification of behavior would be met with OFSTED criterions to supply responsibilities for all employees and employers to follow with. I believe I am cognizant of all criterions that need to be met in my occupation function at any given clip and I make brooding pattern a everyday portion of my occupation. and would inquire my supervisor if I was of all time diffident what criterions apply to your function.

2. 1 Explain the importance of brooding pattern in continuously bettering the quality of service provided. Brooding pattern is of import manner of larning from experiences and bettering services. These methods can find what methods work good and what doesn’t work really good or non at all. Merely when good and hapless patterns are identified can an accurate appraisal of public presentation be made. Areas of good pattern can be built on and repeated and any countries where the service could be improved would be identified and can be addressed with preparation. advice and support.

2. 3 Describe how ain values. belief systems and experiences may impact working pattern. I believe your background and values are of topmost importance particularly in this work puting. a of course careering individual undergoing a callings work function can happen the experience really rewarding and really natural nevertheless an person without these peculiar lovingness values could happen the function a batch of attempt and really demanding. Unfortunately I have gained my experience as a calling due to a member of my household being autistic. this nevertheless as instilled in me a natural ability to supply all degrees of attention from disputing behavior to personal attention. Looking at this on a bigger graduated table I can see how this industry could merely be a occupation to some people and hence would possibly look at some responsibilities as choirs instead than merely assisting that individual. What you determine as of import and what you see as acceptable is an indispensable single-valued map of who you are.

The manner in which you respond to topics or responsibilities is linked to what you believe in. what you consider of import and what involvements you. You may happen you respond positively to people who portion your values and less heartily to people who have different precedences. When you develop friendly relationships. it is natural to pass more clip with people who portion your involvements and values. However. the professional relationships you develop with people are another affair. As a professional. you are responsible to supply the same quality of support for all. Working in the attention sector. you are bound to come across people whose positions you do non hold with. and who ne’er seem to understand your point of position. Awareness of differences. your reaction to them and how they affect the manner you work is a important portion of this function and your ain professional development. If you allow your ain penchants to rule your work with people. you will necessarily neglect to execute to the criterions of the Codes of Practice.

Beliefs can do many issues in the attention sector. from obvious grounds like the person would accept merely male or female carers to religious beliefs which can be really hard to understand but is indispensable to acquire right to supply good attention. If you were careering for an person of a different spiritual background their beliefs would be of topmost importance to them and so you must esteem that. this could impact a calling in a figure of ways for illustration this things in which they talk about. the apparels they wear and being to open with their ain spiritual beliefs could upset the service user. Personal experiences I think play a major function in a individuals desired occupation function. for illustration a immature individual who spent a batch of clip as a kid assisting out their male parent on a edifice site would more than probably happen a accomplishment he or she liked within that industry as they have been introduced to it from a immature age. A personal experience narrative I think replies this inquiry really good is that of my sister who in a mad terror last twelvemonth through no pick of her ain had to present our sisters babe and salvage his life after he had stopped take a breathing.

Baby and mother all making good now my sister has merely started a obstetrics class as she describes the experience as overpowering and charming. This could take to a full clip occupation for my sister all spurred on by a personal experience. 4. 1 Identify beginnings of support for planning and reexamining ain development. As a big per centum of my occupation is homecare so my first beginning of support would be the house director so the parents/family of the client. and in some instances depending on the individual’s capacity and communicating possibly the client themselves. From these I can larn what has worked in the yesteryear and what methods have been tried. I can besides acquire the back narrative of the client to seek and believe of new methods and activities in order to assist the client’s patterned advance.

The client would besides hold a service program in their personal file where I can happen most of the information I need. If I was working in a community Centre I would foremost read the clients file to seek and garner information to fuel my development in order to supply a better service. If I felt I needed more or merely farther development I could besides talk to my seniors within the community Centre. The company besides hold more elaborate files and information that I can entree when I need in order to be after and or reexamine development. We on a regular basis receive supervising meetings to discourse any affairs and to be after and reexamine development. Here I can inquire to be enrolled onto preparation classs I think would profit me and my clients.

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