1. 1 There are many intents to a receptionist function particularly being the first point of call between the company and the client/supplier. Bing the first point of call is an of import function because it helps the whole company. When a customer/supplier comes in a receptionist can acquire the right member of staff for the individual. Besides it ensures that person knows who is in the edifice and has got them to subscribe in so the company had a record and it’s easier for people to be accounted for in instances of exigency. In some concerns the receptionists make assignments for the other staff for customers/suppliers to come in. They besides take the call and base on balls it to the right individual. Bing a smaller company we do non hold person that has been employed as a receptionist but because of where my desk is placed I have adopted the function. In this function I have to welcome people into the edifice. do certain that they sign in and offer them a drink. I besides find out who they are here to see or make. If they want to roll up goods I can go through them on if the misss in gross revenues are busy but if they are here for a meeting or confab I let the member of staff know.

1. 2 When making a receptionist function you have to show a positive image of yourself and of the company. When person enters the edifice and a positive image is being portrayed it makes them experience more comfy and that the company is a good concern to work with or utilize. If the staff a positive it shows the customer/supplier that they are traveling to acquire things done and bask what you do so you are traveling to make the best you can for them. 1. 3 It doesn’t take a batch to demo a positive image of yourself and the company. For starting motors merely holding a smiling on your face helps massively because people can state. Offering a drink when people walk in besides presents a good image because it shows that you will make anything to do them experience comfy. Keeping yourself and you work infinite clean. organised and smart shows that you care about yourself and what you are making and besides shows that you are a individual that is ready to make things. 2. 1In any concern there are many lines of communicating from the response.

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For illustration if person came into the office with a ailment the receptionist would hold to take down inside informations and go through them on. If the ailment is about a merchandise that would be passed on to their history director. if the ailment was about employee –depending on the size of the company- you would travel to the supervisor or pull offing manager. If person came into Othello Martin James and could be a possible new client I would take down some inside informations and base on balls it on to the best individual depending on who was free or where the individual was based for illustration if they are based in Swadlincote or the environing countries I would go through it on to Tanya. But is she wasn’t available I would go through it to whoever was free and able to speak. If person came in with inquiries about new merchandises or a new order I would happen out who the history director was. 2. 2In larger companies both employee’s and the populace have to do assignments to see supervisors or the pull offing manager. This all goes through the response as they can set up the assignments and mange journals.

But at Othello Martin James we are a smaller office and less formal than large concerns. We don’t need to do an assignment to see our supervisors or pull offing manager we are all in the same office and can merely inquire for two proceedingss if we need to hold a confab. 2. 3In every concern there are many processs for people coming into the office. For illustration entry and going. security and confidentiality and eventually wellness and safety. all of these processs are made to difference concern criterions depending on the company. For illustration with entry and going some high security companies might hold to so more cheques on people than say an office like ours. For illustration in any concern visitants will hold to subscribe in so the company has a record of who has visited and besides in instances of exigency there is a record of who is in the edifice. This is really of import so there are records because if there isn’t and an exigency does go on person could be in the edifice but you wouldn’t cognize because you have no records. Security and confidentiality are of import to any concern because there are some many paperss that need to be covered under the information protection act.

In a response a batch of paperss are held for illustration in a physicians surgery they have all the patient records for the people that are traveling in that twenty-four hours. in an office there are inside informations of the employees and the concern. If people could merely walk in they can easy acquire these records. If person is on response all the clip while the office is unfastened this stops the security and confidentiality hazard. 2. 4Like I have mentioned earlier in our office we do non hold person that is employed as a receptionist but because of where my desk is placed I have adopted the function. The manner our office is designed there are four desks in our response country which is besides the histories section. There is besides person in this portion of the office so people can’t merely walk into our office without person cognizing. We ask visitants to subscribe into our sign-in book so we have a record. Besides when person is ever in that office people can’t merely walk in and entree information that isn’t to be viewed by them. Besides our office is in a concern park which has security fencing around the units. when people arrive they have to press the doorbell to be let in.

For illustration is person is coming unit of ammunition for a meeting the have to press our doorbell and I have to pick up the phone find out who they are and allow them in through the Gatess. 2. 5/6The intent of holding wellness and safety processs is to do certain that everyone safe and protected. This includes processs such as sign language in. It is my duty to do certain that everyone that comes into the office mark in and besides cognize where the assembly point is in instance of exigency. When visitants come in to the edifice I merely inquire them to make full in the book before I ask who they are here to see or if they want a drink. 2. 7There are many exigency processs in concerns from fire issues to if person becomes badly. In our office if a fire happens foremost the fire dismay will travel office so we all have to acquire up and go forth in a unagitated mode via the fire exits that are lit up and run into at the assembly point that is across the auto park. My function is merely to do certain that I can acquire out without doing a dither besides when we are at the assembly point I should cognize if person is losing because I see everyone that walks through the door.

But being a little concern the bulk of us are in the same office on the same floor the remainder will be our bringing drivers which could be in the warehouse or on the route. The gross revenues office knows when drivers come back so will cognize if person is in the warehouse. If person falls sick or has an accident foremost we find out how pressing it is for illustration can we phone their exigency contact or do they necessitate to travel to infirmary. I don’t have much of a function in this as I am non the first aider. But if I needed to assist I will besides my desk is closest to the kitchen where the first assistance kit and exigency Numberss are kept so I may hold to run in and acquire them. 2. 8/9In our office we don’t be given to acquire visitants that come in demoing aggression and doing struggle because everyone comes in for a ground. But we sometimes receive conflict/aggression on the telephone and have to move in the same manner – besides sometimes our bringing drivers receive face to confront struggle and aggression while out on the route. When this does go on we have to stay unagitated and take inside informations of what the individual is being aggressive about.

If the individual starts being aggressive we can inquire them to go forth or set the phone as we don’t have to digest that behavior. Depending on what the individual was being aggressive about depends on who I would mention it to. But in all instances I would state my pull offing manager and supervisor. 3. 1/4. 8In any office there are many reasons/purposes for proposing thoughts for bettering the response country. A response country should hold a desk for the receptionist where they can see the door. a telephone. a computing machine for the work of the receptionist and basic office equipment. If the edifice has security gates the doorbell should be behind the receptionist desk. For the visitants it should hold a seating country and a sign language in book. Some concerns have a H2O dispenser and magazine racks.

The receptionist is best for proposing thoughts for the response country because they are in there all the clip and can see how it works for the visitants. Besides the response country should be a clean and welcoming environment. When proposing thoughts it helps maintain the response country modern and in best working order for you – the receptionist and the visitant. 3. 2In any office there is ever traveling to be rather times when all your occupations have been completed. At this point you can inquire other members of staff if they need a manus with anything merely to assist with their work burden. As antecedently mentioned about me following the function I work in the histories section so I have many functions to responsibilities to make but we can still hold rather times where I go and ask if anybody needs a manus. Merely before we finished for Christmas 2014 we had a twosome of issues with our history plan Sage. While this was being sorted I went in to the gross revenues office and asked if they wanted a manus to complete the occupations for the twelvemonth so I helped register the scanned bringing notes on the computing machine.

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