Some say that the universe is going a better topographic point in which to populate. but we are exposed to an increasing figure of dangers. Hence. I think that the universe is an progressively unsafe topographic point in which to populate for several grounds.

First. we are shadowed with the menace of atomic war. where full states are at hazard of being annihilated. There aren’t any utmost war instances as World War 2. but we hear of many Acts of the Apostless of force and menaces of mass devastation. These are due to terrorist act and experimentation with atomic arms. We frequently hear of self-destruction bombers in Iraq and of atomic arm edifice in North Korea. This. therefore. indicates that today’s universe is an progressively unsafe one.

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Second. natural catastrophes are on the addition. We are all cognizant of the recent temblor catastrophe that occurred in Japan. and the monolithic devastation that it caused. Not to advert the 1000s of human deaths. Mans greed has led to the abuse of natural resources. which together with planetary heating. has resulted in the universe sing an addition in happening of temblors. tsunamis. inundations. hurricanes. and volcanic eruptions. It is foolish to believe that this universe is safe.

Third. disease is another menace to the human race. The sum of incurable diseases. like malignant neoplastic diseases. bosom diseases. shots. diabetes. and Alzheimer’s. are quickly increasing. In the United States. there are 321. 9 deceases per 100. 000 people. due to malignant neoplastic disease. The gait of life has increased drastically. ensuing in excess force per unit area on world. Hence. emphasis degrees have risen. which have a negative impact on wellness. Due to clip restraints. people are turning to the efficiency of fast nutrient. which lack in indispensable foods. thereby compromising their wellness.

Fourthly. more offense exists than in the yesteryear. Those who watch and listen to the intelligence will take note of condemnable incidences that frequently take topographic point. such as highjackings. robberies. slayings. colza and snatchs. particularly in 3rd universe states with hapless economic systems. and high per centums of unemployment and poorness. Peoples who lack basic demands. such as lodging. sanitation. nutrient and vesture. will fall back to condemnable patterns. in order to carry through these demands.

Last. and this is frequently linked to poorness. we have an addition in gangster activity. It’s normally the young person. seeking for an individuality and a topographic point of belonging. who join packs. Dangers refering these are legion. They range from contending other gang members. to take parting in larcenies. pack colzas. drive-by shots. or even slayings. These offenses are frequently associated with intoxicant and drug maltreatment. Clearly. where there are mobsters. the offense rate rises.

In decision. these are merely some of the dangers that we face. and they prove that this universe is an progressively unsafe topographic point. We don’t cognize when bad luck may bechance us so we have to be cautious all the clip. With the addition in atomic arms. natural catastrophes and resource depletion we are gyrating into a unsafe province. The diminution in general wellness criterions and fast passed populating riddled with increased offense and corruptness are refering factors. All these things I have indicated clearly indicate the increased danger on a planetary graduated table.

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