The footing of their religion is the Koran or Qur’an which literally translates to recitation. The Muslim believes that this book is the unadulterated word of God. For the Muslim, declaiming the Koran is sacred, traveling even if they can non understand its words because there are times in which there is no proper interlingual rendition of the Koran. Its manner is considered to be superhuman and beautiful. Moslems are aware of how they recite the Koran and even have the art of the proper musical recitation of it called the tilawat. Because it is the most august book of the Muslims, the Koran must be put on the highest bookshelf, it is out to set any book above it. They have hafiz, people who memorize all of the Koran to continue it, being sent to the mosque at an early age. It can merely be touched by the pure. ( 29-50 )

The followings of Islam saw that the Koran does non explicate everything about one ‘s life or the community ‘s personal businesss and so they use Muhammad ‘s life, sira, as an illustration, utilizing his Sunnah ( imposts ) , as the footing of their other traditions. The Sunnah acted as some sort of reading of the Koran for Muslims, and so they follow it, particularly when they revere Muhammad as the last Prophet of Allah. It is comprised of the sira and Hadiths. The Hadiths, on the other manus, are besides used as a beginning of religion other than the Koran for they are the discourses of Muhammad after his disclosure, written down by his Scribe, and subsequently on interpreted by Muslim bookmans harmonizing to their clip and civilization.

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Islam emphasizes the stopping point relationship between Allah and work forces, so there are no priests and mosques are non churches. As a Muslim, there are five pillars of Islamic religion that 1 must follow. They are similar to their Christian opposite numbers, the Ten Commandments. These five pillars are the basic dogmas of the pattern and cognition of Muslims. First there is the shahada and to some, tahweed ( but this refers more the universe position of Muslims ) , which is the announcement of their religion and the beginning of the other four pillars. Shahada is the announcement that “ There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. ” This statement is kindred to the credo of the Christians, it is the basic statement of their religion. From this, stems the other pillars.

The other four pillars are the Salat, Sawm, Zakat and Hajj. The Salat is foundation of the worship service of the Muslim devotedness. This obligates them to pray five times a twenty-four hours: early forenoon, midday, mid-afternoon, sundown and eventide. Their congregational service which is compulsory to go to is on Fridays. When inside the mosque to pray, they must confront the qibla, the marker which shows the way of Mecca. They are lead in supplication by imaums, and during the supplication must make a certain figure of collapses and airss specific for each supplication clip called rak’as. The 3rd, the sawm, is the fasting during the month of Ramadan, a particular juncture of religious contemplation for the Muslims. From dawn to sunset, Muslims can non imbibe, eat, smoke or intake any foreign substances. Merely the old, ailing, nursing female parents and kids can be exempted from this but in exchange, they must give a destitute individual a full repast for each twenty-four hours. The 4th, Zakat, is the legal alms-giving. This gives importance to humankind and obedience to God. This should non be confused with charity, which is saqada, which is normally done for concern and feelings of the people. The Zakat is more of a revenue enhancement, and computed harmonizing to one ‘s wealth: hard currency, recognition and harvests. This is a manner of purification of the belongings and the money. If unpaid at the certain clip of paying, the belongings is considered dirty. It is merely a duty to Muslims who have reached 16. This is normally done in opportunism for if they give, they will be repaid a greater wages. The fifth is hajj, which pertains to the pilgrim’s journey to Mecca. This is an of import event because it shows the integrity of the Muslim community. Mecca is a sacred topographic point keeping the Ka’aba, a black rock in which was given to Ibrahim, a prophesier, from Eden. Work force must have on the ihram, which are two unsewn fabrics to cover the organic structure. This “ wipes out ” the differentiation of positions between work forces and is a symbol of pureness.

Aside from the Koran, the five pillars, the Sunnah, the sharia law is seen as the fundamental law on the manner of life of Muslims. It is defined to be the Islamic Law. All of the Torahs are written based on the instructions of the Koran, Sunnah and ijma, the consensus of the Muslim community. It is created to set up justness and compassion amongst worlds, saying their rights and duties to each other and the province.

Half a Man is a Woman

Muslim societies are really patriarchal societies, doing it really hard for the adult females to populate a liberated and easy life. There are different regulations that they have to stay by. Almost every facet of their life is controlled, although as clip goes and as Muslims migrate from a topographic point to another, they are influenced by the civilization of the topographic point they are populating in, doing them modify different Torahs that would accommodate their new life style.

Islam in Arabia was really what precisely adult females needed during the seventh century. During the pre-Islamic Arabia, adult females were treated like belongingss that can be bought, sold and inherited. Work force were allowed to get married as many married womans as he wish and killing of female babes was outstanding. It was non until Islam reached Arabia that adult females gained rights so aside from it being a faith, it reformed the society to a more orderly 1. This does non needfully intend that life became easier for the Muslim adult females ; in fact, patriarchate was really apparent in the Koran.

Although they believe that adult females should be respected, it is still expected that adult females know they are inferior to work forces. Womans are expected to be duteous, reserved, discreet and submissive to work forces. Having these features, they normally merely take domestic functions such as health professional of the kids and housekeeper ; they are female parents and married womans.

Bringing Home the Burqa

Muhammad promoted the relief of the position of adult females in Islamic society. He provided them with the right to an instruction, the right to inherit belongings, and the right to sexual satisfaction. But old ages subsequently, and after much reading of the spiritual Islamic texts, the extremely patriarchal society discovered that adult females amount merely to half of what a adult male amounts to. For adult females in preponderantly Muslim states, life was non every bit broad as those who had integrated into foreign civilizations. Womans were to be soundless, their voices ne’er being heard in any and all state of affairss. All parts of the organic structure that were considered black must be covered. If a adult female was blind in one oculus so that oculus would be covered so that the populace would non see it.

As their frock codification, Muslim adult females are all expected to have on the head covering. The head covering is a mark of their regard to faith and shows piousness. It ‘s besides a mark of decency and award. This vesture demand varies across the Earth ; the stringency of which varies and is greatly influenced by the civilization of the people. In the stricter societies like Iraq, the adult females are normally covered where no tegument can be seen. They call this the abuya. Lapp goes for Mzab where aside from being wholly hidden under their apparels, they have to look away or turn their caputs when they see a adult male. The usual Muslim vesture that people see is the burka which is the whole outfit adult females wear with hijab which is thought to be the adult female ‘s frock. The truth is, it is non the female frock, instead, “ a drape which separates the work forces of Medina from the married womans of the Prophetss which they must talk through ” . It is the head covering that masks the adult female ‘s face. In Southeast Asia, the hijab is called telekong or mini-telekong. In Urdu it is called dupetta but the caput head covering is khimar. For the Jordan people, they think the burka is the caput wear. A similar head covering called niqab besides exists but this head covering aims to cover the beautiful adult female ‘s face to forestall enticement.

There besides are other regulations that the Muslims observe. In supplication, merely the custodies and face of the adult female can be exposed. In dressing up, non merely is the tegument exposure considered but besides the stuff of the vesture and the accoutrements that go with it. Men can non have on silk but adult females can. Silk is a show of luxury and merely adult females can expose such. Womans can besides have on gold, Ag and other jewellery to counterbalance for their being “ the weaker sex. ”

In supplication, merely the tegument of the manus and face can be seen, even the pess should be covered. In worship, favoritism against adult females is besides apparent. They have a separate subdivision in the mosque, someplace behind the work forces. Womans are seen as impure because of their menses. Therefore, they mush cleanse themselves every Friday before come ining the church. Womans are even required to have on aroma during their clip the month. Other beginnings of drosss are contact with the genitalias, piss, fecal matters and spit. This dross is called haddath. The left manus used to rinse after stooling is so considered as impure and the right manus used to eat is pure.

Aside from the baths and cleaning, fasting is besides a method of purification. In fasting, Muslims are non allowed to smoke, prosecute in sexual intercourse, usage aroma and even have an injection. Womans are sometimes exempted in fasting. They can make alternate charity work alternatively of fasting. These adult females are those who are ill, really old people and nursing female parents.

Womans of Islam have other uneven limitations. One illustration of which is that they can non stamp their pess because “ their appeals would jangle. ” The function of adult females was limited to that of delighting their hubbies, no adult female should stay single lest they would be frowned upon by society.New Islamic Torahs forbid adult females to attest in tribunal unless they have been supported by a adult male, otherwise they would be called for slander and face serious penalty. Muslim adult females in Saudi Arabia are out to drive, every bit good as return professions in the field of technology or jurisprudence.

Here Comes the Bride?

Marriage in Islam societies is normally arranged. They can either be in a fixed matrimony or they can set up their ain matrimony as an grownup but with limitations. The grownup adult female should get married a cat of her ain rank or higher and should set up the appropriate dowery. The dowery or mahr is the monetary value the bridegroom has to pay the bride ‘s household non as a “ purchase monetary value ” , instead a compensation for the loss of a member of the household. To turn out that it is non a purchase monetary value, no dowery is paid when a adult female marries her ain cousin because she is kept within the household. Minor leagues can be forced to get married at a immature age but can take to disassociate the adult male when she becomes of legal age. These bush leagues are married off at a immature age to guarantee the bridegroom that the bride is a virgin. Sexual pureness is really of import to Muslims. In fact, a adult male can deny the bride the dark before the nuptials if he proves that she is non a virgin any longer. These bush leagues that are forced to be married off really went through Circumcision. Circumcision is a demand for any female to be married. They undergo clitoridectomy, or the mutilation of the button of the female. There are three types of Circumcision. One is the “ Sunnite ” Circumcision where merely the goon of the button is removed. The other is deletion where the full button is removed and other parts approaching the button. The infibulation is the remotion of the button and the surrounding parts and sewing together of the vulva go forthing a little hole sufficiency for urine and catamenial charge to get away. This hole is kept unfastened by wood until the miss ‘s nuptials where the stitches will be sliced unfastened once more.

During the nuptials, there should be two work forces as witnessed or one adult male and two adult females to replace the other adult male. This shows so that work forces are superior to adult females, being merely a individual adult male to be two adult females.

When the miss is married, she is so required to be faithful and obedient to her hubby. The hubby is in full authorization and in highest control of the adult female ‘s belongingss, sexual behaviour and all other affairs including spiritual duties and determinations. A shura or audience is normally done, where the adult female consults with the adult male sing of import determinations. The adult female even has to inquire permission from her hubby to travel out of the house. The adult male can hold a 2nd married woman, up to a 4th one. The lone limitation is that he can non get married two sisters at the same clip, the adult female has to be of the same rank of lower and provided that each married woman has a family of her ain. These adult females besides have no pick but to get married Muslim work forces, unlike work forces who can get married Judaic or Christian adult females. The adult females can be divorced by her hubby through talaq where a adult male is divorced to the adult female after the adult male state her that he ‘s disassociating for three times.

When the married woman becomes widowed, she is to sorrow for four months and 10 yearss and should wait for extra three months before remarrying. Work force on the other manus can get married instantly. This regulation existed to avoid confusion on the paternity of the kid if of all time the adult female is pregnant. The waiting clip allows the adult female to corroborate the paternity of the dead hubby over the kid she is bearing.

Judging the Jilbab

Media has been the beginning of much of the societal worlds that make up our consciousness, yet in recent old ages, they have been more inclined to relay the societal concept of our worlds and play on the imaginativeness of the public audience. The media has created this thought of “ otherisation, ” or the separation of people into “ us ” and “ them. ” Muslim adult females have been the topic of assorted images and generalisations both from their ain Islamic societies and that of non-Islamic civilizations. To western audiences, the image of a Muslim adult female had ever been that of a 2nd category citizen, a subsidiary to the work forces in her household, every bit good of those in her community The function of adult females in Islamic society, though true to an extent, has foundations in both the diverse civilization of Muslims and the readings of a patriarchal society on spiritual texts. Muslim adult females have been considered the “ domestic angel, ” which served to reenforce their value as a family trade good in the Islamic family. They are portrayed as objects meant to be kept as female parents and married womans, as ownerships used to function the work forces of their society. In relation to their subjectiveness, many of the intelligence sing Muslim adult females have been related to force against them. Stoning and clitoris extirpation have systematically appeared in mass media, yet the political orientations behind such patterns have seldom been publicized, therefore giving the thought that the Muslim civilization is both violent and anti-democratic. This position of the Islamic faith as irrational precedes the manner for the far more prejudiced image of a contentious and aggressive faith.

On the larger negative impact of media on the position of society to Muslims, a stereotype has emerged. To many people Moslems have become the poster kids of terrorist act. In Southern Thailand, incidents of incendiarism escalated to a new high and many civilians were changeable indiscriminately on the streets. It was reported every bit good that a few Muslims disappeared during this onslaught and as it goes, the media pinpointed these Acts of the Apostless of force to the Muslim community. This has become the consequence of the media ‘s demand to overstate a narrative in order to sell it to the public audience. To Muslim adult females around the universe, this terrorist stereotype has become a stigma to their lives, even traveling every bit far as giving the hijab a negative image. In 2010, France had declared the forbiddance of the Islamic head covering, any adult female who was caught have oning the head covering would confront prosecution. This immediate ballot to censor the hijab was the consequence of terrorist onslaughts brought to France by Al Qaeda members early on in the twelvemonth. This resulted in menaces from the Al Qaeda who feels that their families have been shamed by the sudden jurisprudence.

The Muslims, after September 11, were put in a bad visible radiation. The terrorist onslaught was attributed to the Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in the visible radiation to declare jehad. Jihad, to some translators and folks, is considered as the 6th pillar of religion of Islam. It is translated to endeavoring and exercising to the manner of God, in which the greater jehad is that of oneself against deficiency of religion and the lesser jehad, a battle with the enemies of Islam who oppressors of the helpless. The misconception of this is that Jihad does non ask the usage of weaponries, and it can merely be declared if the whole community agrees.

The bombardments in September 11, even Muslim in the Philippines, felt the harsh and hostile perceptual experiences of their society and faith. The “ war on terrorist act ” became the alibi on the uninterrupted foray in Muslim communities and even the madrasahs ( Islamic colleges ) and the maradaris ( Islamic higher instruction schools ) were raided in intuition of terrorist act. All bombardments in Indonesia and Philippines were attributed to Muslim groups such as the Jama’ah Islamiyyah because of Philippines support to the US battle on terrorist act. ( 57-59 ) Many Muslims perceive that the war US war against terrorist act is hypocritical because as they value the lives of those that were lost in September 11, they do non look to value the lives that are lost and go on to be lost in the war in Afghanistan. ( 335 )

Behind The Hijab

In a more modern return of adult females in media, Muslim adult females have now been portrayed as sceptered adult females, taking on political places and higher professions ; much like Famile Arslan, a Dutch Muslim adult female who became the first attorney in the Netherlands to have on a hijab, or caput covering. The recent old ages have proven to be a turning point for the battle that the Muslim adult females continued to confront in both their fatherlands and their foreign abodes. Amina Wadud, an Islamic bookman life in the United States, became the first adult female to preside over a mixed-gender supplication service. She had been quoted to state that she now believes that this is the age for the Muslim adult females to stand up for themselves and contend against their oppressors. She continues to advance her belief that gender inequality was ne’er a dogma of the Muslim religion but instead a creative activity of a misunderstood text. Coinciding with these two anecdotes of success brought by two solid Muslim adult females, comes the jehad that the traditional Muslim universe now faces. Islamic feminism has begun to lift in the universe of Islam and more and more adult females continue to back up the political orientations that Islamic feminism advocators. They believe that “ Islam upholds the rules of equality and justness, ” where in fewer words they say that their faith positions work forces and adult females on equal land. This Muslim feminism aims to falsify the separation of work forces and adult females by battling the most oppressive force in adult females authorization, which is that of the Family Laws. The Family Laws are what gives complete control of the adult female to the work forces in her life. These Torahs are what reinforces the submissive image of a Muslim adult female and eliminates the rights they are allowed to hold, both civil and cosmopolitan. This feminist motion is what gives the Muslim adult females the consciousness that they are able to demand their rights and that they are non simply sexual objects for the work forces to dally with, but existent human-beings.

Muslim work forces have argued continuously with the Islamic women’s rightists who remain inexorable that biological science is non the ground for the inequality that adult females face, though the work forces think otherwise. What the women’s rightists rebut with is that they seek to accomplish equality to their rights as human existences. As said by one Islamic women’s rightist, “ aˆ¦difference does non intend superiorityaˆ¦ , ” and true to her word, she fights on for her rights and for the relief of the position of adult females in Muslim society.

In the Philippines, it has been shown that Muslim adult females are portion of legion adult females ‘s motions like the Muslim Professional and Businesswomen ‘s Association of the Philippines ( MPBWAP ) and the Philippine Muslim Women ‘s Association ( PHILMUSLIMA ) , which are authorities encouraged organisations that trade with the societal facets of their society. The MPBWAP have gone through lengths in advancing a literacy plan for Muslim adult females and even set uping the “ Mabassa Kita Foundation, ” which aimed to supply instruction to the nonreader. From literacy plans, MPBWAP broadened their positions to those of pregnancy, kid attention, and support accomplishments plan. Other groups began to look in the Philippine society, many providing to advancing the positions of Islam on adult females to supply understanding from the non-Islam ‘s point of position. Another type of organisation that adult females have in the Philippines is the Sarang Bangun Foundation, which aimed to advance Islam combined with adult females ‘s activities.


The life style of Muslims depends on their reading on the beginnings of their religion. Most of the clip, the reading of the jurisprudence, the Koran and sunna to their application to their day-to-day lives are colored by the imposts and beliefs already present in the community before Islam. There are those considered the fundamentalists, and different religious orders of Islam like the Sufis, Sunnis and the Shias. Because of this, different folks have different patterns and different degrees of conservativism in populating the text.

The Koran portrays the image of a adult female non as a adult male ‘s equal, but one that is near to peers to a adult male. But, after the readings and misunderstandings of a turning patriarchal society from the prophesier Muhammad, the position of adult females began to deteriorate, turning adult females into second-class citizens within their ain society. This inequality progressed into force against the adult females in all signifiers, turning adult females into objects that can be thrown off when done with. This position of adult females within their ain society provided a strong footing for the non-Islamic sentiments of Muslim adult females. They have become the beginning of the thought of a weak and low-level animal incapable of free-thought and action. It is so posed as a challenge to the modern Muslim adult female, to battle these stereotypes and rise to go a accomplished homo.

The original instructions of Islam show the somehow equal standing between adult male and adult female. For illustration, “ And among His marks is this: he created for you couples from among yourselves so that you might tend towards them and he engenders love and clemency. ” ( K.30:21 ) Another is, “ The believing work forces and the believing adult females are defenders to each other. ” ( K.9:71 ) These transitions from the Koran encompass the intent for the adult females ‘s predicament in Muslim societies. They aim to obtain the equality that should be given to all human existences and that though they are biologically different from work forces, it does non intend that they can be subjugated to second-class citizenship and objectification.

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