Is it possible to be a liquidator and a saint? Can person populate a life of wickedness and evil but subsequently see the mistake of their ways and repent? Can a rough swayer who is capable of race murder atone for his errors? By taking a close expression at the life of Saint C?dwalla from his birth in Wessex to his baptism in Rome we can happen the reply to these inquiries.

C?dwalla led a hard early life full of suppressing and ferociousness. C?dwalla was born in 659 in Wessex, and was a descendant of King Ceawlin of Cerdic. As a young person, C?dwalla was exiled for unknown grounds. It was typical for this to go on in the 7th century. During his expatriate, C?dwalla put together a military force and attacked the South Saxons. He killed their male monarch, ?thelwealh and took control of the district, but non for long because shortly after ?thelwealh ‘s ealdormen drove C?dwalla from Sussex. ( Bede 4: ch. 15 )

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Although C?dwalla was non baptized and committed many barbarous Acts of the Apostless, it is rather possible that he believed in Catholicism. In either 685 or 686, C?dwalla returned to Wessex to inherit the throne. C?dwalla was merciless throughout his regulation. He attacked and conquered Sussex, and non merely conquered the Isle of Wight but attempted to wholly pass over out its dwellers. It should be noted, nevertheless, that C?dwalla promised to give a part of the Isle of Wight to God, intrusting it to Bishop Wilfrid. Additionally C?dwalla ordered that the brothers of King Arwald


of the Isle of Wight, whom had been left as inheritors to the throne, be executed. Just before the executing took topographic point a priest convinced C?dwalla to let them to be baptized. These illustrations show that although C?dwalla was non baptized, his purposes were aligned with the Catholic Church. ( Bede 4: ch. 16 )

C?dwalla was earnestly wounded during the conquering of the Isle of Wight ; this is possibly the ground he abdicated the throne in 688, and went to Rome for baptism. It is known that during the trip he stopped in Northern France and gave money for the initiation of a church, yet another illustration of his support of Catholicism. C?dwalla was baptized by Pope Sergius on the Eve of Easter, April 10, 680, taking the name Peter. He died 10 yearss subsequently, still have oning the robes of his baptism. C?dwalla was buried in St. Peter ‘s church in Rome on April 20, 680. His epitaph reads, “ High estate, wealth, offspring, a mighty land, victory, spoils, captains, fastnesss, the cantonment, a place ; whatsoever the heroism of his sires, whatsoever himself had won, Caedwal, mighty in war, left for the love of God, that, a pilgrim male monarch, he might lay eyes on, Peter and Peter ‘s place, receive at his font pure Waterss of life, and in bright checkerss drink of the reflecting glow whence a accelerating glorification watercourses through all the universe. And even as he gained with eager soul the award of the new life, he laid aside barbarian fury, and, changed in bosom, he changed his name with joy. ” Pope Sergius requested that an epitaph be written, in order to animate and act upon those who read it to give up their iniquitous ways. ( Bede 5: ch.7 ) In fact, three other Anglo-Saxon male monarchs, Coenred of Mercia, Offa of The East Saxons, and Ina of The Saxons, abdicated the throne and were baptized, following the illustration set by C?dwalla.

C?dwalla was non baptized throughout his reign, and may hold been seting it off to a clip of pick. That might hold worked good for him as he did originally take a life of wickedness. After


all baptism cleanses one of all wickedness and he would hold been free of wickedness upon his decease. Sir William Smith writes, “ His motivations illustrate the faith of the age ; they were that he might obtain an ageless land ; that he might bask the distinguished honor of being baptized in the Church of the Apostles ; and his desire was that shortly after that rite he might be released from the flesh and base on balls at one time to eternal joys ” ( 373 )

Saint C?dwalla ‘s Feast Day is April twentieth. He was canonized pre-congregation as the Patron Saint of Serial Killers. He is considered a saint chiefly because, although he led a life of wickedness, in the terminal he repented for his actions and turned to God.

I admire Saint C?dwalla ‘s ability to recognize his errors and do up for them. Saint C?dwalla was really strong, determined, and brave. I admire these qualities about C?dwalla and hope to be able to atone for my errors and have great finding and courage. Saint C?dwalla had a difficult life, in which he was exiled from his fatherland at a immature age and was invariably engaged in conflict during this clip. I can associate in portion to his battles because I have made errors and have realized my mistakes and made up for them, although non on about every bit large a graduated table as C?dwalla.

Saint C?dwalla is a great illustration that there is good in all of us and ever a opportunity to compensate our wrongs. Even though he led a life of wickedness and slaying, C?dwalla was in fact a adult male of Catholic beliefs. Before his decease, he repented from his evil life and turned to God, believing he would travel to straight to Heaven. Never stop endeavoring to be the best individual you can be, and although we may do errors, there ‘s ever a opportunity to do up for them. By taking a close expression at the life and decease of Saint C?dwalla, we can see that it is so possible, to be a liquidator and a saint.


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