For this paper we will be discoursing The State of Islam, known as NOI. NOI began in the USA in the early twentieth Century. Although the name suggests that it is connected to Islam, it has no connexion at all to Islam and should n’t be looked at as a religious order of Islam. The State of Islam is a spiritual group founded in Detroit, Michigan, by Wallace Fard Muhammad, in July 1930 with the self-proclaimed intent of conveying back to life the religious, mental, societal, and economic conditions of black adult females and work forces in America.

Mohammed is said to be the last 1 in the order of Prophetss which Moses, Abraham and Jesus, were besides a portion of, each of whom has, developed and reaffirmed the message of God. NOI claim that their Bible, the Koran confirms updates and expands on the Old and New Testaments. The Koran contains one 100 and 14 chapters and says that there can merely be one God, and his name is Allah.

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NOI Teachs that non merely one, but that all black work forces everyplace are Gods and that all white work forces were created by the evil God, ( Yakub ) who was said to be some sort of evil scientist. Farrakhan has said, all ( white people ) are the Satan and nil but the Satan in the simplest footings. In the NOI universe, Judaic people are looked upon as blood chumps, and those who have over the old ages taken advantage of the exploited province of the black adult male. Farrakhan has described Hitler as evilly great, and those who pattern Judaism are said to be practising a soiled faith. When I look at this, all I can make is inquire what is NOI, are they a Religion, or a Cult.


Since the NOI surely is non a portion of conventional Islam, existent Muslims position it as a periphery cult. It is a unusual mixture of Islam, Masonry, Christianity and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Contrary to the divinity of Islam, they teach that NOI believes that, all people should go a individual community and all informant to the fact that there is no God but God whatever that means, and when Judgment comes, all will lift. They besides believe that Allah came to so, in the individual of W. Fard Muhammad in the 7th month of the twelvemonth 1930, and that God who created all things does non be today, besides that all black work forces are Gods, and eventually that, all white work forces are Satans and that there is no life beyond the grave.

Some of their basic beliefs include, Polytheism, where they believe that the black adult male is God, and God Is a Man who came from Mecca, and went by the name, Wallace d. Fard, the Yakub Myth, which states that a black scientist rebelled against God and created the white adult male, a race of Satans to strike out against the black race, and that no black people are evildoers, but that the white adult male is the ground for all their jobs. Next we have the Trinity, who they say is merely iniquitous because it does non add up with the jurisprudence of mathematics, and eventually, The Deity of Christ, where they clearly province that Jesus was merely a adult male and a prophesier, but we can non go forth out, The Holy Spirit, because he to them is merely a Spook.

Moslems hold certain indispensable root beliefs.A Their profession of religion is, that they will witness to the fact that there is non a God but God, and informant that Mohammed is genuinely a prophesier of God. To be a Muslim means to believe that God is a lone being that has no spouses, no associates, no Son, and, did he of all time go one who was in the flesh, or incarnate. Their Bible, the Koran makes it clear that he is God the Everlasting.

In their universe, he is non engender or engender, and, none is or can be equal to him, non even Jesus Christ our Savior. In Islam the linking of any spouse to God, referred to as shirk which, is the greatest of all wickednesss one can perpetrate, and their Bible, the Koran provinces that fact. They besides province that there is no life beyond the grave. It seems as though they look at life in such unusual ways, which they made up themselves, ( while they were merely sitting around stumbling on acid or something. ) I know that what I merely said may be a small harsh, but what they believe and are learning is a batch harsher.

The 2nd thing is that, Muslims believe Mohammed to hold been the last of the Prophetss, and if anyone recognizes that there be anyone to come after him who calls themself a prophesier, is opposing Islam. A As is stated in the Koran, peopleA Mohammed has no boies among you but truthfully, he is a existent courier of God, and the concluding 1 in the line of any Prophets, and God is cognizant of everything.

In the Koran, Israel was led by Prophetss. When a prophesier passed off, another was put in topographic point, but no prophesier will come behind me says ( Mohammed ) merely calif, our Islamic swayer will win me. But in the hereafter 30 impressive prevaricators will come, and each will title their ain ego to be a prophesier, but I will certainly be the last Prophet, and there will be no other prophesier after me.

It is a true fact to NOI that God appeared on Earth in the individual of their laminitis, W. Fard Muhammad, a sermonizer who foremost came to public attending in the United States in July, 1930 so secretively disappeared in February of 1934. They believe that ( God ) , the long-awaited Messiah of the Christians and the Muslims. appeared in the Person of W. Fard Muhammad.

Therefore it is clear that despite their name and naming themselves Muslims, NOI beliefs about God and prophet goon are evidently mismatched with Islam. They are non merely naming for a separate fatherland for American inkinesss, but for racially segregated instruction along with a prohibition on interracial matrimony, since they believe they are the people of God ‘s pick.

NOI believe that at this present clip in history, is the right clip for separation of the Negroes and the white Americans. They want their people in America whose parents or grandparents were posterities from slaves, to be allowed to set up a separate province or district of their ain, either on this continent or someplace else, and they want all black kids educated, taught by their ain trained teachers, and that exogamy or race commixture should be forbidden.

By the 80 ‘s, Farrakhan and his followings owned 200 Temples, 15 million in belongings, involvement in Bankss, a 22 million dollar import concern, along with 20 thousand estates of land. By the 90 ‘s, they incorporated a hauling house, a 5 million dollar nutrient composite, and a 2000 place auditorium. As you can see from their retentions entirely, these are a group of people who are non without sense, and are about their concern. In ways I will hold to state that they are a smart group, ( when it comes to certain things )


NOL ‘s First and worst defect is the fact that they do non believe that Jesus was virgin born, and deny his crucifixion and Resurrection. They do non wholly deny the fact that he existed, but he was merely a “ Black Prophet ” . They have seemed to pick and take the parts, or certain transitions from the Holy Bible which they want to believe, and alter the remainder, as to what they want it be, and they challenge Christianity at every point, and every opportunity they get. They call the Bible the Poison Book by God Himself, but since they do non hold the Holy Spirit, since he is simply a “ creep ” to them, they can non take the Bible at face value, and will ne’er be able to understand it, without him.

They are largely a male-dominated organisation, who wants their adult females in the functions of household nurturer and pedagogues for the kids, but since they are now looking to speak about charges of sexism, Farrakhan has now begun to included adult females talkers at all major events such as Savior ‘s Day, the jubilation of the birth of Fard, along with the Million Man March.

NOL has become a sedate danger to the present community, particularly where Christians are involved. The turning presence of NOI and their overpowering onslaughts on the Christian policies make it difficult to go on disregarding them. All churches must be witting to the challenge, and since there have been two major challenges that the church has faced in the past one being, the deficiency of qualified revivalist able to travel out into the community and spread the word, and the 2nd, deficiency of scriptural discipleship for church members demoing something demands to be done, and quick.

Meanwhile, members of NOI have proven themselves to be really goaded and successful in their outreach attempts in environing communities. Not merely are they promoting immature black males to fall in them, they are besides enrolling them from our churches, and besides have a really strong presence in the gaols and prisons. Malcolm X and Mike Tyson were recruited while making clip in prison. They are out in the assorted communities, on the streets prophesying and passing out literature, on the coachs and trains promoting immature black males everyplace to accept this really unusual version of Islam. Should we be afraid of the Islamic menace, I would state non, but we should take clasp of this chance to polish and smooth our ain beliefs while at the same clip beef uping our ain informant of Jesus and the Holy Bible, since NOL happens to be the fastest turning cult in America.


If we as Christians are traveling to portion our beliefs, Jesus Christ and the Bible with the NOL, we have to make it really, really carefully, or we merely may stop up “ traveling over to their side ” . The people, who follow this manner, are really intelligent people, in many ways, but non so smart in others, so we as Christians who do any type of witnessing to them, have to foremost be anchored in the Lord. We have to cognize what we know and believe, and why. When witnessing to them we should non cite a batch of Bible, but we will necessitate to Pray for them, and non acquire angry while talking to them. Last, but non least, we need to acquire to the Cross every bit rapidly as possible, while at the same clip, allowing the Holy Spirit make his work.

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