Traditional Personnel Management and Modern HRM

As the first measure it is necessary to place the difference between two maps with right definition as follows ;

Forces ManagementA -A this is a administrative map carry oning operational degree to keep records. This is chiefly carry oning just footings in general to pull off the employees working as organisation with proper records on single sections. The ultimate intent is to acquire organisational success efficient employees direction.

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Human Resource ManagementA -A this is a modern pattern of develop and implement forces schemes to accomplish corporate aims of the organisation. This is non merely a direction map and making an extra strategic function. Chiefly consider to keep and develop the organisational civilization, values, set aims, good construction, motive and perfect way to accomplish HRM aims. ( 137410-difference-between-human-resource-development-traditional-personnel-management.html, 2010 )

Even though the construct has been changed still HRM is executing old functional activities of the forces direction in advanced manner such as occupation analysis, HR Planning, enlisting and choice, public presentation direction, preparation and etc.

Main Differences between Personnel Management and HRM

Personnel Management

Human Resource Management

Highly sing the work force ( employees ) of the organisation such as recruiting, preparation, payments, explain the occupation duties and drive them to functional activities.

This is a resource oriented attack. Chiefly focus the direction map and drive the employees to the strategically / corporate aims. It is decently organized attack.

Not clear about the aims of the direction. Merely mark to accomplish functional aims such as day-to-day public presentation to mensurate a individual.

This is a prediction of the organisational demand. Continuously step and monitoring public presentation of the employees and take immediate actions to set the operation to make aims.

This is fundamentally an operational map which is concentrating daily minor activities of the employees.

HRM isA strategicA map with batch of duties to go on the procedure throughout the full procedure.

This is keeping and administrative activity to set the people in to right path.

HRM is moreA proactive develop people to be more accurate, advanced, effectual and efficient in their duties.

Role of a HR Director

In each and every modern organisation there should be a individual to look after employees with modern Human Resource Management maps. Generally Human Resource Manager is responsible for this activity. If the organisation is holding big figure of employees need several defined beds as this organisation.

Many surveies indicate that squads, and administrations, are at their most successful when people are emotionally engaged and believe in what the squad every bit good as administration is looking to accomplish. As such it is important a squad development and endowment direction program is put together to guarantee the high public presentation and coherence of the new squads put in topographic point and possibly more significantly, derive the employees ‘buy into ‘ the program is the major duty.

A cardinal function in presenting this is the HR Director ‘s function. The function is chiefly to make value for the clients, the administration, their squad every bit good as other stakeholders within the company. The HR Director is besides responsible for keeping gross revenues and safeguarding the trade name from competition and other influential factors by making client oriented staff.

1.3 Line Manager ‘s Role

All line directors have to play a critical function in Human Resource Management. As a consequence it is indispensable that squad members are clearly briefed about the aims that need to be achieved and met, what needs to be done, by whom, why, when and how to make them. The extent to which these demand to be stressed by the line director depends on the people that are involved in the work, the work context and the nature of the peculiar undertaking. In cases where squad members are delegated certain duties, the directors need non brief them in great item and intrust them to work independently as they see fit.

It is anticipated that the bulk of the current employees of the LOCOG squad will go on within the new public private partnership. It is hence considered that these employees should be transferred to their new employer under the same footings and conditions that they presently enjoy. An employee who is unwilling to accept such a transportation should be allowed to do that determination.

The following aims have been set in order to ease the development of the squads within the freshly structured administration and this is the chief duty of each and every line director.

Increase the accomplishments, cognition and capablenesss of the squad members based on their occupation specifications and duties.

Increase the coherence and coordination between squad members and increase the degree of transparence and communicating.

2. Recruitment and Selection Process

2.1 HR Planning procedure for the London 2012 Olympics

Initially need to make situational analysis about the current state of affairs and future outlook. An analysis of the current accomplishment degrees, cognition, capablenesss, coherence and public presentation degree of the selling squad members are examined and evaluated as the first measure to place where they stand within the current administration. From the analysis the following capablenesss have been identified:

LOCOG on a regular basis financess staff preparation relevant to their countries of work/expertise.

Strong accent to enroll people within LOCOG.

Majority of employees have working experience for several old ages.

Strong functional accomplishments across trading, selling, supply, operations, web, systems and finance squads.

Limited horizontal motion between maps with staff employed to carry through specific functions.

Limited integrating between sections due to isolation of skill sets.

When looking to develop a squad it is of import to retrieve that the context in which a squad operates will impact how the squad performs and the relationship that develops as a consequence. People implement organizational schemes within the context of organizational constructions and to to the full understand how scheme may be implemented efficaciously it is of import to see direction squads and squad direction within the new administration.

Belbin ( 2004 ) has identified nine of import squad functions and assigned persons to these functions based on established personality theories. Each of these functions can be separated into three countries ; action orientated functions, people orientated functions and undertaking orientated functions. It is important to see which countries people within the current administration autumn into when looking to organize squads within the new administration. Due to the current direction attack employed within LOCOG the bulk of employees will fall between action and people orientated functions.

Having identified the functions necessary for a successful squad to work it is besides of import to see the assorted phases that will take topographic point after the formation to the squad. Harmonizing to Tuckman there are five phases of group development that squad public presentation goes through over a period of clip ; Forming ( where the squad members get together and the squad is initiated ) , Storming ( where the squad members ‘ thoughts and positions compete with each other ) , Norming ( where group harmoniousness additions ) , Performing ( where the group starts working good with each other ) and Adjourning ( where the undertaking is completed and the squad is dispersed ) . Two factors the new administration will necessitate to concentrate on are the declaration of interpersonal relationships and of undertaking activities to guarantee the coherence and high public presentation of the squads through the assorted phases mentioned.

2.2 Importance of a Structured HR planning procedure

The execution of a new structured HR Planning procedure in order to revise the function of selling is a really important alteration in civilization for both the populace and private sector. It will and can merely work to the greatest consequence if all selling and promotional activity in the Island is either under direct control or can, to a great extent, be influenced by the new administration.

The new administration must be a existent partnership if it is traveling to be successful. This makes it imperative that private sector members, who will be doing a part to the one-year budget, are given a important function to play in partnership with EDD who would go on to be the major beginning of support. Throughout the organisation, from its Board through to employees and members, persons will necessitate to subscribe to the partnership ethos and be empowered to follow a commercial attack to selling and advancing LOCOG as a best games hut to entertain participants from all around the universe.

2.3 Selection and Retaining Methods


LOCOG need to section the internal clients in order to specify their purchaser features and their acceptance outlook. Interview method is merely one choice method of the LOCOG. But it is necessary to retain all these bing staff by actuating and making skill full and gifted staff. LOCOG is a particular even and it is necessary to make suited head set of all employees.


Employee Type

Employee Type



Front Line

Employee Numberss




Buyer Characteristic


Adoptive parent

Adoptive parent


H/O based

H/O and field based

H/O and field based

Customer Contact




Business Division

All Departments

Gross saless and Selling

Gross saless, Selling, Customer service

Entree to communicating channel









The internal clients within the identified sections can be characterised under protagonists, neutrals and opposes. Supporters will to the full follow the new alterations within the administration and embracing. The impersonal employee has a cardinal stance with respect alteration, and information on the short and long term benefits to themselves and the administration will follow and accommodate to alter. Oppose is basically opposed to alter and has a traditional attack to the administrations environment.

Adoption outlook

Internal Customer




Front Line




Front Line




Front Line

It is of import for LOCOG to aim the protagonists within the direction section foremost with the internal selling program. These persons are antiphonal to alter and quick to accommodate and follow new schemes. Their personal ownership of the new internal aims will hold a positive multiplier consequence when member of the determination doing unit adapt to the new alterations. It is of import to label the directors as sentiment leaders within the concern and hence employees at the lower degrees of the hierarchy such as the forepart line and support staff sections are influenced by direction.

In add-on within each section of directors, supervisors, front line and support staff there will be protagonists, neutrals and adversaries. We will therefore aim the benefits of the internal selling program foremost on the protagonists of alteration in each section one time the supportive directors have adopted the new advanced alterations. Smith and Nephew will so follow a structured internal communicating program to aim the impersonal and adversaries with each section.


The new internal selling program for LOCOG will be positioned to the client in a client orientation model, concentrating on the demands of the client and the benefits the new program can offer them. This will be conducted in a SIVA ( solution, information, value, entree ) attack to client orientation. This mix of benefits relayed to the work force through internal communicating will actuate staff and lead to acceptance of schemes and adaptation into wok procedures.

2.4 Legal Process in basic Selection Process

Within Government fifty legal statute law there is sometimes a struggle between the demands and wants of the employees, and hence the function of HR and political and policy determination doing. Not all determinations made by authorities are popular e.g. the research grounds into the benefits of lower limit rewards suggested an unpopular cause of action. This external struggle of public sentiment and policy devising can be alleviated in portion through selling, foretelling and extenuating hazard every bit good as aiming communications around penetrations.

Each and every European state is holding separate or similar labour statute law and judicial enforcement. This has been adjusted harmonizing to the societal forms and democracy of the state. UK operates a extremely broad labor market compared to other states. This statute law criterions with the lower limit of legislative intercession and administrative ‘red tape ‘ . Employment rights have taken form around the common jurisprudence of contract and onto this cardinal pillar have been bolted a figure of statutory restraints in such domains as on the job clip, pregnancy, brotherhood rights and minimal wage. The UK does non hold a written fundamental law and its tribunal system has grown in a instead bit-by-bit manner. However, specialist employment courts are empowered to hear about all single differences and they are an incorporate component in the civil tribunal construction.

Official counsel on pregnancy provisionsA ( pdf )

Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Employment Rights Act 1996

Protection From Harassment Act 1997

National Minimum Wage Act 1998

Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

Data Protection Act 1998

Employment Rights ( Disputes Resolution ) Act 1998

Human Rights Act 1998

The Employment Relations Act 1999

Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 3312

Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 3323

( natlaw.html )

3. Principles and processs for monitoring and honoring employees

3.1 London 2010 Project ‘s occupation rating procedure





Departmental Meeting Attendance


Completion of preparation


Developmental Aims

Mid and Year End

Internal Marketing Awareness


Motivation Survey


Endowment Development


In order to accomplish the planned squad and endowment development of member of the LOCOG the above cardinal public presentation indexs need to be measured on an in agreement clip graduated table that is both realistic and accomplishable for LOCOG the person.


In order to guarantee employee motive and occupation satisfaction, persons will be required to finish a motivational questionnaire and study on occupation satisfaction. This will ab initio be on a quarterly footing. As motive and occupation satisfaction are straight linked to public presentation and keeping this is an indispensable control mechanism for the success of the development program.


The public presentation of the selling section will be monitored against both marketing end product such as the figure and type of selling communications will clients every bit good as against the overall gross revenues of Smith and nephew.

Absenteeism and staff keeping

This will be closely measured against the old twelvemonth figures absenteeism and staff turnover and its success is associated with all other facets of the development program. A failure to cut down the factors will ensue in the rating of all other facets of the development program.

Endowment development program

This will be step on the figure of successful appliers make fulling internal vacancies within LOCOG upon finishing the internal and external preparation of new accomplishments and cognition.

3.2 Reward systems and Impact on Employees ‘ Performance

The HR Manager has a nucleus function in monitoring and commanding the execution of the program and is supported by effectual pull offing information systems. This paraphrasing system program besides requires extended transverse functional communicating and relies on a collaborative instead than competitory attack to resources. The more transverse functional interaction, the more realistic the costs and the better the concluding external communications.

Budgeting sets out a program and clear end that improves coordination and motive through good recasting system. It besides enables command maps to be established to guarantee a systematic and agreed program is fulfilled. Presently the HR budget is allocated top down, with HR being allocated an overall fiscal amount by policy maps based on overall affordability, influenced to a grade by historical spend. However, the recommendation traveling frontward would be to hold a bottom up planning and command attack one time overarching aims have been agreed with policy co-workers.

Whilst a top down attack based on net income or effectivity would be desirable for paraphrasing system, the complexnesss of turn outing the part of marketing to route casualty decrease is disputing A underside up attack would reflect selling industry criterion and enable the whole squad to be involved in the budgeting procedure. It would besides promote efficiencies and value for money with less force per unit area to pass the allocated budget without the hazard that this would hold deductions on the undermentioned twelvemonth ‘s allotment. Agring a longer term scheme would be good to derive greater stableness and certainty of marketing budgets over a period of several old ages.

With a focal point on cut downing overall communicating spend across Whitehall competitory para will be more apparent than in old old ages. Rather than viing for portion of voice with other Government Departments overall spend will be down and any larger budgets will be under important examination.

3.3 Monitoring Performance

Following Deming ‘s control rhythm will guarantee that the execution of the program is efficaciously monitored against marks with action taken to turn to and issues.

Equally good as supplying a model for control and monitoring, following a quality theoretical account besides encourages a quality mentality in the squad which will better end products for both internal and external clients. The theoretical account will besides put a criterion and supply lucidity for the internal client base who have non historically worked with the selling map.

The balance scorecard attack can besides be used to supervise end products across the four cardinal countries of fiscal public presentation, internal procedures, invention and acquisition and clients. Within each country ends, steps, restrictions and frequence for reappraisal are identified. Examples of steps include:

Addition in net incomes via more targeted/relevant communications

Actual against prognosis discrepancy

Meetings and events attended

KPIS meet on service bringing

Number of ailments

Effectiveness of communications e.g. intranet page positions

Staff turnover

Staff satisfaction

Aims and preparation and development programs in topographic point

Invention against benchmark

Customer satisfaction

Customer keeping

Customer acquisition

Performance benchmarking against other Departments

Eventuality planning should besides be carried out given the restrictions of marketing operating in this new manner and in new environments. There are some influences on the effectivity of this program that we are unable to command, these should be identified and included within the hazard analysis. Due to the significance and deductions of determinations made by the Department, it is culturally really risk averse. This hazard inauspicious civilization must hence be reflected in the planning and execution of this programme of work.

4. Exit from the Administration

4.1 Exit Procedures & A ; Employee Redundant

However, where this occurs, such an employee should be considered to hold voluntarily terminated his contract instead than reassigning it and he would non, hence, have title to any redundancy footings provided by the LOCOG after the event.

Where, nevertheless, there are no tantamount functions for a LOCOG employee in the new public private partnership or where there are important differences between the function that an employee presently undertakes and other functions that remain vacant within the freshly created public private partnership, it would be inappropriate for the LOCOG to necessitate that individual to reassign. In these fortunes, the States should offer alternate suited employment for those employees within the public sector or hold reciprocally acceptable redundancy footings. Clearly, it would non be just and responsible to coerce employees into functions for which they are non suited, nor would it be reasonable to put the success of the new public private partnership in hazard if such people were placed into functions for which they did non possess the relevant cognition, accomplishments and experience.

An extra precaution that will be provided to any employee who has transferred to the new public private partnership – and which has been provided to other employees in similar fortunes – is that these people will be circulated with all vacancies that arise within the public sector and would be able to use for any such vacancies for a period of a twelvemonth following their transportation. If they were to do a occupation application so they would be treated by the LOCOG as if they were a States ‘ employee, which would intend that they would hold to set about any of the enlisting processes that are applied on such occasions to internal appliers.

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