The most important event in Bible prognostication is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It is an event so of import that there are over 300 separate prognostications associating to it in the Word of God, doing it one of the most of import philosophies in the Bible.

It is the key that unlocks the door that leads to the hereafter. No Christian can be said to hold a all-around religion who does non understand the basic truth about the Second Coming of Christ. All the roads of history and prognostication converge at this point.

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Derek Stringer is presenting today ‘s edition of Word Alive and I ‘m Brenda Critchley. The current series by Dr Stringer is undertaking what Jesus has to state about His Return and based on Matthew 24 and 25. We ‘ve reached poetries 29 to 35 of chapter 24.


For every scriptural prognostication on the first approach of Christ, there are eight refering his 2nd coming. This ought to alarm us to the importance of our subject. Christians have ever believed that one twenty-four hours Christ will return to the Earth. It is the flood tide of our credos and the concluding cogent evidence of the sovereignty of God over human history. His coming will convey an terminal to this age and Ussher in the coming land of Christ. His return will convey us the concluding phase of our salvation, the apogee of all that God has promised to those who love his Son.

Now of class while Christians have ever believed in the return of Christ, they have frequently disagreed over the inside informations. In our twenty-four hours there is a lively argument over how the Rapture relates to the Second Coming. Some see them as the same event. Others see them as separated by three-and-a-half old ages or seven old ages. And many Christians are like the adult male who told me he is “ pan-trib, ” intending he believes it ‘s all traveling to “ pan out ” in the terminal. He ‘s surely right that God ‘s program will finally come to go through.

Each twelvemonth I teach the Book of Revelation in a twosome of Bible Schools, one in England and the other in Sweden. This gives me juncture to re-study the Rapture inquiry and the assorted positions of how the Rapture relates to the Tribulation. Without traveling into great item, I should state up forepart that I think this is an country where Christians can unfeignedly see things in different ways.

Basically the issue comes down to the fact that the New Testament presents the truth of the Second Coming in assorted transitions that offer different images of the return of Christ. Those images ( or images, if you will ) are non wholly the same. No one transition tells us everything. No affair which view you hold, you have to believe about how Matthew 24 relates to 1 and 2 Thessalonians and how those transitions relate to the book of Revelation.

Many Bible pupils ( myself included ) believe that Christ ‘s return will happen in two phases. This is normally called the “ Pre-Tribulation Ecstasy ” position. That is, we believe Christ will come before the Trial to raise dead Christians and to “ rapture ” or raise off the Earth populating trusters. Those Christians who are raised or raptured will be taken to heaven ( the “ Father ‘s house ” of John 14:1-3 ) where their plants will be judged


( 2 Corinthians 5:10 ) .


This “ Judgement Seat of Christ ” will be followed by the “ Marriage Supper of the Lamb ”


( Revelation 19 ) .


While this is traveling on in Eden, the horrors of the seven-year Tribulation ( the “ seventieth hebdomad ” of Daniel 9 ) will blossom on the Earth. The Antichrist will be revealed and he will perpetrate the “ abomination that causes devastation ”


( Matthew 24:15 )


This will be at the center of the Tribulation. The last three-and-a-half old ages will be marked by a sequence of opinions that result in the near-total devastation of human society. When humanity, holding chosen to follow the Antichrist, has become a decomposing cadaver ready for concluding opinion


( Matthew 24:28 ) ,


Jesus will return from Eden with the saints and angels at his side. He will get the better of the Antichrist and set up his land on the Earth


( Revelation 19-20 ) .


His coming at the terminal of the Tribulation is frequently called the “ Glorious Appearing. ”


( Titus 2:13 ) .


The difference between the Rapture and the Glorious Appearing of Christ can be put this manner.

In the Rapture, Christ comes for his saints, at the Glorious Appearing, he comes with his saints. The Rapture takes topographic point in the air, the Glorious Appearing on the Earth.

In the Ecstasy trusters go from Earth to heaven, at the Glorious Appearing they go from heaven to Earth.

At the Rapture Jesus comes to honor his people, at the Glorious Appearing he comes to judge the Earth.

At the Ecstasy he claims his bride, while at the Glorious Appearing he comes with his bride.

The Rapture takes topographic point before the Trial ; the Glorious Appearing takes topographic point after the Trial.

The one marks the beginning of the Tribulation, the other the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom. At the Ecstasy trusters are saved from the “ Wrath of the Lamb, ” at the Glorious Appearing Christ appears to convey an terminal to the “ Wrath of the Lamb. ”

There are no marks of the Rapture while there are many marks of the Glorious Appearing of Christ at the terminal of the Tribulation.

Having said that, and while confirming that I believe these things, I besides acknowledge that many thoughtful Bible pupils ( including some friends of mine ) do non see things this manner. And I freely admit that there is no poetry that says, “ Christ will come before the Trial. ” There is room for treatment and argument on this subject.

In this series, I am learning what I believe the Bible Teachs. However, I encourage all who hear my words or read the transcript to seek the prophetic Bibles for themselves. Be a pupil of God ‘s Word. Read, survey, comparison, analyse. I commend the whole subject of Bible prognostication to you as one that is both absorbing and personally enlightening.

And that brings me back to the chief point, which is that Christians have ever believed in the Second Coming of Christ.


Jesus himself declared, “ I will come back. ”


When Christ ascended into Eden, the angels promised the adherents that “ this same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same manner you have seen him travel into Eden. ”

Belief in the Second Coming has ever been considered one of the cardinal truths of our religion. Even though we have frequently argued about the inside informations environing his return, Christians of every denomination have agreed on this fact: Jesus Christ is coming once more. I find it extremely important that three times in Revelation 22 ( the last chapter of the Bible ) Christ specifically declares, “ I am coming shortly! ” And the last supplication of the Bible is a supplication for the Second Coming: “ Come, Lord Jesus. ”

Acts 1:11 makes it clear that Jesus himself will one twenty-four hours return to the Earth. It will be “ this same Jesus ” who is coming once more. Twice in one poetry Luke uses the word “ same ” to state us something important about the Second Coming. The same Jesus who left will one twenty-four hours return. And he will return the same manner that he left. If apparent English can hold any significance at all, those words teach us that Jesus is coming back personally, literally, visibly and bodily. We might besides add that his coming will be sudden and unexpected.


Luke 24:50 to 52 informs us that as Jesus reached out his custodies to bless his adherents, he began to lift from the face of the earth-evidently without any warning whatsoever. We can presume that his return to the Earth will be no less amazing and no less surprising.


This is genuinely an dumbfounding idea.

The same Jesus who was born in Bethlehem is coming once more.

The same Jesus who grew up in Nazareth is coming once more.

The same Jesus who turned H2O into vino is coming once more.

The same Jesus who walked on H2O is coming once more.

The same Jesus who healed the Lord ‘s boy is coming once more.

The same Jesus who raised Lazarus is coming once more.

The same Jesus who entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday is coming once more.

The same Jesus who wept over Jerusalem is coming once more.

The same Jesus who was betrayed by Judas is coming once more.

The same Jesus who was whipped, crush, scourged, mocked, and condemned to decease is coming once more. The same Jesus who died on Mount Calvary is coming once more.

The same Jesus who rose from the dead on Easter Sunday forenoon is coming once more.

The same Jesus who ascended into Eden is coming once more.

That ‘s what we mean when we say that Jesus is coming once more.

The existent, historical figure who lived 2,000 old ages ago on the other side of the universe is returning to the Earth one more clip. Kind of blows your head, does n’t it?

There awaits in the hereafter an event more fantastic, more startling, more astonishing, and more blessed than anything that has happened in the last 2,000 old ages. I speak of the actual, seeable, bodily return of Christ to the Earth. No event may look less likely to modern work forces and adult females ; no event is more certain in the visible radiation of divine Scripture.

Poetries 29 to 31 describe the coming of Christ at the terminal of the Tribulation period. They deserve our careful attending because in them we discover the precise fortunes environing and following that great event.

First: There is the Time of His Coming.


“ Immediately after the hurt of those yearss. ”


Other interlingual renditions use the phrase “ instantly after the trial of those yearss. ” In this context, the mention can merely be to the coming seven-year trial that instantly precedes the coming of Christ to the Earth.

Jesus has merely finished warning his adherents about the Antichrist who will perpetrate the “ abomination that causes devastation ” taking to a clip of problem ne’er earlier seen on the Earth and ne’er to be seen once more.

That anticipation, though prefigured by the Roman conquering of Jerusalem in AD 70, has ne’er been literally fulfilled. But in the yearss to come the whole universe will be plunged into pandemonium as the Antichrist rises to power and the assorted opinions of Revelation are poured out on the Earth. When those yearss have come to their appointed fearful flood tide, so Jesus will return to the Earth.

Following: There is The Heavenly Signs of His Coming.


“ The Sun will be darkened, and the Moon will non give its visible radiation ; the stars will fall from the sky, and the celestial organic structures will be shaken. ”


Note that Jesus references three specific cosmic “ marks ” of the return of Christ, and so one general cosmic “ mark. ”

The Sun will be darkened.

The Moon will non give its visible radiation.

The stars will fall from the sky.

The celestial organic structures will be shaken.

The most of import point to be made is that these are actual events that will go on in the hereafter.

There is no ground to construe them symbolically, as if they are nil more than nonliteral window dressing, a spot of revelatory coloring to affect us with the gravitation of the Second Coming. No! The Sun will someway be darkened and the Moon will vanish. The stars will fall from the sky and every star, planet, comet, meteor, asteroid, and every other celestial organic structure will be shaken out its God-appointed topographic point.

There is no ground to doubt that this will go on. After all, Colossians 1 Tells us that in Christ all things hold together. He is the “ gum of the existence. ” If Christ were to state the word today, the Sun would be darkened, the Moon would travel black, and the stars would fall from the sky. For that affair, if Christ said the word, gravitation would discontinue and the existence would detonate into millions of pieces. The lone ground things hold together right now is the autonomous word of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When Christ returns, the gravitative field will be altered someway, doing the stars to swerve from their classs and the planets to stagger off in infinite. It will be the most astonishing event in universe history. Here are three words to depict that minute: terrifying, universe broad, and unmistakable. No 1 will lose what is go oning or is about to go on.

All these things are marks of godly opinion. They are God ‘s manner of waking up a rebellious universe and stating, “ You wanted nil to make with me so I let you travel your ain manner. You followed the Antichrist and gave him your commitment and expression where it ‘s got you. Your ascendants rejected my Son and you have followed his demonic replacing. O universe, there is bad intelligence in front. You made the incorrect pick. You forgot about me. The Day of Judgement has eventually come. ”

I am reminded of the supplication one adult male usage to pray, “ Lord, give a shaking if we need it. ” In that twenty-four hours the universe will acquire the agitating it deserves.

And Third, there is The World of His Coming in verse 30:


“ At that clip the mark of the Son of Man will look in the sky, and all the states of the Earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glorification. ”


This poetry describes the actual return of Christ to the Earth.

Zechariah 14 Tells us that when Christ comes, his pess will touch down on the Mount of Olives. The Second Coming will be like a baronial emanation that everyone will see in the sky.

Unlike the Rapture, which happens in the “ blink of an eye of an oculus, ” the warring battlers ( led by the Antichrist ) who gather foremost to assail each other and so fall in forces to assail the Son of God as he journeys from heaven to Earth, will really see Christ in the skies as he makes his manner from heaven to earth, surrounded by the saints and the angels and the billowing clouds of God ‘s glorification. The phrase “ all the states ” is literally “ all the folk of the Earth, ” foremost and foremost a mention to the folks of Israel. It extends to the states but its primary significance is Israel.

The people of the Earth will mourn when they see Christ returning because 1 ) they know he is coming in opinion, and 2 ) they will gain they are non ready for his coming. This will be a mark seeable to the full Earth.

The Book of Revelation puts it this manner:


“ He is coming with the clouds, and every oculus will see him, even those who pierced him, and all folks of the Earth will howl on history of him. ”


The Second Coming of Christ will be “ with power and great glorification. ” Possibly the best manner to understand that statement is to compare the fortunes environing the first and 2nd approachs.

The first clip Jesus came unnoticed into the universe, the 2nd clip “ every oculus will see him. ” In his first coming Jesus humbled himself, being born in a stable in Bethlehem. When he returns, he will come back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

In his first coming he endured the jeer of work forces who despised him for his goodness. Although he was the Son of God, he allowed them to set him to decease, that he might thereby supply redemption for the universe. When he comes once more, all jeer will discontinue for he will govern the states with a rod of Fe. He came the first clip as the Lamb of God ; he comes once more as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Two thousand old ages ago the spiritual leaders shouted in contempt, “ He saved others, but he ca n’t salvage himself! ”


The twenty-four hours is coming when the whole universe will see Jesus as he truly is.


When that happens, every articulatio genus will bow and every lingua confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glorification of God the Father.

Around the first coming scratch the word HUMILTY in letters big and bold. Around his 2nd coming scratch the word GLORY so that all the universe may see. Nothing could be more natural than a exultant return of our winning Lord. Though he was one time “ detested and rejected of work forces, ” he will one twenty-four hours return “ in power and great glorification, ” heralded by angels and accompanied by his saints.

All this brings us to what Jesus says about The Consequence of His Coming, there in poetry 31:


“ And he will direct his angels with a loud cornet call, and they will garner his chosen from the four air currents, from one terminal of the celestial spheres to the other. ”


Once Christ returns to the Earth, he will direct the angels to garner the “ elite ” from the four corners of the Earth. The “ elite ” are the true trusters in Jesus found in every state and in every civilization. Though many will be in concealing to get away the persecution of the Antichrist, the Lord knows his ain, he knows where they are, and his angels know where to happen them. These are true trusters who did non take the grade, who would non follow the Antichrist, and who managed to get away being beheaded by the Antichrist. Though hounded and hated and tracked down similar wild animate beings, they survived the awful last old ages of the Great Tribulation and now are being assembled before the Lord Jesus Christ.

I believe that this is besides the minute when the saints of the Old Testament are raised from the dead.

The “ elite ” who are gathered are Tribulation Saints who believed in Jesus plus the Old Testament trusters who are raised from the dead. They are gathered together and brought into the millennian land Christ will set up on the Earth. They, along with the already-raised and raptured trusters of the church age, will represent the get downing population of the earthly land of Christ.

This assemblage of the “ elite ” suggests a universe broad crop of psyches in the concluding yearss. Even when Satan is let loose to bring mayhem on the Earth, even so God ‘s grace will hold a profound consequence on 1000000s of people. Those who are chosen by God and called by God will react in profound salvaging religion. While the universe goes to hell, 1000000s will happen the manner to heaven.

Write beside this poetry “ Romans 11:26. ” In that poetry, the Apostle Paul declares that when Christ returns, “ All Israel will be saved. ”

At this point the prognostications of Zechariah will come to go through: “ And the Lord will give redemption to the collapsible shelters of Judah foremost, that the glorification of the house of David and the glorification of the dwellers of Jerusalem may non excel that of Judah. ”


“ And I will pour out on the house of David and the dwellers of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplications for clemency, so that, when they look on me, on him whom they have pierced, they shall mourn for him, as one mourns for an lone kid, and weep bitterly over him, as one weeps over a eldest. ”

“ On that twenty-four hours there shall be a fountain opened for the house of David and the dwellers of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from wickedness and dirtiness. ”


Dayss are coming when Jews in huge Numberss will volitionally, freely, lief and openly trust Christ as Saviour. They will look upon him whom they pierced, they will gain their error, a fountain of forgiveness will be opened to them, the partial sightlessness


( see Romans 11 )


that has come upon the Judaic people will be removed, and the state as a state will change by reversal its opinion made 2,000 old ages ago.

The official rejection of Jesus Christ will be thrown out of tribunal, so to talk, and he will be enthroned in his proper topographic point as the true Son of David who comes in the name of the Lord. At the present clip, merely a bantam leftover of the Jews have embraced Christ as Lord. But all that will alter when Jesus returns to the Earth.

The Sons of Abraham will come place to the Son of David and worship him as Lord and Saviour.


You are listening to Word Alive with Derek Stringer. Today ‘s subject is The Return of Jesus Christ to earth and based on Matthew 24. We have recordings of this series available every bit good as transcripts. I ‘ll give you inside informations at the terminal of the programme.

We ‘ve reached poetries 32 to 35. Back to Derek.


Our transition closes with an account about the timing of the Second Coming and an encouragement about the abiding nature of the words of Jesus.

There ‘s An Illustration from Nature here,


“ Now larn this lesson from the fig tree: Equally shortly as its branchlets acquire stamp and its foliages come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. ”


The adherents would hold easy understood this illustration. They knew that every spring the foliages begin to turn on the branchlets and the buds Begin to develop. That was a certain mark that summer was non far off. It might be a few hebdomads or several months, but the foliages and the buds meant that summer was coming shortly. In the same manner, the coming of Christ at the terminal of the Tribulation will be preceded by a whole series of events, some of them mentioned by Christ in Matthew 24, others found in the Old Testament, and still others set Forth in the book of Revelation.

Those events will be so strikingly obvious that they could non be missed. They are like cardinal pieces of a saber saw mystifier that eventually fall into topographic point. When you see those pieces of the prophetic mystifier, you know the terminal is near.


As was pointed out earlier in this series, there are many “ marks ” that may be seen in greater or lesser grade in every coevals.


Yes. Listen to this quotation mark: “ I dare non marry, the hereafter is so unsettled. ” That was MP William Wilberforce back in 1801.

Here ‘s another quotation mark: “ There is barely anything unit of ammunition about us but destroy and desperation. ” And that was PM William Pitt in 1805.

And who said, “ In industry, commercialism and agribusiness there is no hope ” ? That was PM Benjamin Disraeli back in 1844.

You see, every age is a hard age.

What Jesus is indicating out about the terminal of the age is this.

It is the combination of marks plus the increasing pacing of those events that will tag the last yearss. Plus there are some perfectly alone things, such as the “ abomination that causes devastation ” by the Antichrist on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem at the center of the Tribulation that will tip off thoughtful perceivers that the coming of Christ is “ near, right at the door. ”

By the manner, some translators have seen in this illustration of the budding of the fig tree a anticipation of the reestablishment of Israel as a state in 1948. While that event has immense prophetic deductions, I doubt that it is what Jesus meant in these poetries. He could hold used an olive tree and the point would hold been the same. When you see any fruit tree seting Forth foliages and buds in the spring, you know that summer is non far away.

Then in poetry 34 Jesus makes this promise: “ I tell you the truth, this coevals will surely non go through off until all these things have happened. ”


The great inquiry is this: What coevals was Jesus speaking about when he used the phrase “ this coevals? ”


It ca n’t mention to the first-century coevals that heard his words because the events he spoke approximately did non go on in their coevals. Even if you say that the autumn of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 prefigures the events of the last yearss, there is no sense in which the events of poetries 29-31 happened in the first century-or any clip since so.

There are two likely ways to construe “ this coevals ” and both of them may be right.

The first position suggests that “ this coevals ” refers to the coevals alive when the events prophesied in Mathew 24 Begin to blossom. That coevals will non go through off until Jesus himself returns to the Earth. In this position Jesus is stating that when the concluding play begins to blossom, the concatenation of events taking to the Second Coming will go on quickly-within a coevals.

The 2nd position points out that the Greek word translated “ coevals ” can some times mean “ race ” or “ cultural group. ” In the context of Matthew 23 and 24, the significance would be something like this, “ This atheistic race of people, the state of Israel, will non go through off, but will be preserved by God across the centuries ( even in disbelief ) until all of God ‘s intents for them are eventually fulfilled. ”

This is the position taken by Bishop J. C. Ryle, for case. He notes that other observers across the centuries have seen in this poetry a kind of Godhead protection for the Judaic people. And it is an astonishing miracle to see “ the indestructible Jew, ” as one author put it. Though despised and persecuted and chased from topographic point to topographic point, and though Hitler did his best to pass over out the Jews wholly, Hitler is gone and the Jews remain. In our ain life-time, the state of Israel has been re-established for the first clip in 2,000 old ages. This has non happened by opportunity or by the manus of adult male, non even by Judaic bravery and inventiveness, but by the manus of Almighty God who swore a promise to Abraham and guaranteed that promise with an curse. By the manner, there are promised for the Arabs every bit good.


( see Genesis 15 and Hebrews 6:12-20 ) .


The God who can non lie has preserved the Judaic people across the centuries while the states that have attacked them have mostly fallen to the dust.

There follows A Guarantee to Every Coevals:


“ Heaven and Earth will go through off, but my words will ne’er go through away. ”


Here is a fantastic promise and a warrant to every coevals.

We learn two of import truths from this poetry:

1 ) This existence is non ageless. Contrary to the guesss of certain scientists and philosophers, the existence had a definite beginning and will hold a definite stoping. It exists because God called it into being and it will go through away whenever God says the word.

2 ) The words of Christ will stand everlastingly. I know that many will jeer and some will express joy at the things I have said in this discourse. To the adult male of the universe, the impression that Jesus will one twenty-four hours return seems a antic impression, like a fairy narrative. It sounds absurd to the adult male who does non cognize God. How could person who lived 2,000 old ages ago return to the Earth in the twenty-first century? “ What makes you think Jesus will come back? ” they say. “ All things continue as they have from the beginning of creative activity. ”


( rephrasing 2 Peter 3 ) .


Even Jesus himself pointed out the job: “ When the Son of Man comes, will he happen religion on Earth? ” I frankly admit the trouble. Jesus has been gone a long clip. Will we still believe in His Word? Do we still look for His coming? Or have we relegated the Second Coming to the class of “ Nice Things That Probably Wo n’t Happen in My Lifetime? ”

His Word will stand. Every jot and every shred will be fulfilled. He will return, merely as he promised. Better to doubt the Torahs of nature than the word of the Risen Christ. Better to believe that the Sun and Moon have fallen from the sky than to doubt his word.

Few believed in the promise of his first coming ; few believe he is coming once more. But whether many believe or few believe of even if no 1 believes, Jesus is coming once more.

There is a term that theologians use to depict the coming of Christ. They say that his coming is at hand. The word literally means “ at any minute. ”

When we declare that his coming is at hand, we mean that it is aˆ¦

Always possible in every coevals,

and Never impossible in any coevals.

Jesus is coming, he may come shortly, and he could come today.


Derek Stringer will be back in merely a minute to round up today ‘s subject about the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ, so please do n’t travel off. We ‘re ever happy to prosecute in conversation with you about what you hear in Word Alive. This is of import material and we welcome your remarks.

We ‘re doing recording of this and other messages in the series available. Just inquire us for inside informations. We will direct free transcripts to an electronic mail reference.

You can make us by FREE PHONE here in the UK on 08,000 92 78 92.

That ‘s 08,000 92 78 92.

The web site will give you all our contact inside informations including the electronic mail That ‘s Word Alive is a Good News Broadcasting Association production with Dr Derek Stringer.

And now, back to Derek.


The narrative is told of a man of affairs who, holding an errand to run at his office, took his immature boy along with him. He asked the male child to wait on the stairss while he went indoors to make his work. Soon he became so engrossed with his concern that he forgot about his boy waiting outside. Leaving the edifice by a different door, he went place entirely. Several hours subsequently the household sat down to dinner but the boy was non present. His female parent became dying and wondered where he might be. Then the male parent remembered where he left his boy. Travel rapidlying back to his topographic point of work, he found his boy, tired and hungry, waiting as he had been instructed to make. “ I knew that you would come, father, ” he said, “ you said you would. ”

Two thousand old ages have passed since Jesus went to heaven, and some of God ‘s kids feel tired and hungry. We wonder why Jesus has n’t come back yet. Possibly he has forgotten us. Possibly he made other programs. If you feel like that small male child, take bosom. It ‘s been a long clip from our point of position, but he ‘s merely been gone for two yearss from Eden ‘s position. He said he would come back-and he will.

Keep believing. He has n’t forgotten you. Soon Christ will return for his ain. With this hope we lay our loved 1s to rest in decease. With this hope we rise each forenoon, expression to the eastern sky, and state, “ Possibly today. ”

All Christians believe that Jesus will come back someday. He said he would aˆ• and he ne’er forgets his promises.


Here is the application of this great truth. JESUS IS COMING.


That much is certain. The precise clip is hidden in the bosom of God. It may be shortly. It may non be for a 100 old ages. But one of these yearss, the sky will divide unfastened, there will a loud cry, the voice of the archangel, and the cornet call of God. Then the dead in Christ will lift foremost. Populating trusters will be raptured, and all God ‘s kids will lift to run into the Lord in the air. That starts the concatenation of events that leads finally to the return of Christ to the Earth.

Since no 1 knows when the ecstasy will happen, our occupation as trusters is really clear:

Believe in his approach.

Pray for his coming.

Love his coming.

Preach his coming.

Watch for his coming.

Delay for his coming.

Expect his coming.

Expression for his coming.

Live as if it might be today and one twenty-four hours you wo n’t be disappointed. If you do n’t cognize Jesus, do n’t wait another twenty-four hours, another hr, another 2nd. Run to the cross, put your wickednesss on Jesus, and trust him as your Saviour. This is the most of import determination you can of all time do. Make n’t be caught unprepared when the Son of God returns to the Earth.




In the following Word Alive we ‘re be aftering as God allows to undertake the subject Why Jesus May Come At Any Moment.


Thankss for fall ining us today. I ‘m Brenda, Phil Critchley is our Manufacturer and Derek Stringer has been our Bible Teacher. Good-bye and God bless you.

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