The followers are the chief types of concerted endeavors:
I. Producer Cooperative Societies

These are formed to extinguish the jobbers and capitalist groups from the industrial production. Its chief intent is to bring forth goods for the demands of its members. Excess productions are besides supplied to out riders in the unfastened market at net income. All the necessary activities. as production. direction and selling are performed by the members themselves. Its members get dividend on the footing of the capital invested by them.

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( a ) To buy the natural stuffs and other factors at most economical monetary values.
( B ) To bring forth the goods at the most economical degree.
( degree Celsius ) To oversee the production most expeditiously and efficaciously.
( vitamin D ) To dispose of the excess production to non members at maximal monetary values.
( vitamin E ) To extinguish the jobbers and capitalists.
( degree Fahrenheit ) To take the worker’s grudges in regard of working conditions. rewards etc.
( g ) To set up for the democratic control of the industrial unit. two. Consumer Cooperative Societies

The society is the voluntary association of ordinary people formed with the object of obtaining day-to-day demands of the members. It straight purchases the goods at big graduated table from the manufacturer or jobbers at whole sale monetary value. It therefore eliminates capitalists. retail merchants and other jobbers from the channel of distribution and members are in a place to do their purchase at deceiver rate. Anyone can go member by buying one portion of the society. Sometimes goods are besides supplied to non-members but they do non portion in the net income of the society. Net income earned by the shop are distributed among the members harmonizing to the value of the purchases conducted by the director who is elected by the members.

By and large its two types are popular in the universe. ( a ) Retail concerted shop.

( B ) Wholesale concerted shop.
1. To extinguish the retail merchants. capitalists and jobbers.
2. To advance the public assistance of the members.
3. To provide the day-to-day necessities of life to its members at market monetary value.
4. To increase the buying power an criterion of life of the members of the society.

three. Marketing Concerted Society

It is the voluntary association of manufacturers formed for the object of set uping the disposal of their end product. It pools together the end product of the single members and arranges to provide the merchandise at highest possible monetary value. The net income of the sale of the ~ merchandises is distributed among the lending manufacturers harmonizing to their single part to the pool. This sort of society is peculiarly utile for the little manufacturers and agriculturalists. It can be formed in two organisation harmonizing to the local status of the state i. vitamin E.

( a ) Single intent society
( B ) Multi purposes society


1. To extinguish the jobbers who are apt of the high cost of selling.
2. To pool together the end product of the single members.
3. To rate and procedure of the pooling merchandises of the members.
4. To dispose of the merchandise at the maximal monetary value.
5. To set supply to demand.
6. To supply storage installations to its members.
7. To secure the information associating to market for the member’s merchandise.
8. To supply the fiscal installations to its members.

four. Insurance Cooperative Society

This type of concerted society is formed for the objects of supplying group insurance installations to its members. It makes the contract with sound insurance company on corporate footings and conditions and therefore pay lower premium rate to insurance company as compared with ordinary policy holders. These are other two signifiers of concerted Insurance i. vitamin E.

1. Common office
2. Self concern.

In the Mutual office. the policy holders are the proprietors and the net income of the insurance company is utilized in the undermentioned ways:
( a ) To beef up the fiscal place of the company.
( B ) To diminish true sum of premium.
( degree Celsius ) To administer fillip to its members.

Self concern

Concerted society is organized to supply insurance installations like the private insurance company and issued policy to its members for sensible


1. To supply insurance installations to its members.
2. To bear down the low rate of premium.
3. To advance the public assistance of the members.
4. To promote the wont of thrift and investing.

v. Housing Cooperative society

It is an association of in-between and low income groups of people. Generally it is formed in urban countries. The chief intent of this signifier of society is to protect its members against development by landlords. It non merely grants fiscal aid to its members but besides achieve the economic sciences of purchase of constructing stuff in majority. In order to go a member of the society 1 must purchase at least one portion of the society. The liability of the member is limited to his capital contributed. It is besides called “Building Society” and may be divided into three types i. vitamin E.

( 1 ) Housing Building Society
( 2 ) Land Society
( 3 ) Finance Society


1. To have sedimentations from its members.
2. To do loans to its members for the building of house at low rate of involvement.
3. To render proficient services for its members.
4. To buy edifice stuffs at economical rate.
5. To execute the public assistance activities as H2O supply. roads. sewage. electricity etc.

six. Concerted Farming Society

This signifier of Society is formed with the object of obtaining the benefits of big graduated table agriculture and maximising agricultural merchandises. It is fundamentally agricultural. concerted which is confined to agricultural states. Its members by and large relate to the formers including those outstanding land. The concerted forming are of the undermentioned types:

1. Concerted corporate agriculture Society.
2. Concerted joint agriculture society.
3. Concerted better farming society.
4. Concerted renter farming society.


( a ) To consolidate retention.
( B ) To present new technique of cultivation.
( degree Celsius ) To better the irrigating system.
( vitamin D ) To increase the country under agricultural operations.
( vitamin E ) To do necessary stairss for the betterments of the criterion of life of the husbandmans.
( degree Fahrenheit ) To increase the production per acre.
( g ) To supply seeds manures and implements to its members.
( H ) To dispose of agricultural end product.

seven. Credit Cooperative Society

Credit concerted society is the voluntary association of. the financially weak individuals organized with the object of supplying short term fiscal demands to them. This society performs of import function in the rural countries where the dishonest money loaners have been working simple villagers by bear downing high rate of involvement. The Funds of the society consist of ( a ) Membership fees. ( B ) Dispose of portions ( degree Celsius ) Deposits from members and non-members

( vitamin D ) Loan from govt. and semi govt. The liability of members is limitless. This assists the society in raising financess and ensures that every member will take acute involvement in the activities of the society. The society prefers the poorer members in allowing loan and charges low rate of involvement from them. By and large the society advances the sum for productive intents but some loans are besides given to members for unproductive intents. Credit concerted society may be divided into two types:

( 1 ) Agricultural Credit Society
( 2 ) Non-agricultural recognition Society


( a ) To acquire rid of the force per unit area of money loaners.
( B ) To supply the fiscal installations for short term to its members.
( degree Celsius ) To maintain the minimal rate of involvement on loan.
( vitamin D ) To develop the wont of thrift and economy among the members.
( degree Fahrenheit ) To promote the wont of common assistance.

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