For old ages at that place have been districts onslaughts on US installations overseas by assorted anti American groups, some of which have been by Islam terrorist groups, but until September 11, 2001 small attending was given to Islam as being a violent faith. The inquiry arises as to endure in fact the Islamic faith Teachs force. Is it an evil faith or is it like all other faiths that have their dark sides to cover with. Not merely is the Jihad a turning concern but besides the internal civil war, Muslims on Muslims. Along with the inquiry of force is the inquiry of adult females rights. Does Islam learn the suppression of the female, and what does the Quran have to state about it. Islam is the fastest turning faith in the universe and the 2nd largest. Does this growing come from conquering or is at that place some other ground people are change overing. The fact that so many states in the universe have Islam as a major faith gives rise to even more inquiries, as to the conformance of Islam in different civilizations, and how much of what seems to be Islam is merely the civilization of the part. Besides the inquiry of how does Christianity compare to Islam, and what influence has it had on Islam. To reply these inquiries and more it is logical to get down at the beginning, with the formation of Islam, and that needs to get down with the prophesier Muhammad.

History of Islam

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Muslims claim that Islam started with the beginning of clip. In fact it could be perceived that manner since Islam accepts all of the Judo-Christian Prophetss and Adam and Eve, but merely as Christianity has its roots in Judaism, but its beginning is with Jesus, so in world Islam ‘s beginning would be with the prophesier Muhammad.

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Who was Muhammad

The positions of most beginnings can be seen in the statement by Daniel, N. ( 1993 ) “ Muhammad ‘s claim to be no more than the courier of God is inexplicit in the words used by a broad assortment of writers. ” ( p.36 ) The prophesier Muhammad lived between 570 and 632 A.D. and was born in Mecca Arabia. His first disclosure was when he was forty during a retreat to Mount Hira. Over the following 20 five old ages the angle Gabriel spoke to him giving what is now the Quran. At this clip he started prophesying Islam, and as with most Prophetss his message was non taken good by the leaders of his clip, including his uncle that raised him. It became necessary for Muhammad to travel his converts to a safer topographic point, so they moved to Medina in 615 A.D. Because of Arabian life at the clip Muhammad found he, Dunn, J. ( 1996 ) “ had to move like a solon, politician, justice, and king all rolled into one, ” in order to convey the Muslims in Medina together. Life in Arabia at the clip was purely tribal, and household orientated, so the Muslims that moved from other countries were cut off from their households and folk. It besides added to the job that the local Muslims were more flush, so the divide between rich and hapless Muslims had to be dealt with. Over the following 17 old ages Muhammad continued to acquire disclosures from God while keeping his freshly formed group of Muslims together, and contending off those that would stamp down his message.

Different schools in Islam

The chief difference and animus between the different schools of Islam has to make with the sequence to Muhammad, and who should govern. Shi’as believes Muhammad ‘s inheritors should be Caliphate, were as Sunnis believed it was the one Muhammad would hold chosen. Today due to no inheritors to Muhammad Shi’as elect a supreme Imam similar to the Catholic Pope. The Sunnis are like the Protestant in that they do non hold official Pope.

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Islam and Christianity

Much of the belligerencies between Islam and Christianity can be traced to the Holy wars. Islamic jehad is nil compared to Christian Crusades that were fought for land and wealths in the name of God. Moslems are supposed to see Christians and Jews as brothers, as stated by Daniel, N. ( 1993 ) “ Muslims are commanded to believe in God and the Law and the Prophets and the Gospel of Jesus

Jesus and non to do any difference between them. ” ( p.38 ) Because Christian, Jews, and Muslims all have the same God they are to be respectful of each other.

Islam and adult females

The subjugation of adult females in Islam has more to make with local civilization so it does with being a Muslim. As an illustration pre- Islamic adult females in Arabia were treated as belongings with no right to ain belongings. Islam changed that, at least in the beginning. Harmonizing to Dunn, J. ( 1996 )

With Muhammad, nevertheless, Arabian adult females for the first clip in history had a leader who proclaimed they were entitled to certain rights. The Prophet, for case, declared that adult females had the same legal standing as work forces. During pre-Islamic times parents of girls who married received a nuptial gift, or dowery, from the groom ‘s household. But under Islamic jurisprudence this gift belonged to the bride herself. ( p.34 )

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Another point of view of Muhammad ‘s release of adult females is found in a aggregation of Hagiographas called Islam Opposing Viewpoints, an extract from an interview by George Lerner with Nawal el-Saadawi anIslamic adult female follows, Bender, D. and Leone, B. ( Eds. ) ( 1995 )

You describe early Islam as holding been a force of release for adult females. In the West, some people conceive of Islam as being oppressive towards adult females, as represented by the head covering.

Many people in the West think Arab adult females are oppressed because of Islam. This is non true. When I compared the Koran to the Christian Bible, to the Old Testament, or to the Hindu

Bhagavad Gita, and when I examined the relationships of these faiths to adult females, I discovered that Islam is less oppressive to adult females than Christianity or Judaism.

Merely as Christianity changed many things in the early Christian universe, but subsequently reverted back to regional imposts and Torahs, so did the Torahs refering to adult females. Other misunderstood imposts such as solitude, a usage that has the adult females dress modestly with head coverings to conceal their beauty, and remaining at place, alternatively of traveling out in public were it was unsafe for adult females, has been seen as subjugation of adult females. Dunn, J. ( 1996 ) argues that “ from a Muslims point of position, what solitude provided was a signifier of protection for adult females from anarchic brigands by sequestering them at place. ” ( p.33 ) Polygamy is another usage foreigner to the Western civilization, except for the Mormons, that had the same job. Both were faced with a deficit of work forces due to force and the short life, which resulted in many single and unprotected adult females. The solution was polygamy with limitations. Dunn, J. ( 1996 ) A adult male could merely hold four married womans every bit long as he could supply for them and handle them every bit. ( p.32 )

Islam Good or Evil 6

Islam force, jehad, and tattarrus

Quran 2:62

Lo! Those who believe ( in that which is revealed unto thee, Muhammad ) , and those who are Jews, and Christians, and Sabaeans – whoever believeth in God and the Last Day and doeth right – certainly their wages is with their Lord, and at that place shall no fright come upon them neither shall they sorrow

Violence has been a portion of Islam from the beginning, but in retrospect much has been in supporting itself. The Quran as seen above Teachs that the Jews, Christian and Sabaeans are to be considered like Muslims in that they worship the same God. Like all the Prophetss their message was non accepted by the

established rigilious leaders at the clip. Most were persecuted and many killed. Muhammad and his message of Islam are no exclusion. Harmonizing to Pickthall, M. ( 2007 ) “ So barbarous was the persecution they endured that the Prophet advised all who could perchance plan to make so to immigrate to a Christian state, Abyssinia ” . They did so and settled at an oasis of Medina. Attacks from idol worshippers in Mecca to Jews in Medina, were some of the jobs Muhammad had trade with, and force became a necessary solution. Interpretations of conflicts and war are subjective at best, and those at the start of Islam have both positive and negative studies. When covering with controversial topics it becomes necessary to spot the motivations of the writers and take some information with a grain of salt. One such is a book that within the first pages it is apparent the writer will non happen anything positive to state about Islam and jihad, nevertheless even in these Hagiographas some positive information can be found. An illustration can be found in his history of this in-migration when he says, Cook, D. ( 2005 ) “ The persecution

Islam Good or Evil 7

of the heathen Quraysh forced the Muslims to emigrate to Medina. ” Making it sound like Muslims were oppressing the heathens when in fact it was the other manner around. This continues throughout the book, but in trying to portray the Muslims as the incorrect actors he convey to illume some of their ain Hagiographas from the Quran that show a more peaceable desire, and a merely ground for when force is to be used. Quran ( 22:39-40 )

Permission is given to those who fight because they are wronged. Surely Allah is capable of giving them triumph. Those who were driven out of their places unjustly, simply for their expression: “ Our Lord is Allah. ” Had Allah non repelled some people by others, certainly monasteries, churches, temples, and mosques, wherein the name of Allah is mentioned often, would hold been demolished. Indeed, Allah will back up whoever supports Him. Allah is certainly Strong and Mighty

It becomes difficult to happen an nonsubjective book on subjective since September 11, 2001 either they are looking to turn out that Islam teaches force or they are seeking to support it. So the Quran must be the key to understanding the original instruction of Islam.


Koran does non utilize jehad in the sense of contending others every bit much as contending oneself, it is the battle for pureness. Most of the usage of jehad as a “ Holy War ” seems to be coming from the terrorist manners of Islam, and the imperativeness. When covering with Islam 1 must see the separation of the faith and the political relations of the part. Merely as the Crusades are protruded as “ Holy Wars ” when in fact they were political in nature, and a agency of conquering.

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Tattarrus is another violent term non found in the Quran, nevertheless Gahazali, A. ( 1058-1127 ) the first usage of “ tattarrus ” , to intend “ utilizing ordinary Muslims as human shields by Islamic battlers against heathen combatants ” was the twelfth century. Since so it has been used by extremist to embrace a far greater range which includes killing other non battler Muslims by Muslims. This is vexing as can be seen in Benazir Bhutto ‘s composing about the Muslim civil wars Bhutto, B. ( 2008 ) .

One billion Muslims around the universe seemed united in their indignation at the war in Iraq, cursing the deceases of Muslims caused by the U.S. military intercession without U.N. blessing. But there has been small if any similar indignation against the sectarian civil war, which has led to far more casualties. Obviously ( and embarrassingly ) , Muslim leaders, multitudes, and even intellectuals are rather comfy knocking

foreigners for injury inflicted on chap Muslims, but there is deathly silence when they are confronted with Muslim-on Muslim force ( p.3 ) .

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