Grade/Level: 3

Instructional Setting:
It is a 3rd class schoolroom of 20 pupils ( 8 misss and 12 male childs ) seated in 5 groups of 4. Most of the pupils are of Latino ethnicity. and the instructor can talk Spanish fluently and uses this accomplishment when deemed necessary. Some pupils are besides Caucasic. and there are a twosome of African American and Asiatic pupils as good.

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Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard ( s ) :
1. 3. 8: Students will bring forth and work out two-step add-on and minus jobs and one-step generation jobs based on practical state of affairss. Model add-on. minus. generation. and division in a assortment of ways. Use mathematical vocabulary and symbols to depict generation and division.

Lesson Goals:
Students will larn how to work out multi-step math jobs.

Lesson Objective ( s ) :
By the terminal of the lesson. pupils will finish a short trial composed of 5 multi-step math jobs. similar to the 1s studied in category. and have a mark of at least 80 % .


Instructional Materials:
overhead projector
paper. pencils
post-test worksheet with math jobs

Department of Education. ( n. d. ) . Appraisals and Standards. State of Nevada
Department of Education. Retrieved October 7. 2013.
from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Department of Energy. Nevada. gov/Standards_Assessments/


Sequence of Instructional Procedures/Activities/Events ( supply description and bespeak approximative clip for each ) :

1. Designation of Student Prerequisite Skills Needed for Lesson: Students will cognize how to execute basic mathematical operations ( add-on and minus ) and will be able to cognize from “clue words” in the job what operations to execute ( i. e. “more than” = minus )

2. Presentation of New Information or Modeling ( 15 min ) :
The instructor will get down by stating the pupils that first it is his/her turn to work out the job. and the pupils merely have to detect. The instructor will set up an illustration of a multi-step job on the overhead projector and work out it bit-by-bit. explicating each portion of the job and explicating how to happen the solution.

An illustration of the job could be:
Mary received a box of 36 cocoas as a present. 10 were white cocoa. 12 were milk cocoa and the remainder were dark cocoa. Mary ate 5 dark cocoas. How many dark cocoas were left?

The instructor will get down work outing the job above by first “illustrating” it utilizing counters. 36 counters = 36 cocoas. The instructor will so divide 10 counters from the general heap and explicate that these are white cocoa. so do the same for the milk cocoa. The instructor will explicate that the 1s left after taking off the white and milk cocoa are the dark cocoa and will number how many counters are left. Following. the instructor will take 5 “dark chocolate” counters off. since Mary ate 5. and once more number how many are left. explicating that this is the reply to the job.

After exemplifying with counters. the instructor will show how everything done with counters can be shown in an equation ( since the measures in math jobs are non ever so little that they can be drawn separately ) . The instructor will reiterate what she did with the counters – write 36. so deduct the white and milk cocoa ( 36-10-12 ) . and subtract 5 dark cocoas ( 36-10-12-5 ) .

3. Guided Practice ( 15 min ) :
The instructor will inquire whether the pupils have any inquiries sing the old job. Then. the instructor will put another multi-step job on the projector and inquire the pupils to work out it as a category.

The job could be:
John borrowed a 43-page book from the library. On the first twenty-four hours. he read 14 pages. The 2nd twenty-four hours. he read merely 7 pages. On the last twenty-four hours. the book’s stoping was so interesting that John finished the full book. How many pages did John read on the last twenty-four hours?

The instructor will motivate the pupils with inquiries. For illustration. if the pupils do non cognize where to get down. the instructor may inquire: “What do we make foremost? We have to underscore all the of import information in the job that we need to work out it” – the pupils will so indicate out all of the of import information for the instructor to underscore ( i. e. “43-page book” . “first twenty-four hours – 14 pages” . etc. ) As with the job modeled by the instructor. the pupils will foremost make up one’s mind how to show the job utilizing counters.

As the instructor topographic points and counts the counters on the overhead projector. pupils can utilize their ain counters to seek and work out the job on their desks. Afterwards. the instructor will assist the pupils make an equation for the job based on the actions they performed with the counters.

4. Independent Student Practice ( 10 min ) :
The instructor will put 3 jobs on the overhead projector that are similar to the 1s solved before. The pupils will work in groups of 4 to work out the jobs together. They will utilize pencils. paper. and counters for the undertaking. As the pupils work. the instructor will go around around the schoolroom to assist out if a group is wholly “stuck” and to detect what the pupils are making good and where they are fighting. Once each group has a solution. the category will discourse what each group came up with and how the reply was found.

5. Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event ( 20 min ) : Students will be given a worksheet with 5 multi-step math jobs similar to the 1s discussed in category. They will finish the worksheet and turn it in to the instructor for rating.

Pedagogical Strategy ( or Strategies ) :
direct direction: The instructor theoretical accounts how to work out a multi-step job at the beginning of the lesson. concerted larning groups: Students work in groups during independent pattern to work out the jobs. independent pattern: Students complete the concluding appraisal worksheet on their ain utilizing the cognition they gained from the lesson.

Differentiated Direction:
dyslexia – When the pupils are working in groups. the pupils with dyslexia can hold other group members read the job to them. During independent pattern. the instructor can read the jobs aloud for the full category. gifted – The instructor can convey a few worksheets with more illustrations of multi-step jobs and give them out to pupils for pattern if the pupils finish the given assignment much earlier than the remainder of the category.

Student Assessment/Rubrics:
formal post-assessment – At the terminal of the lesson. pupils will work out 5 multi-step math jobs written on a worksheet. informal appraisal – Based on the replies of each group during independent pattern. the instructor can judge how well pupils had understood the construct of work outing multi-step jobs. By walking around the schoolroom while the groups are working. the instructor can besides find the specific countries that need more explaining or elucidation.

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