Tuesdays with Morrie

List OF Fictional characters
Major Fictional characters
Morrie Schwartz – The novel is centered around him ; Morrie is Mitch’s former college professor who was diagnosed with ALS ( Lou Gherig’s disease ) ; he meets with Mitch in his place every Tuesday to learn him about the significance of life. Mitch Albom- Morrie’s former pupil ; he has since become a journalist and leads a really fast paced life ; finds Morrie after hearing he is ill on “ABC’s Nightline” and visits him every Tuesday. Minor Fictional characters

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Ted Koppel – a celebrated telecasting newsman/personality ; he interviews Morrie three times for the “ABC’s Nightline” show ; he finally describes Morrie as his friend and is about in cryings during his last interview with Morrie. Charlotte – Morrie’s married woman. who is besides a college professor ; she keeps her occupation as a professor even while Morrie is ill because it is what he wished for her. Janine – Mitch’s married woman ; she takes a phone call from Morrie. whom she had ne’er met. and accompanies… . .

Morrie Schwartz was Mitch Albom’s favourite college professor. At the start of the fresh Albom recalls a memory from his college graduation twenty-four hours: he is stating adieu to Morrie and gives him a sunburn briefcase with his initials on it. They hug and when Mitch steps back he sees that Morrie is shouting. Mitch promises to remain in touch with Morrie but he ne’er does after college. Since his graduation. Mitch has become a newspaper newsman and hubby. He leads a really fast paced life and is invariably working and going. He has become so captive in his work that it consumes his life. The fresh recommences about 16 old ages after Mitch’s graduation twenty-four hours ; Morrie has since been diagnosed with amyotrophic sidelong induration. or ALS. Since Morrie’s diagnosing. he began jotting down thoughts and ideas onto scrap paper. xanthous tablets or even envelopes. He besides wrote doctrines about populating cognizing decease was really nigh.

One of his friends was so taken with his authorship. he sent them to the Boston Globereporter. who wrote a characteristic narrative about Morrie. The narrative intrigued one of the manufacturers of the show. “Nightline” . who so did a characteristic narrative about Morrie. Mitch happened to see the “Nightline” show and recognized his old professor. He called him to put up a visit. Mitch began sing Morrie every Tuesday. Their treatments ranged from the universe. declinations. decease. love and money ; the intent of their meetings was to discourse Morrie’s position on the significance of life. Mitch became so intrigued by Morrie’s doctrines that he began taking notes and even entering Morrie. Morrie’s doctrines included rejecting popular civilization ethical motives and following self-created values. loving others. and larning to accept decease. With each lesson. Morrie becomes progressively ill ; during their last meeting. Morrie was bed ridden and close decease.

As he and Mitch hugged for one last clip. Morrie notices Mitch is eventually shouting. Morrie dies a short clip after. At his funeral Mitch tries holding a conversation with Morrie. as he had wanted. Mitch feels a certain naturalness and comfort to this conversation and realizes that it happens to be Tuesday. After Morrie’s decease Mitch regains contact with his brother who lives in Spain and is combating malignant neoplastic disease.

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