Principals, beliefs and values evolve harmoniously to sketch the ethical guidelines in reding ethos. It is of import to internalise ethical guidelines and reflect on them while practising and constructing a professional relationship with clients ( Cottone & A ; Travydas, 2007, as cited in Henderson & A ; Thompson, 2011 ) .

I will work as a counselor in Singapore, so I will mention to Singapore Counselling Association codification of moralss and guidelines. This will assist in modulating my behavior and answerability besides a cheque on the public assistance of the client as the chief focal point. It will be of import for me to set up a curative relationship by puting the foundation of grasp, regard and compassion. These values willA assist me in easing Sessionss. During Sessionss I will take a non- judgmental stance. The clients will hold the right to their sentiment without being imposed by my personal values ( Henderson & A ; Thompson, 2011 ) .

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I will guarantee informing clients about the procedure of confidentiality of information and do certain they sign a formal consent signifier before get downing a session. Besides inform them that a session can be terminated at any point of clip and they can be referred to another counselor. At no point of clip, I will acquire into any double or sexual relationship with the clients and if the client is at a hazard, study maltreatment to the concerned governments. Besides will maintain enhancing and upgrading my guidance accomplishments through professional ego instruction ( Corey, 2011 ) .

Posted Date: 12 March 2013 10:49 Autopsy

Dear Vanessa and Susan,

As we all three are instructors, we relate to school reding in a large manner. I like to travel a small farther and reference about simple school counselors. A Counsellor plays an of import function in assisting kids to be self confident, independent and get the better of their sad childhood experiences. A School counselor is the kid ‘s best friend. Involvement of a counselor at an early age in school averts regular jobs to go serious like ( school bead outs, force, abuse drugs ) in maturity. School counselors in a large manner work towards making a healthy society. Counselors at the terminal of the twenty-four hours acquire a feeling of satisfaction, when kids, instructors and parents give their feedback about difference made in their lives ( Henderson & A ; Thompson, 2011 ) . A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A

Posted Date: 13 March 2013 11:34:17 AM

Dear Kok,

I agree with you, A after reading your station, wanted to research more about counselors who provide supervising. A Counsellors when become supervisors need to be ethically really argus-eyed and responsible. Supervisors can merely oversee on footing of their educational preparation and experience. Continuous coerce to upgrade professional competence is a pre necessity to be a supervisor. Supervisor will be responsible for supervisee ‘s behavior and actions. In add-on, the supervisor has to continuously supervise and actuate counselors to work on the fringe of ethical rules and ethical determinations. This leaves a great duty on the supervisor to beA a function theoretical account and demonstrate competency ( Blackwell, Strohmer, Belcas, & A ; Burton, 2002 ) .

Posted Date: 13 March 2013 2:35 Autopsy

Dear Isha,

I would wish to add more to the treatment. Self consciousness and ego cognition are the foundations of a reding calling. Self contemplation will give chance to look into our personal strengths, feelings or ideas. During a guidance session when a client portions an experience and counselor relates that to have personal life, has crossed the legal power of ethical pattern. The session will stop with enforcement of counselor ‘s sentiment and positions ( Corey, 2011 ) .

As stated in experiential theory a counselor has to authorise a client to take their ain life determinations instead than being dictated by the counselor. It is of import to stay undisturbed and keep personal and professional life aloof. A However, this might give physical and mental emphasis to the counselor. When the counselor is non able to unplug, should take the supervisor in the cringle. Furthermore, for ego development and positive mentality, it is advisable to hold supervised reding Sessionss with experient professionals ( Corey, 2011 ) .

Posted Date: 13 March 2013 8:43 Autopsy

Hi Vanessa,

This is with mention to the inquiry posted by you – What stance would be ethically right – with mention to value struggles: A to mention or non to mention, abortion etc. ?

A We as counselors have pledged to be ethical and professional with our clients. In this context, reding relationship must go a positive experience for them. Additionally, in multicultural context, counselors must conflict against biass and prejudices prevalent in our society. There will be occasions when our ethical values come in struggle with the client ‘s value system. This will non intend that we start mentioning a client whose value system is non same as ours ( Corey, 2011 ) .

When the client ‘s value system is in incongruence with ours, we need to self reflect and come out of our encapsulated head and free ourselves of all bonds that surround us. Choosing to mention a client, when non in understanding with the client ‘s value system, is non ethically right ( Corey, 2011 ) . However, the counselor is non able to get the better of her mentality ; will necessitate to allow the client know the ground for referral. Counselling is all about client ‘s value system and non the counselors ( Corey, 2011 ) .

Posted Date: 13 March 2013 1:17 AM

Dear Jeremy,

I second your sentiment that counselors should undergo a session as a client, before they begin their pattern. A Counsellors when experience personal therapy, are able to animate their clients to introspect and do alterations in their life through Sessionss. Self examination/personal therapy has a permanent experience on the pupil counselors. Personal therapy is most of import portion ofA our professional development. This gives us more insight instead than a text book ( Corey, 2011 ) .

In add-on, therapy will maintain a cheque on our interior struggles, will give us a new positive manner to look at our unsighted musca volitanss and maintain a cheque on ourA unprompted nature. Furthermore, therapy helps us to get the better of challenges and gives us strength to happen solutions to our personal jobs. In fact, detecting our life form helps to fix, in larning to advocate others ( Corey, 2011 ) .

I wonder can a counselor pattern ethically and successfully without an experience of personal therapy.

Posted Date: 18 March 2013 2:44 Autopsy

Hi Everyone,

This is acquiring exciting and I am acquiring more and more awareaˆ¦.. A This is with respect to client ‘s referral, when a client wants to exert their determination to stop their life. National Association of Social Workers ( 2003 ) documented that terminally sick clients can take their determination towards end-of- life when there is no hope of recovery ( as cited in Corey, 2011 ) . American Psychological Association ( APA ) has besides been taking a batch of involvement around end-of-life attention issues ( Werth & A ; Crow, 2009, as cited in Corey, 2011 ) . The APA has been actively involved in educating counselors. Furthermore, American Counselors Association ( 2005 ) has revised their Code of Ethical motives guidelines to turn to quality and attention provided by the counselors to end-of -life terminally sick clients ( as cited in Corey, 2011 ) .

Counselors, who are professionally experienced in end-to-life pattern, need to constantly support mental, physical, societal and religious demands of the client. Terminally sick clients must hold complete appraisal of their mental wellness stableness and ability to take rational determinations about end-to-life options. ACA guidelines besides mention that counselors can take to work or non work with terminally sick clients who wish to exert their right to end-of-life. Counsellor can mention a client by supplying necessary information. In fact both NASW and APA encourage counselors to take determinations after audience with other wellness professionals when non certain about ethical determinations ( Sommers-Flanagan, Sommers-Flanagan, & A ; Welfel, 2009, as cited in Corey, 2011 ) .

Posted Date: 18 March 2013 4:31 Autopsy

Hi Melissa,

There will be occasions during our pattern when we feel uncomfortable with our client ‘s value system and we refer them. We reach a cross route wherein there is a soundless clang between each other ‘s value system. We as counselors need to get the better of this form by reflecting on other options to work with the client ( Corey, 2011 ) .A

We can take it as an chance to sit back and ponder on why other ‘s values intimidate us. Though there is a complete dissension in the value system, we can take it as a challenge and non feelA pressurized hearing to clients see point or universe position. We pay attending to the client ‘s nucleus beliefs and the importance of their values for them. By looking at the universe with a new prospective will let us to pattern ethically and professionally ( Corey, 2011 ) .

Posted Date: 22 April 2013 11:01 Autopsy

Hello Sari and Susan and Melissa,

I agree with all your point of views and thanks for sharing your ideas nevertheless, faith and spiritualty have a cardinal function to play in a client life and reding acknowledge this facet during pattern in a multicultural scene. Spirituality and faith are related to each other and are interchangeable ( John, 2006 ) . Religion is a belief in a system formed in the society integrated with moral values and spiritualty is a set of values which are a portion of client ‘s interior egos, may be a connexion with something or person. So a client may be either spiritual or religious or may be neither ( John, 2006 ) .

At the intersection of turning consciousness towards turn toing spiritualty and faith, it is unethical if counselor is non cognizant of client ‘s spiritual background and religious connexions during reding procedure. In add-on, counselor when addresses religious connexions will hold regard for client ‘s spiritual values and can farther measure if the spiritual or spiritualA concerns are damaging to client ‘s mental wellness or can be used as a resource to further mending ( Richards, Bartz, & A ; O’Grady, 2009 ) .

Question 2: Why do you believe a cognition and grasp of reding theory is of import to reding practicians?

Posted Date: 15 March 2013 11:38 Autopsy

Dear Vanessa,

I agree and glad you took this conversation frontward. There is a great demand for counselors to turn to issues related to multicultural, feminist and societal justness reding. Counselors will necessitate to relook at traditional theories and germinate them into the modern-day, international, socio-political apparatus ( Crethar, Rivera, & A ; Nash, 2008 ) .

Sketching a different theoretical attack in the environmental model will actuate clients, support mental wellness and human development in diverse backgrounds. This will help counselors with more information about incorporating diverse facets of these theories into their professional pattern. By making so, counselor will hold greater compassion, attention and regard for clients from diverse groups. In add-on, reding will promote constructing a rational society ( Crethar et al. , 2008 ) .

Posted Date: 15 March 2013 5:56 Autopsy

Hi everyone,

Theories are a model on which actions of counselors are based. Theories are a aggregation of cognition developed over old ages which are used as ushers to be successful in reding calling. A Theories channelize counselors to work methodically ( Hansen, Rossberg, & A ; Cramer, 1994, as cited in Neukrug, 2011 ) .According to Nuekurg and Schwitzer ( 2006 ) theories are abstract and they take form/shape while in pattern, concentrating on clients needs.Theories keep on germinating as the paradigm displacements and perceptual experiences of people change for e.g. Freud theory of depth psychology is still germinating ( as cited in Neukrug, 2011 ) .

Harmonizing to Neukrug ( 2011 ) theories are based on human nature. It is critical for all practicians to self reflect on their personality, disposition and nature to measure their alliance with the concerned theoretical attack. Counsellors rediscover and modify theories which work best for them. Neukrug ( 2011 ) links 4 phases which every counselor passes through to develop ain typical manner and individuality.

Chaos- This happens at get downing of the calling, limited cognition of theories.

Coalescence – Maestro a theory and seek to utilize techniques from other theories.

Multiplicity – Gain solid cognition of more theories.

Metatheory-There is solid theoretical orientation to assorted theories. Counselors are known by their theoretical nature/approach e.g. psychodynamic, humanistic etc.

Posted Date: 19 March 2013 9:50 Autopsy

Hi everyone,

As mentioned by Sari, I agree with making our ain metatheory. It is of import to sketch a personal nucleus theory during the initial practicum phase. Blending of theories will be like a amalgamation of our personality, personal issues and professional issues. It is like a find and brotherhood of personal and professional ego. A While in passage stage from pandemonium to meththeory we can seek out different theoretical attacks and discard which are non suited ( Neukrug, 2011 ) . Evaluation of theoretical attacks will be a stepping rock to our reding calling and will farther ease effectual acquisition and professional development, at the get downing phase of our calling ( Neukrug, 2011 ) . A

Posted Date: 21 March 2013 11:39 Autopsy

Hi Sari and everyone,

Your treatment was on kids benefit more from some of the theories, sing our kids survey in international schools.

Singapore has many international schools. Children come from across the Earth to analyze here. Children from all civilizations, races and faiths live in harmoniousness. Reding theories have been developed in western portion of the universe and they are generic in nature. Keeping Singapore ‘s multicultural context, counselors need to develop their ain guidance attacks, to suit into diverse backgrounds of kids analyzing in international schools here. Schools follow anti racial and anti intimidation policy, so personal approaches/theories must be underpinned with cultural sensitiveness in Singapore ( Rivera, Nash, Wah, & A ; Ibrahim, 2008 ) .

Posted Date: 23 April 2013 11:53 Autopsy

Hi Sari,

I am regretful for answering to your station after a month as was caught up with 2 faculties so the hold. I wholly agree with you, that psychotherapeutics is usually an application of a individual theory and some counselors become specializers of a peculiar theory. Prison is one of the scenes where counselors and clinical psychologist play an of import function in rehabilitation and usage chiefly cognitive behavior therapy. This attack is used across a broad scope of different sorts of maltreatments ( sexual, substance ) , domestic force and other sorts of force ( Mitchels & A ; Bond, 2011 ) .

The therapy helps the captives to hold self-awareness and work towards behaviour alterations A ( Mitchels & A ; Bond, 2011 ) . There will be times when counsellors/psychotherapist may be exposed to new experiences and emotional menaces. The counselor must hold religion and belief that people will alter. Therefore counselors and clinical psychologist have a greater demand forA supervising while working in prison scenes ( Roberts & A ; Moore, 2010 ) .

Posted Date: 23 April 2013 2:34 Autopsy

Dear Isha and Qian,

I agree with Isha, when she mentioned that counselor must pay attending to the guidance procedure, and reflect on their interaction with the clients and Qian, discussed about reding theories provide a point of mention from which the counselor develops a personal position of human growing, development, and behavior. I like to further add, during old- grownup guidance, healers are frequently faced with the quandary of which theory and techniques to utilize. There is no specific theory for life-span development in ageing grownups. A Area of survey in theories for old-adult guidance experienced influences A ofA A personality, civilization, gender A and A experiences of A older grownups ( Blando, 2010 ) .

In our society which is youth driven, aging population has self-esteem issues, so there is a batch of accent on developing inventive plans during community outreach for older grownups. It is besides of import to acquire old-adult to be counselled from a counselor who respects their faith and religious values to hold a curative relationship ( Shim, 2008 ) . Counsellors experience parental transference or childhood counter transference during old-adult guidance. A counselor may meet clients who remind them of their ain female parent or male parent or may see old-adult handling them like their ain kid ( Woolfe & A ; Biggs, 1997 ) .A

Posted Date: 24 April 2013 9:32 Autopsy

Hi Isha,

I am glad you discussed about counselors need to be unfastened to work with different supervisors. During practicum supervisors tend to put ends for the beginning counselors. Goal scene can be a utile manner to promote pupil counselors to consolidate their theoretical cognition and use them during pattern. Supervisors define ends during practicum and place mark countries which need precedence for illustration ; goal-setting can be set on developing accomplishments and non on the client ‘s responses without minimising client ‘s public assistance, though this might be corrupting for the pupil counselors ( Papaioannou & A ; Kouli, 1999, as cited in Russell, 2000 ) . But alternatively of holding negative ideas, pupil counselors need to merely concentrate on their end, as supervisors aim is non to give anxiousness to the pupil counselors ( Russell, 2000 ) .

Supervisors help pupils ‘ counselors to develop their necessary guidance accomplishments and make an environment without anticipating the client to alter. Thus goal-setting theory encourages the pupils ‘ counselors to seek their best to convey positive alterations and non acquire discouraged if the client does non alter or come on. Furthermore, ends set by the supervisors gives the pupil counselors an chance to avoid self- incrimination when they are non able to execute in client ‘s issues and instead concentrate on developing A their accomplishments ( Russell, 2000 ) .

Posted Date: 27 April 2013 4:23 Autopsy

Hi all,

Vanessa, I want to foster add to your treatment on beef uping the foundation for effectual supervising schemes by intermixing spiritualty into the supervising procedure. I do agree supervisors need to put ends for the supervisee but faith and spiritualty should non merely be addressed in supervising besides should be an built-in portion of the course of study during counselor ‘s instruction plan. It is of import to develop pupil ‘s intercession accomplishments and counsel to integrate client ‘s religious and faith past during assessment patterned advance ( Sally, Amy, Matthew, Gregory, & A ; Elizabeth, 2006 ) .

Furthermore, counsel and aid during practicum by a spiritually inclined supervisor who has a sound cognition of spiritual or religious beliefs of other civilizations can assist pupils in understanding religious and faith larger context. A This acquisition will assist pupil counselors to acknowledge client ‘s concern that may hold engagement of religious or spiritual connexions, or client may hold some sort of religious rousing which can be a possible for transmutation for the client in the curative procedure ( Sally et al. , 2006 ) .

Posted Date: 28 April 2013 9:32 Autopsy

Hi Jeremy and all,

A I agree with you, the healer ‘s positions are critical to transport out multi-cultural guidance. This article discloses that a figure of experts in the field of reding are involved in the procedure of developing new theories and constructs for multicultural guidance. Fuertes and Gretchen ( 2001 ) identified some extra emerging multicultural reding theories and besides acknowledged that psychologically a client considers counsellor as a civilization being and human relationship influences ends of multicultural reding during curative brushs. Reviewed theories focus on single guidance of racially and ethnically diverse clients. Though these theories have United States perspective but they may be translated and integrated in other states multicultural context when used ( Fuertes & A ; Gretchen, 2001 ) .

Question 3: What is your place on the professional individuality of Counsellors ‘ in Singapore compared with Australia?

Posted Date: 18 March 2013 10:45 Autopsy

Dear All,

Reding in Singapore is decelerating developing and emerging as a profession. There is a steady rise of professionally trained counselors. Singapore Association for Counselling ( SAC ) registries counselors who have formal preparation in reding from a recognized educational establishment. Counsellor needs to finish needed figure of hours of practical preparation to be eligible for SAC rank. Members of SAC have to follow ethical guidelines laid down by the association ( Yeo, Tan, & A ; Neihart, 2012 ) .

Though unhappily, it is non compulsory to fall in the association, therefore there are many practising without formal preparation and naming themselves counselors. For non-members there is no legal authorization to oversee and maintain a cheque on their competency and conformance to ethical pattern. Singapore authorities is working on ways to modulate guidance and closely monitor conformance of ethical guidelines by counselors. This will guarantee professionally qualified counselors their cultural and planetary individuality ( Yeo et al. , 2012 ) .


Posted Date: 21 March 2013 9:28 Autopsy

Hi Xin Yun Li and all my beloved friends,

I do hold Singapore is turning significantly in acknowledging the importance of reding. In April ( 2006 ) , The Strait Times reported that in Singapore there was steep rise in depression instances due to school force per unit areas for public presentation. Singaporeans were alarmed and realized the demand for counselors in schools ( as cited in Rivera, Nash, Wah, & A ; Ibrahim, 2008 ) . The Ministry of Education developed an educational plan and trained counselors on the United States form. Singapore is a diverse multicultural state ; course of study had to be revised to back up cultural differences in schools. Singapore has gone a long manner in advancing guidance in schools ( Rivera et al. , 2008 ) .

Posted Date: 22 April 2013 2:24 Autopsy

Hello Alexandra, Susan, Isha, Melissa and all my course-mates,

I came across this article on globalisation which can heighten counselors to develop their professional individuality. Students analyzing reding at Master ‘s degree are required to develop their professional individuality ; attending to globalisation provides this consciousness and helps to work on the accomplishments required in reding. Therefore, globalisation has developed reding profession a alone forum where counselors can interchange their thoughts and state of affairss faced during professional pattern in assorted scenes, besides reflecting on the expertness needed in reding field ( Paredes et al. , 2008 ) .

Additionally, globalisation connects pupils ‘ to a assortment of scholarly cognition of diaries, conferences, and media and so on, giving necessary information which farther opens up avenues giving the necessary demands toA go a counselor in other states if a demand arises. Furthermore, international counselors when portion their cognition of their worlds and challenges faced in assorted scenes during pattern, gives encouragement to others analyzing to hold a professional individuality therefore developing a platform for counselors to interchange thoughts from all over the universe ( Paredes et al. , 2008 ) .

A Posted Date: 24 April 2013 1:58 Autopsy

Hi Melissa and a large hullo to everyone,

Thankss dear for sharing Mr. Jim Beck ‘s positions. I agree with youA that JCU ‘s unfastened twenty-four hours gave all of us an exposure to consolidate our learningA and helped us to visualise our hereafter. Mr. Jim Beck even discussed about his personal concern of non sometimes basking reding clients who are subjected to drug maltreatment and stressed on supervising, when counselors experience an emotional menace.

Before we took the determination of fall ining this Master ‘s class, we devoted our clip to do our personal individuality of what we are, how do we act with others and what are we looking for in this calling. From our personal individuality we moved on to modeling our professional individuality and we are stillA in the procedure of development. But sooner or later we will all undergo the most confusing stage, when have to demarcate between our personal individuality and professional individuality ( Skovholt, 2012 ) .

We all are expected to pass over out our personal beliefs to pattern professionally ( Skovholt, 2012 ) . That is where JCU will assist us to get the better of our personal uncomfortablenesss and political orientations by giving us an exposure though practicum for developing our accomplishments in assorted scenes. Practicum is a platform where we can discourse our individuality concerns with our supervisors. I am certain with the aid of supervisors in Singapore ; we will see internal alterations and have a smooth passage towards our professional individuality. Do all of you feel that we will confront challenges refering our personal ego?

Posted Date: 25 April 2013 4:28 Autopsy

Hi Sari and everyone,

You discussed about Australia Counselling Association and its policy on counselor ‘s professional supervisings. A While researching on professional individuality, I came across this interesting information. In Australia, there are two chief associations Australian Counselling Association ( ACA ) and the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia ( PACFA ) which have greatly contributed to professionalisation of guidance and besides addressed concerns sing professional individuality of counselors in Australia. They both have similar parametric quantities for credential /license for its members: ( 1 ) entry instruction demands ; ( 2 ) go oning instruction demands ; ( 3 ) supervising demands ( Pelling & A ; Sullivan, 2006 ) .

A credential/license is a papers for the general populace which offers to place counselors that have met the standards set in the profession, specifying the degree of cognition, accomplishments and cognition of ethical pattern ( Capuzzi & A ; Gross, 2001 ; Pryzwansky, 1993, as cited in Pelling & A ; Sullivan, 2006 ) . In the recent yesteryear both associations were confronting credential issues as counselors could non do up their head sing which association was better or stronger. This brought in a batch of confusion amongst them. As a effect, ACA and PACFA are working on a scheme to develop a combined or independent licensing for their several associations or acknowledge each other ‘s enrollment ( Pelling & A ; Sullivan, 2006 ) .

Posted Date: 25 April 2013 7:11 Autopsy

Hi Sari and Everyone,

You mentioned about American Counseling Association and other associations have got together to advance the demands of counselors and put up a undertaking: A 20/20: A A vision for the Future of Counseling. I have been following up on this undertaking for a piece.There has been a batch of concern in the guidance universe sing professional individuality of counselors. The 20/20 undertaking is an enterprise led by experts in the field ; they are working together to beef up the place of counselors in the guidance profession. Undertaking addressed issues like license and Master ‘s degree pupil counselors individuality ( Kaplan & A ; Gladding, 2011 ) . Professional individuality revolution began in the United States of America ( USA ) has spread to other states ( Pelling & A ; Sullivan, 2006 ) .

A A Australia, where guidance is professionalized, has been seeking to set up a strong professional individuality for counselors and A supervisors ( Mackay, 2002 ; Sharpley, Bond, & A ; Agnew, 2004, as cited in Pelling & A ; Sullivan, 2006 ) . Reding field is turning at a fast gait and there are many occupation chances in Australia ( Australian Government Website, 2004, as cited in Pelling & A ; Sullivan, 2006 ) . In Australia, there is a research-practice spread and counselors find it hard to pull decisions from research on groups because they are generalized. Counselors prefer illations drawn on practical issues presented during client brushs ( Pelling & A ; Sullivan, 2006 ) .

Counselors in Singapore who have been officially trained in reding from an commissioned university or institute are eligible to go members of Singapore Association for Counselling ( SAC ) to derive their professional individuality after finishing prerequisite practicum hours. In Singapore counselors are taking research as a portion of postgraduate professional preparation to farther heighten their guidance cognition and accomplishments ( Yeo, Tan, & A ; Neihart, 2012 ) .

Posted Date: 26 April 2013 5:08 Autopsy

Hi Jeremy and all,

I am glad you brought up the subject on international partnership in reding instruction to support/build professional individuality for counselors and it is so interesting to see developments in engineering and communicating have helped in a large manner to upgrade counselor ‘s accomplishments to guarantee professional individuality is apparent. International Association for Counselling ( IAC ) was founded for counselors to go planetary spouses and be recognized globally as a professional community ( International Association for Counseling, 2009, as cited in Courtney & A ; ShinHwa, 2012 ) . IAC is working towards professional individuality of counselors by hosting international guidance conferences, circulation of equal reviewed diaries and exchange of validated information by experts in the field to guarantee planetary consciousness ( Courtney & A ; ShinHwa, 2012 ) .

A Government organic structures in Singapore have been working towards developing reding individuality as profession comparable with planetary criterions. Counselors are oppugning the application of theories and their relevancy in Singapore context. Counselors are sing grounds based reding with practical intercessions maintaining the multicultural context of Singapore as precedence therefore, presuming their ain cultural individuality. Reding professionals have seen a rapid addition in validated counselling-related research in the past few old ages proposing turning demand of counselors in Singapore ( Tan, 2009, as cited in Yeo, Tan, & A ; Neihart, 2012 ) .Government ordinances have placed rigorous parametric quantities ( instruction, cognition, accomplishments, capablenesss, answerability ) for counselors in Singapore in order to hold planetary para ( Yeo et al. , 2012 ) .

Posted Date: 26 April 2013 8:08 Autopsy

Hi Susan and Everyone,

I agree with you that it is imperative to raise our professions criterions in society as counselors. This may be possible through school guidance and calling guidance in Singapore schools. Singapore is committed to develop reding as a holistic profession as in return, state gets a dynamic future society ( Rivera, Nash, Wah, & A ; Ibrahim, 2008 ) . Schools have a repertory of services to offer ( cognitive behavioural development, mental wellness, societal demands, social-emotional behavior, academic advancement, calling demands ) and school counselors have been able to successfully implement advanced intercessions and techniques to accommodate diverse/cultural demands therefore assisting the society to get the better of developmental and calling challenges ( Yeo, Tan, & A ; Neihart, 2012 ) . Singapore ‘s educational system has focused on offering calling reding in schools through a school reding plan ( Torres-Rivera & A ; Krupski, 2005, as cited in Rivera et al. , 2008 ) therefore set uping a powerful professional individuality for counselors.

Posted Date: 26 April 2013 10:14 Autopsy

Hi everyone,

Melissa, I agree with you that what is that makes us alone? The joy of assisting others in reding profession makes us alone. Helping others and sing client ‘s universe contributes to counsellor ‘s professional individuality.The quantum of fulfillment is immense and by being a accelerator, counselor is able to assist the client overcome or alteration state of affairss ( Welfel & A ; Patterson, 2005 )

That is the biggest wages in a win- win state of affairs for counselor and the client. Counselors are classified as a community with an model working relationshipA with others such as clients, colleagues, supervisors and so on, the list is eternal. A By specifying our parametric quantities of competence and cognition of accomplishments during client brushs we presuming a duty to honor our professional individuality ( Jungers & A ; Gregoire, 2012 ) .


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