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1. List three influences of the dysfunctional environment Lucy grew up in. How might these hold affected Lucy as an grownup?

In the first illustration. the influence of Lucy’s male parent can be seen in the type of spouses Lucy has chosen for her fellows. Lucy grew up with a male parent who had the disciplinary function in the household. Many of Lucy’s fellows have been violent towards her. she may be attracted to a spouse who likes to be in control. This may be because. to her a man’s function is to dole out subject. Lucy may be unconsciously taking spouses that model the same type of behavior as her male parents. It would be interesting to cognize if many of them were besides cold and distant towards her.

In the 2nd illustration. the influence of Lucy’s female parent can be seen in how Lucy has besides turned to alcohol to get by with her ain depression. Lucy’s female parent frequently found it difficult to get by with life. particularly when the kids were younger. She allowed the eldest kid Ted. to take on the duty of looking after the kids when she felt excessively down or affected by intoxicant to care. Lucy’s behavior shows that she is happening it difficult to pull off her life. much like her female parent did. She may be unconsciously patterning herself after her female parent. in respects to how she copes with life and the issues that arise. Lucy may believe of intoxicant as a medicine for her depression and anxiousness. as she saw her female parent usage intoxicant as a get bying mechanism turning up. Lucy’s behaviour most strongly resembles her female parents. and I believe her female parent has had the greatest influence and consequence on Lucy as an grownup.

In the 3rd illustration. the riotous family Lucy grew up in has impacted on Lucy’s grownup life. First. in the first 10 old ages of Lucy’s life. she was on a regular basis exposed to her parent’s statements and contending. Lucy must hold grown up experiencing really unsure and dying about her life. without the nurturing support of her parents. Second. she must hold grown up resenting her older brother for moving as a replacement parent towards her.

2. How might the sibling birth order have affected the eldest and the youngest kids and how they respond to Lucy. even though they had similar modeling and support from their parents as kids?

Lucy’s eldest brother was the first Born and frequently the first born kid takes on the function of caretaker in a dysfunctional household unit. Ted has developed the typical features of the first kid in that he has taken on a leading function within the household. Ted may experience more like Lucy’s male parent than her brother and this explains why he feels it is all right to voice his sentiments about Lucy’s life. His function in the household has been to job solve. so that the household maps every bit good as it can.

Ted wants to assist and care for Lucy. by offering his advice on how to work out her jobs. but Lucy resents this as she sees Ted as her brother non a parental figure. Amy’s place in the birth order is the last kid and so she has been sheltered from the early convulsion of the household. The last kid is frequently protected from the world of the dysfunctional province of the household. Amy has non had to cover with the type of jobs the older two have. and does non hold the same force per unit area that the other two have. Lucy feels that Amy does non seek to command her. and so she relates better to her.

3. Suppose that Lucy’s wide ends for reding are to halt mistreating intoxicant and halt reiterating the form of opprobrious relationships. Sketch a plan of alteration for Lucy. including: a ) Identifying the specific ends she might work towards.

B ) How you might use and enter support to assist Lucy make her ends?

degree Celsiuss ) How you might assist Lucy supervise any alterations made?

The specific ends that Lucy can work towards in reding would be ‘to manage my intoxicant ingestion in a responsible way’ and ‘to choose a more suited spouse for a relationship’ . In assisting Lucy make her ends I would promote her to maintain a journal of her behaviors and the feelings associated with these behaviors. For illustration Lucy could enter how she is experiencing the following twenty-four hours after imbibing excessively much intoxicant. and she could besides enter how she felt the following twenty-four hours after doing the pick to abstain from imbibing. She could so compare her feelings and hopefully she can happen positive supports to promote her non imbibing behavior.

Through maintaining a journal it serves two intents. foremost it helps Lucy place her ain successes and letdowns. and it will assist clear up her ain feelings toward her imbibing behavior. Second it is a record that Lucy and I. as Lucy’s counselor. can utilize as a mention to look into on her advancement in accomplishing the ends she has set for herself. The more the successes outweigh the letdowns the more likely Lucy will go on to modify her behavior and better her feelings towards herself.

4. Explain the construct of stimulation and response in reding and depict how it might be utile in assisting Lucy make her ends.

The construct of stimulation and response in reding refers to the theory that a certain stimulation triggers a certain response in how we behave. The experiences we have ( the stimulation ) influences our behavior ( response ) . In Lucy’s instance she has developed a dependance on intoxicant as a response to her anxiousness and depression. During our guidance I would assist Lucy to recognize that she may be able to happen other ways of reacting to her anxiousness and depression. Lucy has a learned response in respects to her feelings of anxiousness and depression. which she learned from her female parent. It would be good for her to recognize that she can larn a new response to these issues. I would inquire Lucy to believe of other cases. where she has had success in get the better ofing an obstruction. has she tried other responses to her triggers. What has non worked in the yesteryear would besides be helpful to cognize.

5. Explain the rules of negative and positive support and depict how they might be utile in assisting Lucy make her ends.

The rules of negative and positive support are that the effects of our behavior is strengthened due to the type of reinforcing stimulus being used. Positive reinforcing stimuluss are when we receive a pleasant effect to a type of behavior that encourages us to go on with that type of behavior. Negative reinforcing stimuluss are the same as positive reinforcing stimuluss in the sense that we still receive the encouragement to go on with a type of behavior but this clip it is because we are avoiding an unpleasant result to the type of behavior. An illustration for Lucy is her usage of intoxicant. negative support could be used to assist her alteration her behavior.

In order for Lucy to halt mistreating alcohol she needs to tie in her imbibing with the unpleasant results of her behavior. The usage of intoxicant is seting her at hazard of losing her occupation. place and friendly relationship. Negative support could assist Lucy recognize that by taking to remain sober she will avoid the unpleasant effects of seting her occupation. place and friendly relationship at hazard. Positive support could be used to assist Lucy recognize that by taking to remain sober. her work life will be more pleasant if her foremans notice she is demoing up on clip. Her place life will be more unafraid if she pays her rent. Her friendly relationship will go stronger if she is seen to be on the job towards alteration.

6. Explain what is meant by negative penalty and negative support and propose how these rules might hold impacted on Lucy in the yesteryear.

Negative penalty is when a peculiar pleasantry has been taken away as penalty for the type of behavior being displayed. Negative support is when we stop or avoid a peculiar behavior due to having a negative result to our behavior. In Lucy’s instance she has received a formal warning at her workplace. this means that she could be in danger of losing her occupation if she continues with this type of behavior. She is besides in danger of losing her place due to being behind in her rent. and losing her friendly relationship with Jacquie who is her lone existent friend.

These are all illustrations of the negative penalties Lucy has incurred due to her behavior. During reding it may be good for Lucy to do the connexion between her behavior and the negative penalty she will have as a consequence. Using negative supports would assist Lucy to avoid the behavior. she can take to avoid utilizing intoxicant as a manner of avoiding the unpleasant outcomes this pick brings with it.

7. Explain how influences from environmental modeling in Lucy’s life as an grownup could assist or impede her in making her ends.

Helping Lucy to place who her function theoretical accounts have been. and who they are now. will assist Lucy have a better apprehension of why she responds to certain state of affairss in the manner that she does. In the past I believe Lucy’s female parent has been the most influential individual in Lucy’s life. Lucy has grown up detecting her mother’s behavior. this type of modeling has taught Lucy how to react to nerve-racking state of affairss. Identifying with new function theoretical accounts in her grownup life. can assist Lucy happen other ways of reacting to these same state of affairss. I would promote Lucy to believe about the people in her life now. Who does she look up to. who stands out as person she would wish to be like? What type of individual are they and how do they get by with life in nerve-racking state of affairss? By detecting a different theoretical account and larning new responses to old emphasiss. Lucy can get down to see that there are many other ways that people respond to the stimulation in their lives.

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