I was fortunate to hold the alone chance to interview my Principal. Dr. Tim Anderson and Head of School. Dr. Julie Giardino. Since we are employed at a Christian school. I was interested in larning their personal instruction doctrines. positions on instruction and personal beliefs on leading. In respects to their instruction doctrines. both believe innately and unambiguously that all kids have the ability and a right to larn. Together. they have over 30 old ages of educational experience and their passion for pupil acquisition and accomplishment is still apparent. They surmise instructors are the governments in the schoolroom. should be empowered to be originative and have the ability to accommodate or alter course of study. However. they besides conclude instructors should non supplant disposal or affect policy. At the nucleus or foundation of every determination they make is their relationship with Christ. This foundation drives how they interact. communicate and lead others.

Therefore transparence. truth. unity and self-respect for all people are moral truths and or ethical criterions they reverence. Both persons have a collaborative/servant leading manner and feels that the key to being an effectual leader starts by being a good hearer. Second. a good leader physiques meaningful relationships by: a ) patterning a servant’s attitude. B ) join forcesing with components. degree Celsius ) celebrating differences. vitamin D ) acknowledging achievements and vitamin E ) furthering answerability via renewing rectification. Since constructing relationships is one of the cardinal elements of their leading manner. both are prudent in using e-mail and societal media as a signifier of communicating between themselves and their components. Dr. Anderson understands societal media and electronic mail is utile as a manner to pass on facts ( for illustration instructor responsibilities. duties or upcoming featuring events ) . However ; Dr. Giardino expressed. she values one on one communicating.

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In her experience. electronic mail can further miscommunication due to the inability to read organic structure linguistic communication and tone. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Giardino cautioned that although their manner is collaborative there are times they will accommodate their manner to a given state of affairs. If there is an immediate menace in the edifice and or person is being noncompliant in nature. their manner will go directing to extenuate or decide the struggle. In decision. they both agree the best portion of the occupation is the people. Dr. Anderson elaborated. that as a principal. he has the ability to act upon and impact more kids. He besides gets to be involved and interact with all components: the pupils. parents. instructors and community. However ; Dr. Giardino cautioned being an effectual leader is lonely. There are long hours involved and one demands to hold a strong support system to equilibrate work and household.

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