The research worker would foremost wish to thank the Lord for giving the research worker the chance to transport out this research. Besides. he would wish to thank his instructor. Ms. Mowatt. for helping him where necessary. The researcher’s schoolmates for assisting him with make fulling out and returning his questionnaires on clip and his female parent for assisting him with roll uping this school based appraisal.

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Statement of Problem

What are the factors act uponing prenuptial sex among adolescents at the Munro College and what are the effects and possible solution?

Reason for Selecting Area of Research

Sexual activity is viewed by society rather otherwise depending on the matrimonial position of the persons. The bulk of human societies permit prenuptial sex. at least under certain fortunes. In modern Western societies. it is more likely to be tolerated but non encouraged. This research is to analyse the faces of prenuptial sex at the Munro College in Potsdam. St. Elizabeth. Research on stripling behaviour has expanded greatly over the old ages because of the concern with the progressing rates of prenuptial sex. This paper is intended to clear up the causes. effects and possible solutions for this lifting societal issue at the Munro College.

Over the old ages. The research worker have observed at this establishment that the adolescents involved are non emotionally or physically ready for the effects that come along with sex. As a consequence. some immature ladies become pregnant and haven’t the slightest hint where to turn following. This is merely one effect of prenuptial sex. “Teenagers. harmonizing to some polls. position prenuptial sex every bit acceptable every bit long as ‘two people love each other’” . The research worker chose this country of research because he believe it affects everyone and greatly impacts our attitude toward this issue. whether positive or negative.

Method of Investigation

In this research. questionnaires were employed to garner information about the causes. effects and possible solutions to the issue at manus: prenuptial sex. This method was chosen because the responses are gathered in a standardised manner. so questionnaires are more nonsubjective. Besides. it is a speedy manner to roll up information. However. the procedure designing and analyzing can take some clip. Questionnaires are utile when information is to be acquired from a big group. which is why it was used to roll up information for this research.

What is a Questionnaire?

A set of printed or written inquiries with a pick of reply. devised the intents of a study or statistical survey.

Data Collection Instrument


What are factors act uponing prenuptial sex among adolescents at the Munro College and what are the possible effects and solutions to this job? This questionnaire serves as partial fulfilment of the Social Studies Caribbean Secondary Education Council ( CSEC ) class as required by Caribbean Examination Council ( CXC ) . Answers given are confidential and as such. names should non be disclosed on this questionnaire. Individual feedback received will be unbroken private and used merely for the intent it was collected. Please answer the undermentioned inquiries wholly. Tick in appropriate boxes ? and reply other inquiries briefly.

Procedure for Collection of Data

In this research. a primary method of probe was utilized to roll up informations: questionnaires. This method consisted of cross-sectional studies. Forty five ( 45 ) questionnaires were issued on the 25th of January. 2014 to the pupils of Munro College. This accounted for 3. 75 per centum of the school cohort. This took a whole twenty-four hours to publish and remember. There were anticipated challenges such as individuals non returning questionnaires on clip or individuals non returning them at all. To get the better of this. the questionnaires were issued to individuals who could be trusted to return them. However. at the same clip. questionnaires were indiscriminately issued.

Besides. an excess eight ( 8 ) were printed to be issued in the event that some appraisals were non returned. Fortunately. all questionnaires were returned. Besides. external secondary methods such as texts books. encyclopaedia and the cyberspace were consulted for extra information. The sampling technique that was used to transport out this operation was the systematic technique that is the research worker when to every 2nd category to publish a questionnaire. The random sample was done by raffle. There were pupils between the age of 13 to 18 old ages of age. The types of inquiry that was given on the questionnaire are both closed ended an unfastened ended inquiry. There was a sum of 16 inquiry ask 10 closed and 6 unfastened ended.

Presentation of Datas

Fig 1: Pie chart demoing the major causes of prenuptial sex among adolescents at the Munro College.

Fig 2: Pie chart demoing other causes of prenuptial sex among adolescents at the Munro College

Fig 3: Column chart demoing the brinies effects of prenuptial sex among adolescents at the Munro College. ‘

Fig 4: Column chart demoing other effects of prenuptial sex among adolescents at the Munro College.

Parents’ Solution to Premarital Sexual activity

Complete limitation between sexes
Call on the carpeting kids
Parent-child communicating
Parent can non work out the issue of prenuptial sex

Fig 5: Doughnut wheel demoing parents’ possible solution to premarital sex among their adolescents.

Media’s Solution to Premarital Sexual activity

Media can non work out the issue of prenuptial sex
Sexual activity instruction plans

Fig 6: Doughnut wheel demoing how the media can assist in work outing the issue of prenuptial sex among adolescents.

Analysis and Interpretation of Data

In analysing the study. cumulative informations revealed that bulk of the respondents were between the ages of 14 and 16 followed by the age group: 17 and 19. and the minority: 11 to 13. The study was conducted at a individual sex ( female ) school but questionnaires were issued to males who attend 6th signifier categories at the establishment. Male respondents were significantly outnumbered by female respondents. Persons engaged in prenuptial sex counted for less than half of the respondents. The questionnaire besides disclosed that a little sum of these respondents were non Christians which led more than half to believe that sex before matrimony is non morally incorrect. Most others believing that it is incorrect had the same statement: it is against the Torahs of the Bible. Other grounds were that sex is particular and should be put off until the right individual comes along and that it was against their upbringing. Some respondents. nevertheless. insinuated that that ‘special person’ may ne’er come along. Besides. endocrines are difficult to command and that whatever one feels to make is their ain personal personal businesss in which others should non interfere.

Although some respondents’ reaction was that prenuptial sex is morally incorrect. a profuse sum tolerate the act among their equals. Merely a really little figure of individuals believed in abstention until matrimony and the same can be said for those who encourage the act. Eminently. peer force per unit area was the plurality for the dominant cause of sex before matrimony. Infatuation and curiosity/ignorance came in 2nd with around the same sum of individuals taking those factors. Sexual desire and sexual adulthood were besides mentioned as other causes. Other causes of prenuptial sex were about equally chosen among respondents. Harmonizing to the rating of informations. many respondents believed that individuals engaged in prenuptial sex because they do non hold any cognition of the possible effects. Most respondents revealed that their sexual cognition came chiefly from friends and telecasting. Others said their cognition came from their parents. books. and other signifiers of media such as magazines and music.

One response that everyone agreed on was that if parents allow their kid to be excessively “free” or if they keep sheltered. it can coerce them to be engaged in sex. If you tell person non to make something. so they will desire to make it even more. If you give person excessively much room to make something. they will finally make it. Therefore. at that place has to be a balance. Another issue raised was that of the alterations in individuals holding sex. A batch of respondents saw alterations in their peers’ attitude: they get bolder and move more mature ; visual aspect: they carry themselves better ; academic work: their classs start to drop and their societal life: they “come out of their shell” and interact more with individuals of the different sex. However. no 1 mentioned anything holding to make with the alteration in wellness of their equals.

They may be unaware of the possible dangers. Unwanted gestations were deemed the chief consequence of sex earlier matrimony as chosen by most respondents. This was followed by the transmittal of sexually transmitted infections and promiscuousness severally. One individual mentioned that another consequence was cervical malignant neoplastic disease. Harmonizing to research. prenuptial sex leads to issues within future intimate relationships. Most respondents agreed with this statement. A few were open and some disagreed. The feedback revealed chiefly that sex before matrimony can take to depression. This is because of unwanted gestations. malaise from undertaking sexually transmitted infections and guilt from disobeying their parents and more significantly. God’s word. This can do individuals to insulate themselves within subsequently relationships and may do familiarity issues between spouses.

Besides. the concern of trust was great among picks. It may act upon individuals to believe that their spouse is being dishonest in the bond ; chiefly because the spouse views the issue of prenuptial sex as ‘just sex’ . If this is the 2nd party’s attitude toward sex. so that individual could be involved in outside relationships without sorrow. Another consequence of prenuptial sex was bad matrimonies. This was the 2nd least favorite pick among pupils.

However. surveies show that major effects such as gestations can thrust individuals into ‘shot gun’ matrimonies where these matrimonies barely of all time work out because the individuals involved. possibly. were non even in a relationship and did non portion a common love for each other. Some. but really small individuals besides believe that one time engaged in prenuptial sex. it may go overrated and they may non see it as particular when they get married. Fortunately. most respondents believe that parents can work out the issue of prenuptial sex through parent-child communicating. At the same clip. more believe that media can non assist in happening the solution to this ever-growing issue of prenuptial sex.

Statement of Findingss

The major cause of prenuptial sex among adolescents at the Munro College is peer force per unit area.

The chief consequence of prenuptial sex at the Munro College is unwanted gestations.

It is believed widely at the Munro College that the issue of prenuptial sex can non be solved. Because of the engineering that is available in today’s society.

Recommendations and Implementation Strategy

Sexual activity abstention instruction can be a really effectual method of bar for prenuptial sex if done right. This includes helping teens in placing sexual enticements. avoiding or taking these enticements wholly. learning them to mention to the Bible for inspiration. and giving them options such as puting them in athleticss or other extracurricular activities. Parenting is a personal committedness. Parents can non ever depend on schools and churches to learn their kids about sex. Children live what they learn hence if the parental belief is that adolescent sex is appropriate. the stripling will excessively and will move on that belief. When speaking about sex with teens. the attack of the parent has to be one that is understanding and unfastened minded. but at the same clip focused.


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