Traditionally, in an administration, employees ‘ public presentation reappraisal processes involved feedback received from merely one beginning, which is the superior to the employee. In the modern society, 360-degree feedback was introduces, which it involves an employee received public presentation feedback from assorted beginnings, such as from the person ‘s superior, co-workers, fellow members of the undertaking squads, subsidiaries, internal and external clients, and providers ( Lepsinger and Lucia, 1997 cited in Unger, 2005 ) . Harmonizing to Waldman et Al ( 1998, p.86 ) , the 360 degree feedback is in tendency among the human resource direction in many administrations and it is turning quickly. The ground of the growing is because administrations have the desire to hold an enhanced direction development, employees that involved in every activity and event of the administration and a better civilization and communicating among the employees.

The traditional feedback relied to a great extent on downward feedback, while 360 degree feedback was introduced to garner feedback from all the stakeholders associated with the administration, in order to place strengths and failings and development demands. By holding 360 degree feedback, it encourages contemplation and self-assessment on the employee having feedback. Self-assessment may take to self-awareness, later ; the direction squad can concentrate on other issues in the public presentation feedback.

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Some administrations adopt 360 degree feedback to do an effort to copy their challenger companies. Sing that the rival companies are making good with the execution of the system, these administrations felt the environmental force per unit area in response to 360 degree feedback. Being tempted by the success, these administrations are non cognizant of the extension of the procedure, full execution cost incurred and the utility of the system. However, it may be smarter to copy with a clear understanding what can be accomplished from 360 degree feedback, it can be really advanced and helps the administration to the route to success. 360-degree feedback brings many benefits to the person, to the squad members every bit good as the administration itself.


Benefits: Individual


The multiple position of 360 degree feedback shows the employee how others perceived him at work. Therefore, it enhances employees ‘ self-awareness and their occupation public presentation ( London and Smither, 1995 cited in Warech et Al, 1998, pp.449-450 and Silverman et Al, 2005, p.15 ) . As compared to the traditional feedback, the person merely receive feedback from the superior which limits feedback which the person could have from everyone the single works with. By holding 360 degree feedback, it gives the person an chance to hold a better understand of how other perceive the person when at work. It is the person who works with them and their feedback is first manus to the person.

Motivational factor

Employees can be motivated by assessment every bit long as the aim is clarified and the hereafter objectives is clear ( Prowse and Prowse, 2009, pp.71-73 ) provided the inquiry asked are linked to the organizational ends. Otherwise, the single receiving feedback can be lead to a really dying and mistrust emotion on the administration. On top of that, proper preparation and development support to set up the public presentation aim and accomplish employee motive. For a hardworking single, 360 degree feedback can besides be used as a motivational theoretical account ( DeNisi and Kluger, 2000, p.129 ) to the person to concentrate on his ain development in the administration. The person in the state of affairs are frequently acute to larn, and dedicate clip to understand 360 degree feedback procedure and its deduction. A positive feedback and a feedback which tells the person that there are room for betterment to be successful in the administration will convey the inner ego to endeavor and work harder to farther excel.

Behavioral Change

In 360 degree feedback, it is believe that the evaluations in the feedback will heighten the person ‘s self-awareness and through their apprehension of their ain abilities and feedback of what others perceive them ( London and Beatty, 1993 cited in Testa, 2002, p.262 ) . Besides the information and the person ‘s self-awareness, the person should besides hold an unfastened head in accepting sentiment of other stakeholders, particularly his equals and subsidiaries, in order to accomplish better behavior at work. Above, the person should be given proper preparation and development support to transport out the function in reenforcing utile behaviors at work ( Ward, 2008, pp.49-52 ) . Behaviour at work can alter after the person have a better apprehension of how others perceive the person. If the person is able to accept feedback evaluations from all-round, the person will be able to show competency to others. Change is another factor to accepting feedback evaluations. Conversely, if the person is willing to accept feedback and aware of ain strengths and failings but non willing to alter for better, both the person and the administration will non be able to travel to another phase of better public presentation.

Self-development and Enhanced ability

From 360 degree feedback evaluation received, the person is besides able to put ain ends based on the feedback received ( Linman ) . As a consequence, it besides helps steer the development of directors and the direction squad. 360 degree feedback is portion of the solution to common jobs ( Ward, 2008, pp.42-46 ) , it helps the person to hold an apprehension of their ain demands every bit good as others. Harmonizing to Ward ( 2008, pp.49-51 ) , proper preparation and support should be given to the person in order to clear up jobs and promote self-development.

Interpersonal accomplishments

Warech et Al ( 1998, p.450 ) found that self-awareness of the employees can take to better relationship between the employee and the line director, hence, it gives the director a better control over the squad or the section. However, behavior of each and every employee may non be affected by 360 degree feedback, because non every person is able to accept feedback evaluations from equals or subsidiaries. Persons with high ego supervising ability normally have better interpersonal accomplishments ( Warech et al, 1998, p.467 ) , for that ground self-monitoring is utile excessively many administrations. In 360 degree feedback procedure, self-monitoring is the most utile tool, which it enhances the person ‘s ability in effectivity and efficiency at work.

Leadership accomplishments

In add-on, Wimer and Nowack ( cited in Carson, 2006, p.398 ) further elaborate the 360 grade evaluation procedure intent was to assist develop direction accomplishments and future success planning and function. Hence, it brings the person ‘s public presentation to a farther, more advanced self-development calling in the administration. Subsequently, it will profit the administration and the direction. As a leader, 360 degree feedback evaluation may heighten leading accomplishments every bit good as leading effectivity ( Warech et al, 1998, p.467 and Testa, 2002, p.262 ) . These accomplishments stands entirely may non intend anything in finding a better work force and work environment, for that ground interpersonal accomplishment with the section is important in developing an outstanding direction development.

Benefits: Team

Opportunity to talk

To the squad or departmental position on 360 degree feedback, it gives everyone in the organizational to give each other feedback evaluations every bit good as receive feedback evaluations. In order to accomplish successful concern and a good workplace, there should be a signifier of openness in each employee in the administration. Otherwise, given the chance of spring and receive feedback is unpointed.


When every employee is given a opportunity to talk, they will better understand on how other perceive them. Therefore, communicating among the work force in the administration will be improved ( Testa, 2002, pp.260-261 and Waldman et Al, 1998, p.86 ) . In 360 degree feedback, providers who give the buying company ‘s employee feedback will hold better communicating with the person and the administration. Communication can be improved through organizational development. A turning administration can non pretermit communicating. It is one of the most obvious grounds if the administration wants to maintain the growing rate invariable. Hierarchies should be flattened to convey employer and employees closers. By making so, employees do non experience intimidated and pressured in giving their higher-up a feedback assessment.

Better relationship

Harmonizing to Waldman et Al and Testa ( 1998, p.88 ; 2002, pp.260-261 ) , 360 degree feedback may take to improved relationship. With better communicating, both the employers and employees can hold an enhanced relationship. A director ‘s feedback evaluation should non merely be downwards feedback, as upwards feedback is of import to directors to keep a good relationship with the subsidiaries. There are researches that have demonstrated that many subsidiaries evaluations are non dependable due to bad employer-employee relationship, where the employees try to bust up the procedure ( cited in Waldman et Al, 1998, pp.87-88 ) . Besides a good relationship with the internal stakeholders, the external stakeholders should non be neglected. Through better communicating with the external stakeholders, the relationship held can besides be improved ( Testa, 2002, p.260 ) .


In order to hold a concrete squad, squad member can measure each other ‘s accomplishments and behavior at work ( Ward, 2008, p.46 ) , able to portion behavioral feedback ( Carson, 2006, pp.395-396 ) and most significantly accepting one another ‘s feedback assessment. A good work public presentation is non merely based on single public presentation, alternatively it is based on teamwork. Both single and team work public presentation are every bit critical in an administration ‘s success. Working as a squad gives the squad clip to concentrate on bettering other countries and aid squad members understand their ain behavior and better effectivity of the squad alternatively of non cognizing where the person ‘s behavior leads to. In add-on, teambuilding promotes and contributes to single development, effectivity and betterment with the squad ( Ward, 2008, p.48 and Lepsinger and Lucia, 1997, pp.19-20 ) . It helps single to place its strengths and failing.

Benefits: Administration


Organizational public presentation development is one of the grounds for organizational growing ( Waldman et al, 1998, p.86 ) . Organizational growing is every administration direction ‘s desire. Administrations attempt to better organizational procedures to remain in competition with the challengers. With the engagement of every employee in the administration, the odds of profiting from administration public presentation betterment is likely. The administration public presentation will non come on if the employees do non take part in the procedure. Hence, employees ‘ engagements as persons entirely do non stand a opportunity every bit good, for that ground ; administration public presentation development involves the full administration. It takes thorough observation and experiments of the full 360 grade feedback procedure to accomplish the most of the public presentation betterment. However, this procedure possibly really clip devouring. However, the 360 grade feedback could help the administration in acquiring consequences efficaciously and successful achieve ends. Harmonizing to Atwater et Al ( 2005, p. 533 ) , public presentation betterment is non the merely the 360 degree feedback intercession result.

Career development

360 degree feedback has a great entreaty as the possible public presentation measuring tool and 360 grade feedback besides affects the administration ‘s calling development. 360 degree feedback has an impact on the utile calling development when the feedback is used exactly. The upward feedback provided by the subsidiaries to the higher-up on the higher-up ‘s public presentation suggests that the higher-up ‘s behavior follows upward feedback. The slow alteration of the higher-up ‘s public presentation development and the subsidiaries ‘ feedback and working together as a squad will finally impact the administration calling development.

Corporate civilization

Corporate civilization will alter finally as organizational public presentation improved and a move in calling development. 360 degree feedback was designed to measure persons ‘ behavior. However, 360 degree feedback is non longer a tool for appraisal ; it is a tool to do alterations to the administration. The 360 grade feedback system is more associated with effectual leading, effectual productiveness and execution of concern aims. In the administration, with the execution of 360 degree feedback, superior ‘s public presentation showed little betterment in the following public presentation assessment while the subsidiaries showed the most betterments. Even though many writers concluded that 360 degree feedback was an effectual development tool and it seems to hold a singular rise in its popularity, the 360 degree feedback is far from perfect.


Feedback non associate to organizational ends

Carson ( 2006, p.396 ) point out the contradictions of the effectivity of 360 degree feedback of irrelevant feedback, which it can corrupt the employees. The intent of 360 degree feedback should be clear and straightforward and should be shown to the employees during the 360 degree feedback procedure preparation and development. The 360 degree feedback intent that the administration set should be link to the organizational ends. Feedback should be used for administrative intents. Otherwise, employees can be lead to a demoralised environment if the feedback was non for public presentation rating intents. Irrelevant inquiry asked during the feedback procedure can besides demoralised employees ( Carson, 2006, p.396 ) . The inquiry asked during the feedback procedure should be associated with public presentation assessment and it should be linked to the organizational ends. Negative information from the administration which is non link to public presentation feedback or the organizational ends can take to public presentation diminution ( Meyer, Kaye and French, 1965 ; DeNisi and Kluger, 2000 cited in Toegel and Conger, 2003, p.5 ) . It can besides take the employees to defensive reaction and get down to give negative feedback during the assessment.

Feedback tied to deserve wage or publicities or wagess

Frequently, feedbacks are tied to deserve wage or publicity which distorts feedback evaluations. 360 degree feedback should non be associated with merely the person ‘s personal development purpose ; alternatively, it should be related to both the person ‘s personal development every bit good as the administration ‘s calling development. Conflict of involvement will originate in the self-rating if the feedback is linked to the person ‘s personal development ( Waldman et al, 1998, p.90 ) . Further to that, London and Smither ( 1995 cited in Warech et Al, 1998, p.454 ) suggested that the person may try to change their behavior in order to have positive feedback for a wage rise or a publicity. Machiavelli describes the successful leader as person who would travel in for ‘necessary immorality ( Robinson and Garrett, 2004, p.52 ) . Employees who want to mount the corporate leader would prehend this chance to pull strings their raters ‘ feeling of them. Research besides proves that there is a chance of high feeling direction behavior by the person if the feedback is linked to the person ‘s personal development ( Wayne and Kacmar, 1991 cited in Warech et Al, 1998, p.452 ) . Communications will be enhanced ; sentiments will be conformed and dramatically high favour-doing. The opportunities of the feedback evaluation being manipulated by the person, equal and the subsidiaries are high. Peers supplying feedback could be resentful and falsify the feedback given. Therefore, the truth of the feedback evaluations provided by the person ‘s and the equals ‘ feedback evaluation could be non trusty.

On the other manus, if merely one employee in the administration is reviewed and the feedback is non tied to individual ‘s personal development intents ; the raters are given the feeling that the person is a ‘problem kid ‘ ( Carson, 2006, p.399 ) . Then once more, the rater truth is questioned. The feedback received might be more pessimistic and negative. Employees ‘ negative attitude towards 360 degree feedback procedure could falsify feedback evaluations ( Waldman et al, 1998, p.88 ) .

Remarks traced to persons, doing bitterness

Fear is the dark side of every homo being which haunts them from the interior. Employees fear that their feedback is non used for personal development intents ( Carlson, 1998 cited in Carlson, 2006, p.397 ) . It is clear that why employees fear that the feedback procedure was non for personal development intents will impact their province at work or may even impact their place or even their occupation. The employees besides fear that as a rater to their superior will impact their public presentation assessment in return. The fearful environment can take the raters to thin the feedback or give a clean response to the feedback inquiries. As Eichinger and Lombardo ( cited in Carson, 2006, p.399 ) suggest that the truth of the feedback evaluation is altered to the ratee ‘s favourability. It is due to the raters ‘ fright and concern that the feedback will be exposed and connected to them. As a consequence, raters ‘ individuality confidentiality was protected. Research shows that persons need to experience psychologically safe during the rating ( Toegel and Conger, 2003, p.5 ) . The anon. evaluation was ab initio introduced to carry through the person ‘s psychological safety and to obtain a more accurate feedback from the rater and non curtail or restrict the rater evaluations. Alternatively, the truth of the feedback was non the accurate feedback as projected. ‘Rater truth ‘ ( Carson, 2006, p.399 ) is ever the inquiry in 360 degree feedback system. Hence, after the feedback evaluations were received from the anon. rater, it is hard to transport out feedback lucidity from the raters. Harmonizing to Carson ( 2006, p.397 ) , in today ‘s work environment, it is barely of all time to have an ‘honest and constructive ‘ feedback from the rates. Society has alteration people in their behavior at work, particularly their honestness and unity. However, the truth of the rater depends on the place of the rater ( Carson, 2006, p.397 ) . The higher place raters tend to supply a more accurate feedback compared to equals and subordinates raters. As reported by Rogers, Rogers and Metlay ( 2002 cited in Carson, 2006, p.397 ) , there seems to be a perennial failure for the administrations that implement 360 degree feedback that defeat its intent. Employees will non supply an honest and accurate feedback on the ratee if the intent of the feedback is distorted. Further, it will besides do bitterness to the employees and do the administration public presentation to worsen. Because the feedback should merely be used for administrative intent, informations used and collected from the feedback procedure should go and stay the belongings of the administration ( Lepsinger and Lucia, 1997 cited in Toegel and Coger, 2003, p.5 ) .

Albeit from rater ‘s individuality confidentiality to 360 degree feedback rejection, another ground to why people reject feedback is that they are afraid of having intelligence or assessments which are unfavorable to them ( Lepsinger and Lucia, 1997, p.144 ) . It is seen that there is an unwillingness to dispute 360 degree feedback evaluation about oneself ( Lepsinger and Lucia, 1997, p.144 ) . Resistance to alter is an issue to many persons when their public presentation assessment is given to them. These persons have a perceptual experience and a strong belief that their ain capableness and professional accomplishments do non necessitate to be improved and unwillingly to hold to to take part in 360 degree feedback procedure. An single with a strong self-perception is hard to undertake ( Lepsinger and Lucia, 1997, p.144-148 ) ; hence preparation and particular attending should be given. Another type of people who reject 360 degree feedback is those, particularly higher-ups, who fear of exposing their failing ( Lepsinger and Lucia, p.147 ) . Their self-consciousness additions when the subsidiaries were asked to supply them a feedback evaluation. Training would enable persons to understand the intent, uses and the benefits of 360 grade would convey them instead than protect their self-esteem and unwilling to accept ain failings

Poor execution of 360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback procedure is in tendency among many administrations and it was perceived as an betterment from the traditional assessment feedback procedure by many administrations. Due to that ground, there was a rapid growing in the usage of 360 degree feedback system. The growing was significant growing in the usage of 360 degree feedback system and the forsaking of the usage of 360 degree feedback in some administrations have prove that these administrations rush into implementing 360 degree feedback system with no clear apprehension of the system itself ( Waldman et al, 1998, pp.89-90 ) . Every administration has the desire to heighten their direction development and to make a better civilization and communicating among the employees, however, understanding the utilizations, the demands, the procedure and the expected consequences of 360 degree feedback before implementing it is no exclusion. Therefore, Carson and Waldman et Al ( 2006, p.397 ; 1998, p.93 ) suggest that there should be a careful planning of 360 degree feedback procedure before traveling into a thoughtful execution, in order to accomplish a instead good 360 degree feedback. Subsequent to be aftering and execution, administrations need to undergo a careful rating to detect how 360 degree feedback procedure can orient the demands of the administration ( Waldman et al, 1998, p.93 ) . By giving particular attending to all the phases of 360 degree procedure, it can supply the administration with the expected consequences and successful development.

Lengthy, tardy and expensive

In order to accomplish success in 360 degree feedback, particular attending should be given to the procedure itself. Particular attending would intend proper developing given to all the employees in the administration and development of the procedure. Employees developing before manus can be really utile in future development of the system and wining the system execution. Training promotes the utilizations and benefits of 360 degree feedback to employees, guarantee that the participants ‘ confidentiality is protected, promote an environment of trust, and supply mentoring to assistance participants in the procedure and act upon feedback. However, developing every employee in the administration can add to overall outgo of 360 degree procedure ( Carson, 2006, p.399 ) . The preparation procedure and 360 degree feedback procedure are clip devouring ( Lepsinger and Lucia, 1997, p.101 ) . Hence, the extension of 360 degree feedback study can be really belated and do defeat to many employees, direction and the execution squad. Harmonizing to Waldman et Al and Carson ( 1998, p.92 ; 2006, p.396 ) , the tardiness of 360 degree procedure lead many employees to increased anxiousness and defeat. Overall, 360 degree feedback can be rather extended ( Waldman et al, 1998, p.90 ) but it is worth the disbursal and clip spent.


360 degree feedback have received many negative response due to the extension and tardiness f the procedure and the dearly-won disbursals incurred, nevertheless, by and big it raise single ‘s wisdom, good to both persons and the administration. It ensures that people get the most out of 360 degree feedback. As an person, 360 degree feedback obtains feedback from all beginnings to advance single ‘s self-awareness and self-monitoring. It besides enhances the person ‘s ability, better interpersonal accomplishments, and positive behavioral alteration, improves leading accomplishments and effectivity and enhances leaders involvement in commanding and pull offing. As administrations begin to utilize 360-degree feedback, it would assure a better work environment which comprise of better communicating and relationship between the employees. Teambuilding and improved corporate civilization would take to efficient work public presentation of the employees. Therefore, indirectly lead the administration to a calling development and improved administration ‘s public presentation.

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