The short narrative. “Dead Stars” was written during the American Colonization of the Philippines. a clip when the modern short narrative. critical essay. and free poetry poesy were introduced. English was the medium of larning. and became. every bit good. the linguistic communication of the learned. This was besides the clip when useful literature was easy being overshadowed by the individualistic. modern position of making “art for art’s sake” . Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez ( 1894-1983 ) . which came out in the Philippines Herald in 1925. This work. the first of merely two short narratives published by Benitez. is considered the first modern Philippine short narrative. It is a narrative of the defeats. confusions. and heartbreak that arise from unanswered love.


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Dead Stars is a narrative about the faithlessness of Alfredo Salazar. a adult male in his mid-thirtiess who is about to be married to a adult female named Esperanza after four old ages of their being engaged. It begins with Alfredo gazing out from the unfastened window. who is being talked about by his male parent and sister sing his matrimony and his love life. We are told that he was so in love. that “at the beginning he was enthusiastic–flowers. divertimentos. notes. and things like that–” towards Esperanza. But his sister has observed that something has happened to him. that he was no longer aggressive and possibly. youthful. Their male parent so explains that it is normal. that long-engaged people are “warm now. cool tomorrow” . that Alfredo was holding his “last jet of hot blood” .

Alfredo “fell in love” with another adult female in merely a few hebdomads of his “neighboring” to the Martinez Residence. where Julia Salas stayed for her visit. Julia excessively. seemed to hold fallen for Alfredo. but both knew that what they had was against. possibly. morality. and was capable to the examination and opinion of the society. Alfredo. being an engaged adult male. should non affect himself with others. But he chose to populate a prevarication. he believed he found “youth” and “heart’s desire” up in the hills with Julia. He ever reasoned that ” If a adult male were married. why. of class. he loved his married woman ; if he were engaged. he could non perchance love another adult female. ”

But so he immersed himself in an semblance. in a dream that he can perchance be with Julia despite aching Esperanza. and of class. interrupting a batch of society’s regulations. In the terminal. in his concluding brush with Julia where the miss did non look to react to his last show of love. there he was redeemed from that psychotic belief. that all along he was keeping on to nil ; that all along he was looking at dead stars.

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