Homophobia is an huge issue in todays society. but particularly in America. The completely irrational biass against the community of this state is on the rise. This is due to a figure of causes of which we as the American people have the ability to alter. We must closely exam the causes and the effects of homophobia in America to wholly understand why and where this is still happening in modern twenty-four hours society and how it may be farther prevented.

Homosexuality has existed every bit long as humanity itself. and with homosexualism ever seems homophobia. or the wholly utmost and irrational fright or antipathy to homosexualism and homosexual people. is certain to be. This bias against homophiles has been in one manner or another shown to be in about every civilization and society. although some civilizations have come to coexist with the homosexual community in harmoniousness. others how of all time still hold much work to make in the pace for equal rights and deficiency of favoritism for the cheery population in their states.

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Of these states most are found in the Middle Eastern parts. in topographic points like Africa. Egypt. and Iran homosexualism is a felony. and in many instances will hold one either imprisoned or killed. It is in a manner expected that these states would oppose homosexualism so strongly. due to their strong Islamic traditions. But a state that it would non look irrational to believe would be more unfastened to the cheery population is the United States of America. but this is non true. Homosexuals might non be stoned to decease in the streets of America. but they besides don’t have the options of freedom and rights those in Europe have either.

Harmonizing to statistics. about half of America still has a strong resistance or hatred toward this community. as a state America needs to recognize how absurd this completely irrational bias is and how much of a waste of it truly is. As a state we should contend to halt homophobia in its paths. Homophobia has truly existed. but when did it truly get down happening in the U. S. ? The term homophobia was coined in 1967 by Wainwright Churchill in his survey on the wonts and life styles of cheery work forces in America. Ever since so. it seems the term has stuck. even if it is used in the incorrect context.

The term left the scene of American society for around 20 old ages or so. but resurfaced much. much stronger with the planetary AIDS pandemic in the 1980s. homosexuals across the Earth were marks of terrible and irrational beliefs that AIDS was a “gay adult males disease” . Such beliefs of class are extremely unlogical. but that does non halt them from distributing like the disease its’ ego. This stereotype can still be seen in todays supposidly more broad modern society. Such stereotypes fuel the continued happening of homophobia. particularly in the U. S. . which in return keeps the continues rhythm of hatred and bias traveling.

The issues that stem from homophobia are legion and far and mediate. but many are immense and obvious issues that America as a whole could alter if its’ people truly wanted to. Of the many biass against the cheery population. it stands no more obvious anyplace else than in equal rights. rights that all Americans deserve. The favoritism of lodging. employment. and equal matrimony rights. all must be stopped. America is singling out a “minority” with in it’s boundary lines. and that is incorrect. the “land of the free” is demoing a terrible hypocritical. and bigoted side that no 1 should of all time see occur.

What is truly the nucleus cause of all the negative energy toward Americas homosexual community? Of the many things that cause homophobia in America. authorities would non be expected. but it is true to state that authorities is where most of the negative energy toward the homosexual community stems from. The American authorities is supposed to back up it’s people as a whole. in an equal indifferent mode. If this is true. why is the authorities seting such limitations like the prohibition on same-sex matrimony on the homosexual community?

This is a direct contradiction to the qualities America is built on. this isn’t freedom for all of its’ people. it is freedom for those who are stereotypically perceived as “normal” by a bigoted. nescient society that is intolerant of difference. America’s authorities is tainted with people believing in this mentality. particularly among the republican party. Politicians are openly allowed to “smear” the homosexual community with their highly bigoted remarks. and have late succeeded in leting others to freely make so besides. In the province of Michigan. Republicans have managed to go through measure 137. a measure that promotes strong-arming.

One has to believe twice to truly absorb that the province has really done such an absurd thing. In this measure it is now all right to freely and openly express 1s feelings towards another. harass. bully. what of all time it is they want. every bit long as they can back up their claims with a moral or spiritual position. This is of class a awful and stupid thought. After the measure was successfully passed. Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer ( D-East Lansing ) . took to the floor of the Senate to voice her indignation at the amended linguistic communication and the danger of the freedoms: “Here oday you claim to be protecting childs and you’re really seting them in more danger.

But strong-arming is non OK. We should be protecting public policy that protects childs. ? all childs. from toughs. ? all toughs. But alternatively you have set us back further by making a design for strong-arming. Shockingly. Senate Bill 137 will make more injury than good. Senate Republicans left our pupils behind in favour of partizan political relations and passed a measure that really allows more intimidation. Students and parents expect lawgivers to take the charge against strong-arming. but alternatively Republicans made political orientation more of import than school safety.

Research clearly shows that merely states with enumerated measures see a decrease in strong-arming. We need a measure that mentions the most affected populations and requires statewide coverage of intimidation and torment. Senate Bill 137 merely does nil to cut down strong-arming in our schools. ” “But the saddest and sickest sarcasm of all. is that the measure was named “Matt’s Safe School Law. ” after Matt Epling. a 14-year-old East Lansing pupil who committed self-destruction in 2002 after being repeatedly bullied in school” .

As Senator Whitmer has made clear. this unrelentless intimidation must be put to a halt. non promoted like it presently is in American authorities and society. Government and it’s positions are corrupt. so corrupt that it will non work as it should in the end of protecting it’s citizens and their well deserved rights. It is known authorities spreads the thoughts of homophobia. but where is the homophobia in American authorities stemming from? The reply lies within the spiritual establishment that runs most of America. the faith it was founded on. Christianity.

Christian religion is the largest adept faith in the universe. with such a hopeful message of redemption and a forgiving and loving God it is no surprise this is true. Their instructions have a message that “God so loved the universe that he sent his 1 and merely boy and those who believes in him and that those who accept him as their one and merely savior shall hold everlasting life” ( John 3:16 ) . With such message of love and equality toward all of humanity. why is it that this faith that is supposed to distribute this message of love and hope. really in some countries distributing the hate of some and particularly the publicity of homophobia?

The ground is there are many bigoted. hypocritical. and of all things homophobic curates that tell discourses spiting with dogmatism. manipulated to convey the ideas of negativeness towards the homosexual community in America. It seems the folds that hear these so called “sermons” are nieve beyond acknowledgment. Why is it that the general populace has lost all of its common sense listening to apparently false discourses preeching the hate and intolerance of a minority?

Of the few poetries that mention homosexualism in the sanctum Bible. one is more than any other. that poetry is Leviticus 20:13. “If a adult male lies with a adult male as one lies with a adult female. both of them have done what is abhorrent. They must be put to decease ; their blood will be on their ain heads” . This poetry is said to straight cite homosexualism as a wickedness. but this is non so. In the poetry listed above it is speaking about the Canaanites Torahs. non God’s. it is prosecuting the Canaanites sexual cult rites affecting male cocottes. non cheery work forces in commited relationships.

The terrible involuntariness to allow one believe for themselves has allowed this poetry to be repeatedly misinterpreted to the point where it is thought to be the absolute truth. Therefore promoting the U. S. Media and society to. in it’s ideas. justly denounce or discriminate against the cheery population. Since media is a strong drive force of information and single sentiments in the U. S. . particularly to many nieve people. it in non unrealistic to believe that media is of a large influence on homophobia in America.

All this talk about the causes of homophobia is certain to hold one inquiring how it effects the existent homosexual person or homosexual community. Ask any cheery individual and they will more than probably say that homophobia has been or is a serious and hurtful job. but merely how does it truly impact them? Homophobia has many. many negative affects on homosexuals. many of which they have no control of what so of all time. Among these many affects. the 1 that is seen to happen the most is the strongly held negative attitudes that the American populace has on their lives.

Cheery people are discriminated against everyday in the U. S. . and sometimes even about every twenty-four hours of their lives. They are verbal harassed in the workplace. at school. or even out in public in general. Severe bias against the homosexual orientation is seen to be highly common and more hostile around senior high school pupils and immature grownups. these immature homosexual people must battle and endure what their equals say to them on a day-to-day footing. whether said to their face or non. it still has terrible psychological effects on a individual. “Prejudice and favoritism have societal and personal impact.

On an single degree. such bias and favoritism may besides hold negative effects. particularly if cheery people attempt to hide or deny their sexual orientation. Although many cheery people learn to get by with the societal stigma against homosexualism. this form of bias can hold serious negative effects on wellness and wellbeing. This intervention to which homosexuals are subjected to has important mental wellness concerns. This besides amounts to a great sum of emphasis. although societal support is important in get bying with emphasis. antigay attitudes and favoritism may do it hard for cheery people to happen such support. ( American Psychological Association 2 )

As it was said above. being cheery adds a considerable sum of emphasis to 1s life. sterotype upon stereotype upon stereotype are thrown at them. and they have to try to get by with it and acquire on with life. Although this may work for some. for others the emphasis leads to other serious jobs. jobs such as changeless or terrible depression. self-destructive ideas. and even more emphasis. Feeling suicidal is ne’er a good state of affairs. and it is shown to be four times as likely that cheery people. specifically work forces. effort to kill themselves or really do kill themselves.

Recently there has been a enormous leap in the sum of self-destructions of cheery people. all where high school or college age. and where harassed about their sexual orientation until it was intolerable. This shows that the force per unit areas on homosexuals is increasing steadily and is going more consistant in it’s effects it has on the single. Among the many people in the American homosexual population many are subjected to violent histories of homphobia that normally has them physically assaulted. These hideous events are competently named “gay bashings” .

One would wish to state that this does non go on much in America every bit much as people say it does. one besides can non deny or disregard their happenings either. The victims of these viscious onslaughts are about ever really severely injured and normally in the infirmary for rather some clip. many do non even do it to the infirmary. Often times after these onslaughts are over and the suspects have been apprehended. they are hit with a lighter sentence than they really deserve. Alternatively of being charged with a hatred offense. they frequently get of easy with counts of assault.

This is a major Lashkar-e-Taiba down of our authoritiess aim. our authorities truly drops the ball here. The ground we have authorities is to support America’s citizens. and that is non go oning when “gay bashers” are Lashkar-e-Taiba of the hook that easy. This. in many instances can be seen as a hatred offense due the repeating manner of the onslaughts and in the sense that these people being attacked are targeted straight due to their sexual orientation. Thingss like this must be farther and more exhaustively prevented in America. no cheery individual should be afraid of being assaulted whenever they go out into public. this must come to an terminal.

As a state America needs to halt feigning it is non a job and unfastened it’s eyes and realized what it is allowing happen manner excessively frequently. American society and civilization demands to larn to that non every organic structure is the same and needs to larn to be tolerant of differences. One manner people could be cognizant and start bar of all these many issues discussed is cheery people should larn that even though society disaproves. that there is nil incorrect with who they are. they are born that manner and cant alteration so hold to larn to populate with it.

Heterosexual people who wish to halt homophobia in it’s paths need to analyze their response to antigay stereotypes and bias. they can do a point of coming to cognize cheery people and recognizing that they are human excessively. They should travel manus in manus with the homosexual community against the battle of homophobia in America. straight persons are frequently in a good place to indicate out to other heterosexual people how irrational their homophobia can be.

Surveies of bias. including bias against cheery people. systematically shows that bias diminutions when members of the bulk group interact with members of a minority group interact wiht members of a minority group. In maintaining wiht this general form. one of the most powerful influences on heterosexuals’ credences of cheery people is holding personal contact with an openly cheery individual. Antigay attitudes are far less common amoung members of the population who have a close household member or friend who is homosexual. particularly if the homosexual individual has been straight unfastened about their sexual orientation toward the heterosexual individual.

These are of the many illustrations of how Americans CAN alter their position on homosexualism. The causes of homophobia through the church. authorities. and media are known. and the effects these things have on the homosexual community can be seen. It is non until The United States of America realizes that these all have implicit in jobs and are a portion of the bigger image. can homophobia be farther and better prevented in America.

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