Role of Public Health Personnel
During the Franklin County catastrophe. there were legion persons that participated in the catastrophe response. Each member had a specific function in the Public Health Team. The Community Health Nurse was important in the attempts to guarantee that the occupants of Franklin County were safe and their houses were repaired from the amendss caused by the storm.

By traveling door-to-door to inquiring inquiries from a prepared study. the Community Health Nurse was able to better measure the demands of the occupants and measure the degree of get bying that was necessary and describe back to the squad in order to beat up support in order to repair the harm of the storm. Subsequently the Community Health Nurse was able to supply support by offering aid by phone through the catastrophe hotline. to back up the occupants and offer counsel of whom to reach for farther aid in affairs that need to be attended farther by persons with certain fortes.

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Chain of Command
In the Franklin County crisis. the squad put an Emergency Operations Plan in topographic point to set up a clear line of people in the concatenation of bid. At the top of the concatenation of bid was the County Emergency Manager as the Commander. followed by the Operations Chief. Logistics Chief. Financial and Administrative Chief and in conclusion the Planning and Intelligence Chief.

While the Commander has his custodies full he delegated duty to the Operations Chief to supervise the duties of the Medical and Health Branch Director. the Community Service Branch Director. the Fire Branch Director. the Law Enforcement Director and the Public Works Director. The Public Health Group was supervised by the Medical Health Director. The Planning. Operations. Logistics. and Finance and Administrative Chiefs wholly reported to the Incident Commander. All grades worked hard together to pass on the demands that needed to be accomplished in order to maintain the occupants safe during the Franklin County catastrophe.

During the door-to-door visits that the Community Health Nurse conducted. different scenarios presented that required outside resources the nurse was unable to finish herself. In order to run into the demands of the occupants the Community Health Nurse used her resources of Environmental Health Specialist for the first family she visited. in order to help in the killing of a spill.

For the 2nd family the nurse was able to propose a nearby shelter that could assist the household with their demands until a visit from a societal service worker could be set up. With the 3rd household who spoke Spanish merely. the nurse was able to utilize her limited communicating to supply information for killing after the catastrophe.

The nurse can besides be after for an translator to fall in her on her following visit to supply more thorough inside informations. And in conclusion for the 4th occupant. the nurse was able to be after for him to evacuate to a shelter in order for him to obtain his blood force per unit area medicine. The Community Health Nurse was able to utilize resources provided by the community of Franklin County in order to run into the demands of all the occupants she visited.

Actions of Community Health Nurse
Although the Community Health Nurse was able to utilize appropriate resource to assist the occupants. she was faced with exigency state of affairss prior to her being able to utilize those resources. In the first house the nurse brush a possible chemical spill and had to rede the occupant non to try to clean it up prior to review from a specializer to avoid being expose to toxins.

The 2nd family was in crisis following the catastrophe ; the nurse was able to quiet the female parent down by supplying support to the despairing parents by guaranting that societal services would do a visit shortly in order to happen manner to cut down the households emphasis. At the 3rd house. although the nurse was faced with linguistic communication barriers. she was able to supply cognition through booklets to educate the household about possible exposure due to their ill ventilated house.

And at the last house the nurse was able to measure the occupant for high blood pressure and arrange for him to acquire his blood force per unit area medicine at a local shelter nearby. Throughout all the place visits. the nurse was able to stay unagitated in order to supply all the occupants reassurance in their clip of crisis.

Coping with Aftermath
In the first house the nurse was able to assist the resident header with his cellar implosion therapy and chemical spill in his shed by supplying adequate
information sing chemical spills and killing techniques. The nurse was besides able to reassure the occupant by set uping for a visit from the Environmental Health Specialist to measure the chemical spill. By making this the emphasis and concern was lightened for the occupant. In the 2nd house. the emphasis degree was high for the parents.

The nurse was able to supply supplies for the baby and suggest emptying for the household while their power remains to be out. In order to travel on from this catastrophe the nurse arranged a visit from societal services to supply support in order to get by with their nerve-racking clip. At the 3rd family the nurse was able to maintain the occupants safe by supplying information about maintaining H2O and dietetic demands safe. This calmed their frights of maintaining their household safe and healthy in their place.

For the last house. the nurse was able to measure the man’s blood force per unit area instantly to guarantee him good wellness and relieve his emphasis degree. She was able to further decreasing his emphasis by acquiring the adult male to a safe shelter in order to acquire his blood force per unit area medicines in order.

To foster the support during the door-to-door visits the nurse could hold offered to assist set together voluntaries to assist the occupant with the cellar killing in order to travel out any heavy object in order to take the dead H2O. In the 2nd house. the nurse could hold besides offered to set up child care for a few hours in order for the parents to finish necessary undertakings or have a mental interruption to decrease their emphasis degree. The nurse could hold instantly retrieved a transcriber for the 3rd house to instantly relieve emphasis of the occupants. An in the last house. the nurse could hold arranged for the occupant to hold day-to-day blood force per unit area cheques for the undermentioned hebdomad to guarantee that the blood force per unit area regiment was successfully in order.

Preparation of Nurses
Fortunately the little community of Franklin County was able to draw their resources together in order to supply equal attention and safety for their occupants. Similar stairss would necessitate to be taken if this similar state of affairs were to go on in a larger affected country. Similar concatenation of bids would
demand to be put into topographic point instantly in order to depute undertakings to those in supportive functions. It would proactive to hold these functions in topographic point for the local. province and federal bureaus.

Preparations can be made with instruction of readiness of protocols and developing for any given crisis. Having the infirmaries and local shelters cognizant of policies to set into topographic point at the first mark of catastrophe will do the initial hours of the catastrophe more manageable. In order to decrease the anxiousness of the communities. changeless communicating about readying and emptying programs is necessary in order to be able to work as a squad when catastrophe work stoppages.

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