Post 16 options are given to immature people and grownups after they finish twelvemonth 11 from school. Each post-16 option offers you different making chances and a different mix of learning methods and appraisal. Post 16 options comprises on: ? STUDY FULLL TIME? 6TH FORM OR COLLEGE? TAKE UP AN APPREN? CESHIP. TRAINEESHIP OR SUPPORTED INTERNSHIP nvg level

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Take A PART- ? ME EDUCA? ON OR TRAINING COURSE IF YOU ARE EMPLOYED OR VOLUNTEER FOR MORE THAN 20 HOURS PER WEEK STUDY FULL TIME Schools. colleges and developing suppliers offer a scope of topics and classs in which a pupil can analyze full-time.

It usually requires to hold at least five GCSEs at classs A* to C and at least class B in any specific topics one chooses. 6 TH FORM COLLEGES A 6th signifier college is an educational establishment in England. Wales and Northern Ireland. where pupils aged 16 to 19 typically survey for advanced school-level makings. such as A-levels. BTEC and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. or school-level makings such as GCSEs.

In England and Wales. instruction is merely mandatory until the terminal of twelvemonth 11. the school twelvemonth in which the student turns 16 ( although this is altering in August 2013 to compulsory instruction until twelvemonth 12 and by 2015. instruction will be compulsory until twelvemonth 13 ) .

In the English and Welsh province educational systems. those wishing to go on may either remain on at a secondary school with an affiliated 6th signifier. transportation to a local 6th signifier college. or travel to a more vocational farther instruction college. although. depending on geographical location. there may be small pick as to which of these options can be taken. In the independent sector. 6th signifiers are an built-in portion of secondary schools ( public schools ) . and there is besides a figure of smaller-scale independent 6th signifier colleges.

Students at Sixth Form College typically study for two old ages. Some pupils sit AS scrutinies at the terminal of the first twelvemonth. and A-level scrutinies at the terminal of the 2nd. In add-on. in recent old ages a assortment of vocational classs have been added to the course of study. There are presently over 90 6th signifier colleges in operation in England and Wales. Most perform highly good in national scrutiny conference tabular arraies. In add-on. they offer a broader scope of classs at a lower cost per pupil than most school 6th signifiers.

In a few countries. governments run 6th signifier schools which function like 6th signifier colleges but are wholly under the control of the local instruction governments. Unlike farther instruction colleges. 6th signifier colleges seldom accept parttime pupils or run eventide categories [ commendation needed ] . although one get oning 6th signifier college exists. Take up an Traineeship. Apprenticeship or Supported internship Traineeship It makes one get ready for work or for making an Apprenticeship. They last from six hebdomads to six months and supply indispensable work readying preparation. literacy and numeracy accomplishments and

work experience to acquire an Apprenticeship or other occupation. Apprenticeship In an learner ship one has to work for an employer and train to make a specific occupation at the s Apprenticeships at three degrees: a. Apprenticeship B. Advanced Apprenticeship c. Higher Apprenticeships Entry demands for these apprenticeships is one must be 16 or over. life in England and non in full-time instruction. There are now about 200 types of Apprenticeship from technology to boat edifice. veterinary nursing to accounting. Options depend on experience and what is available locally. There is no set clip for finishing an apprenticeship.

Most take between one and four old ages. depending on the degree of larning capablenesss. Equally good as working alongside and larning from experient staff. there will be off-the-job preparation. normally on a day-release footing at a local college or specializer preparation installation. The makings will be a survey for a work-based making at degree 2. 3 or 4. a proficient certification relevant to to the topic chosen business. such as BTEC or City & A ; Guilds award and Functional Skills makings. More surveies included for certifications or other makings that are required in chosen business.

Assessment includes a mix of observation by an assessor. the appraisal of a portfolio of grounds and scrutinies. Supported internship Just for pupils with larning troubles or larning disablements who want to acquire a occupation and need excess support to make this. They last for at least six months and are unpaid. Work experience and an employer trains pupils to make a occupation function. Students besides get to analyze for makings or other classs to acquire ready to take up a occupation. Work or voluntary while analyzing or developing parttime It is a combined preparation or analyzing for a making and work at the same clip.

It doesn’t have to be a paid occupation. pupil can volunteer on a undertaking or with a charity. or acquire a work-experience arrangement in a calling or occupation country that involvements them. Colleges and developing suppliers offer a broad scope of preparation classs which are parttime including Angstrom degrees and work-related makings like BTECs or NVQs. BTEC’s- are normally studied at school or college they are work based makings that are a mix between practical and theory and some work experience. NVQ’s- these can be taken either at school/college. through a arrangement or in the work topographic point.

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